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Full court martial recommended for gay Wikileaks soldier

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Reader comments

  1. Manning is not gay but a transgender women. It would be nice if at least an LGBT news portal would report correctly about her.

    1. Even refers to Manning as ‘he’. If you have evidence to the contrary, perhaps you should provide it?

    2. Spanner1960 15 Jan 2012, 6:17pm

      Well they don’t look much like a “she” to me.

  2. Michael Anthony 13 Jan 2012, 2:10pm

    Sorry, but I have a hard time accepting this “gay” defense. We speak out when criminals use the gay panic defense, yet in Mannings case, his attorneys say he broke the law partly because of his sexuality.
    He broke the law, plain and simple. No one should be given a pass on the law, just because the information may/may not have been sensitive.

  3. Please stop misgendering Manning as a man.

  4. Those documents were classified and should have stayed classified.

    Sorry, but struggling with your gender and/or sexuality is not a reason to leak classified information.

    1. Spanner1960 15 Jan 2012, 6:22pm

      Is it me, or are there strange names appearing on this thread all saying the same thing and trying to knock the man down? I smell a rat.

  5. I’m very very unimpressed with PN gendering Manning male – the responsible thing to do would have been to use as neutral language as possible to give as much space as possible – yes, even though the screws in the MSM won’t offer the same courtesy.

    I’m also unimpressed with every single trans* commenter being downvoted on this thread.

  6. Poor sucker was set up and knocked down and used as a patsy by the CIA and WIKI Leaks people. Why? Because he was gay. More propaganda against gays to make them look bad. This is how the CIA does it to destroy people and groups today, it is called psychological warfare. This way there is less dead bodies and blood to draw the attention of people who protest such treatment of people. They have a lot of tricks and scams and they are even using in secret, Christian people in their attacks on LGBT people today. Don’t be fooled every attack on gays today is from Christians and the government, CIA. etc.

  7. Spanner1960 15 Jan 2012, 6:21pm

    Oh fck off. Sometimes you have to blow the whistle as well.

  8. I would suggest using gender-neutral pronouns, or avoid using pronouns altogether, in light of the fact that (a) it has been confirmed that B. Manning may not identify as male while (b) no public statement has been made by anyone representing Manning which specifies the preferred pronouns.

  9. Well, that was a given. Despite worldwide condemnation of the illegal incarceration and treatment of BManning the US is determined to
    make him an example.
    Go to for the real story.

  10. Part 1/ Most comments in this thread seem to revolve around gender identity/what pronoun to use when referring to Pte. 1sst Class Manning; or to come from the, “If you’re in the military (and presumably, the police, the civil service or any other branch controlled by the Executive) you should follow orders and exercise blind loyalty,” brigade. If his website uses the masculine pronoun, one must assume that this is correct. Other than its likely being used further to discredit him among certain mind-sets, Bradley Manning’s sexual orientation and/or any gender identity problems issues the man may experience are supremely irrelevant to the substantive issue, which is the case against him for “blowing the whistle” on a plethora of disgraceful, brutal, dehumanising and criminal behaviour by serving men and officers, whose behaviour was unacceptable by any civilised standards in ANY context; and deserves to be punished. Cont/.

  11. Part 2/ Many government agencies charged with regulating specific industries positively encourage “whistle-blowing” when employees discover unethical or criminal behaviour is going in within the organisations for which they work. I know this because I work within one such regulated industry. This philosophy is clearly not extended, however, to the arms of the Executive itself, of which the military is one: on the contrary, it seems that the handling of this case and the treatment of Manning himself are designed as a cautionary tale to any other serving soldier, sailor or airman who may encounter egregious wrong-doing and criminality conducted under cover of military operations; and who might themselves be “tempted to blow the whistle.” Cont/.

  12. Part 3/ I harbour no high hope of Manning’s receiving a fair hearing; still less of his being acquitted.
    The reasons for this are eloquently summarised in this article by a senior, serving US military lawyer
    Previously I have said that Manning’s just reward for his exposure of the scandalous behaviour in the US military in Iraq was not incarceration but a decoration in recognition of his courage in doing so. Such an outcome, sadly, lies in the realms of fantasy. We may all hope, however, that Pte. Manning’s advocate before his Court Martial will at least be a man of the moral fibre of Judge Advocate General Barry Wingard, author of the piece embedded in this comment. Ends.

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