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Video: Star Wars soldiers’ gay tale in Spanish film festival

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Reader comments

  1. Wow!! Very interesting that even after all these years that the movie “Star Wars” characters can still bring enlightenment and new “thought” to the big screen!

    Congats to the film makers!


  2. i like!!

  3. Love it!

  4. Love Wars is taking place today on the death star called earth. The Emperor is the Pope and his Lord Vader is Tarisio Bertone. The Rebels are good peace loving people who want to live their lives in peace and love and do not want to be destroyed by the Emperor and his dark side. May the force be with us to over come the evil and hate that the dark Christian Right side is forcing on us.

  5. no one’s mentioned that they’re clone troopers, so they’re both in a relationship with someone genetically identical to themselves! Twincest! lol. also, this proves that there isn’t a gay gene, because all the other troopers would be gay too, having the same genes and all. unless every trooper is gay but in the closet and outwardly homophobic, trololololol!!

    1. I was thinking that they are all clones so in essance they are in a relationship with their Selves, although they could be normal people as in the “extended universe” the Character Kyle Katarn, was in the Imperial army and served as a Storm Trooper before becoming a Jedi.

      1. Henrik Vladivostok 18 Jan 2012, 1:39am

        Any real Star Wars fan knows that:

        1) The prequels didn’t happen.
        2) The Storm Trooper corps accepted non-clone applicants.

  6. Where is the festival held? Details PN, details… :)

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