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Stephen Fry supports Catholic priest’s ‘gay panic’ petition

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Reader comments

  1. This defence is also still used very effectively in Singapore. A gang in a shopping mall known for late night activities chased and kicked to death an allegedly gay man, one of them claimed he had made advances to him. They got little more than a slapped wrist thanks to a sympathetic prosecution…for deliberate murder, in a country that hangs people for merely possessing a gun or drugs.

    1. Singapore Sam 11 Jan 2012, 3:18pm

      People may be surprised that Catholics, apart from the hierarchy, are the liberals in our part of the world. The neo-Christian protestant sects with megachurches are the very active anti gay ones with a lot of money and influence.

  2. I have a great deal of respect for Father Kelly. I’m not religious but surely this is the message of Jesus, love, tolerance and good will to your follow man. He’s a great example and it’s good that Stephen Fry’s influence has got the petition the support it needs. On a social/cultural level Australia seems to be heading in the right direction on lgbt rights.

  3. Singapore Sam 11 Jan 2012, 3:04pm

    And we’re still waiting after several months , for the judges’ decision on an application challenging the constitutionality of criminalising gays, when the hearing was very clear cut.

    1. But they did name an orchid after Elton John, so it’s not all bad

    2. But he would not be allowed to make a speech in favour of gay rights.

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