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Potential parents invited to UK’s first gay adoption week

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Reader comments

  1. This is good to see, and for once I agree with Gove, which is rare indeed.

  2. Jock S. Trap 12 Jan 2012, 11:43am

    Good to see encouragement in adoption esp amongst the LGBT community.

    I’m sure some bigots will pick but when they do maube they should ask themselves while their picking, what make them good credible parents with such bigotted attitudes?

    Certainly progress being made. Well done!

  3. orangegoblin 12 Jan 2012, 12:25pm

    I am a member of NFS and I would like to say that if you want to help us support adoptive families and foster carers please go to our website and donate. We are largely self funded and every little helps!

  4. I applaud all of this, especially as someone who doesn’t get on with children. Everyone who can do it and does it is a hero or heroine in my book!

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Jan 2012, 3:13pm

    A kid? No f++!ng thanks. One minute they’re in diapers, the next they’re taking the top off the bottle of poppers and ya have social services around calling the shots.

  6. It is good to see the LGBT people pick up the slack where Christians use to adopt kids until all of the Catholics pedophiles and spending their money on hate and stopping gay marriage somebody needs to take care of and protect the children. Never thought I would see the day when LGBT people were doing a better job than the Christians who use to say they took care of children and now they can not be trusted. Sad that 20,000 children die every day and Christians are too busy hating and destroying to help them.

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