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Tabatha Coffey considers a New Jersey gay marriage ‘Takeover’

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Reader comments

  1. On which UK TV station does Tabatha Coffey have a show/?

    I’ve never heard of her.

    I presume she is on TV in the UK – otherwise why on earth would she merit an interview on Pink News (the self-proclaimed largest LGBT news service in Europe – despite its absurd reliance on US websites for its stories, and its unfortunatel habit of posting stories irrelevant to anyone outside the US).

    1. @David – She has been on Bravo (USA TV) for years now. Here current season premieres tonight.

    2. I didn’t realize Tabatha Coffey lived in New Jersey! How perfect it would be if Tabatha & Christie were in the ring… I know Tabatha would win over Christie…. I would love to see
      that match… Tabatha can easily shoot bards & insult what Christie has done to NJ.

      Yes, she from the UK but apparently she lives in NJ. She’s a very strong person. You can
      see her on Bravo tonite.

    3. Li Thotomist 11 Jan 2012, 11:05pm

      Tabatha Coffey has been on cable tv in the UK for years, on I think the Style Network – this may not impact your life, but it is a show seen in the UK for 3 series at least, and Tabatha is an open and straightforward lesbian and not put-upon by anyone. So I reckon she’s a positive image, so many gay and lesbian people in the media are in the closet and she’s simply not.

  2. @David – She has been on Bravo (USA TV) for years now. Here current season premieres tonight.

    1. Is that station on British TV?

      Seeing as the majority of this website’s readers would appear to be British, then I hardly think this story is of any interest or relevance – some American reality star supports marriage equality.

      My grandmother’s cat supports marriage equality – where is HER Pink News story?

      1. As a Dutch reader of Pink News I don’t even have the personal incentive which British readers still have of hoping that developments on the marriage equality front in other countries might affect the same campaigning in my own country. But I still follow international gay news with interest, and is one of the best sources of this in the world. If international articles don’t interest you, I can’t imagine why you read them let alone post reactions to them.


    You are HOPE for Gay people everyone!


  4. GingerlyColors 11 Jan 2012, 12:26am

    Forget the Tea Party, lets have the Coffey Party instead!

  5. She’s from Australia, actually…

  6. Good for her, using her celebrity to bring attention to our struggle for equal rights.

    As far as availability to see her show, with the internet it doesn’t matter where you are, you can see a TV show if you want.

    All the best for her continued success and “Thanks”!


  7. Gov. Christy (R) NJ is a poor excuse for an American. Short and FAT he’s the worst of the worst homophobe. A nasty New Jersey Bullie thinks he can push everyone around. Hates Unions and the working class.

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