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Legal groups: Canada’s overseas gay marriages are safe

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Reader comments

  1. phew… some sh*t disturbing government lawyer has too much time on his hands…

  2. Peter & Michael 13 Jan 2012, 12:45pm

    So. if we had a Same-Sex marriage in Canada, it would be legal in other parts of the world including the UK, we think not.

    1. A same sex marriage in Canada is regarded legally as a civil partnership in the UK

    2. no, your marriage would be recognized in countries where, well, marriage between people of the same sex is recognized.

      don’t attribute magical powers to a Canadian wedding…

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jan 2012, 3:17pm

    This is one area in which the marriage equality consultation must take into account, carefully and thoughtfully. I’m hoping that once we get marriage equality in the UK, we won’t fall into this trap by not recognising same-sex marriages of foreign-born couples whose countries do not alllow it’s gay citizens to marry. I hope Lynne Featherstone is keeping a close eye on what is unravelling in Canada and elsewhere. We must recognise those marriages performed anywhere.

  4. No federal government lawyer would present such an argument (to invalidate a large number of gay marriages) without higher ups knowing about/and approving it. This is part of the hidden neo con agenda at work in Canada. This time, the reaction was strong/swift and the government claimed ignorance and backed down.

    1. I agree 100%. Harper is a devious authoritarian, and a creepy politician.

      But he has promised not to re-open the definition of marriage debate, and Canadians will hold him to that.

    2. David Myers 14 Jan 2012, 12:14pm

      I also agree but I have even less faith in Harper whose government is ramming through criminal law “reform” programs that will mandate mandatory minimum sentences for growers of marijuana with more than six plants even if its for private use and the grower has a medical marijuana designation. Harper and company seek to creat a US style prison industrial complex. I don’t trust any promise he makes. Now that he has a majority its pay-off time for his true constituency – right-wing fundamentalist fascists. Yeah we can try to defeat him in four years time with a divided opposition (Liberals and the New Democratic Party)but think of the damage that can be done in four years with out any checks or balances now that he’s packed the Senate with Conservatives. The Liberals and the NDP need to merge – together they represent 60% of the Canadian public, otherwise the conservative 40% will rule with their own hidden agenda.

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