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Netflix gay category missing from UK iPad and Xbox versions’ frontpages

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Reader comments

  1. I just joined and it look really rubbish. It’s full of old movies

  2. Miguel Sanchez 10 Jan 2012, 2:45pm

    Is this really a Netflix problem or a problem with the app? Apple has had bad record with gay issues before so it could be them screwing with the app.

    I don’t know this to be fact but it might be something to consider considering everything you want is online at Netflix’s website.

    1. “Apple has had bad record with gay issues before so it could be them screwing with the app.”

      Apple has never altered any content to suit an anti gay agenda or did I miss an important bit of news?

    2. Conspiracy theory much, Apple has a bad record of allowing anti-gay apps to be published not changing apps to become anti-gay.

      It seems to me like they’ve just not sorted out all the bugs yet.

      1. @Joss. True, Apple have certainly never “altered” any content, nor openly excluded or restricted the word “gay” or gay content from any of its own software or firmware. However, in the past they have been less than forthcoming in removing anti-gay third party Apps in the iTunes Store. Readers could be forgiven for claiming Apple, at times, have given a platform to bigotry, considering a campaign to remove one particular anti-gay App took an international campaign, several thousand signatures, and academic intervention before it was finally removed. A quick search of this site should fill in the blanks.

        1. Thank you Paulo I know about that news story I don’t need that blank to be filled in, but the truth is Apple have never been known to alter the content of an app.

          Why would anyone assume this has anything to do with anyone other than Netflix, the developers of said app? It’s a little bit like me blaming Apple because the PN app is awful, or perhaps I should infer that Apple are homophobes when the app crashes or won’t let me comment.

  3. I just joined for the 1 month trail will be cancelling the movies are old really outdated material but may be good for some punters

  4. A film’s merit does not depend on its age. Young people into film may well want to see older movies they’ve never seen before. But if you just want to see the new blockbusters I recommend you get off your arses and go to the cinema and see thm properly.

    1. Can’t for the life of me understand why people think classic, older films aren’t worth a look. And I often hear “I can’t watch black and white movies. They’re not realistic.” (Some of the best lines in a gay man’s playbook come from those films! 1939’s “The Women” comes to mind.)

      The Netflix app will evolve. But don’t expect to stream the latest films, unless they’re so bad they go straight to “video”.

    2. what like Howard the duck and Kentucky fried movie

      1. GingerlyColors 11 Jan 2012, 12:18am

        I think George Lucas was on LSD when he made Howard The Duck. Kentucky Fried Duck anyone?

  5. I just had a look at the comments in the app store, and the gay search or genre is far from being the only thing missing, people are having problems searching for anything. So it looks too soon to be crying victim, just a generally shoddy app at the moment. Hope it improves, we could do with the competition o bring prices down.

  6. lovefilm did this on the ps3 version.

    1. Lovefilm drops the ‘gay’ category for its iPad app as well, although most of the other categories available on the web site are there.

  7. Spanner1960 10 Jan 2012, 6:14pm

    Frankly, who cares? I find gay themed movies boring. I just relish the day when I can see something like “Titanic” or Terminator” where the lead character just happens to be gay, and nobody bats an eyelid.

    1. Agreed. Can’t we just stick to the already established categories of Action, Comedy, etc.? I’m sure the “gay” movies all fit into at least one of those.

  8. Ashlee Kelly 10 Jan 2012, 6:32pm

    I just got Netflix on Xbox. Considering it’s only just come out over here, it’s not too bad and the service will only continue to grow. It’s a bit odd that it leaves out the gay and lesbian category but it could be something rectified in the future.

  9. On that note, why does Pink News continue to support Apple with a special IPhone/IPad app – ignoring more popular platforms such as Android, Nokia, and indeed straightforward Windows desktop? It’s unclear if the problem here is Netflix (is it _only_ those two products?) or Apple/MS. But the whole problem where a service is only made available on some platforms (rather than open standards) is exactly what makes this kind of problem more likely. Heaven forbid if the only way of watching TV in 10 years is with an Apple IPad or Apple TV, or MS console…

  10. Most gay-themed films are produced by TLA Releasing – some people on here seem not to know anything about what is available. See here;

    I have about 80+ gay-themed films, most of them from TLA releasing, and whilst I also like Terminator, Dr Who, and a huge range of other movies, these particular films are gay-themed, specifically for us. If you don’t like, that is fine, but don’t tell other gay people what they should and shouldn’t be watching. You are not going to see true gay couples on mainstream TV, not unless we can manage to get a proper gay channel in the future, with news, documentaries, chat, films, soaps, etc. The materials already exist, but generally don’t appear on any UK TV networks.

    1. Spanner1960 10 Jan 2012, 11:56pm

      “You are not going to see true gay couples on mainstream TV”
      Why not? They do it in the soaps, why not elsewhere? If we apparently make up 5-10% of the population, then most of the material out there is woefully under-representing us.

      1. GingerlyColors 11 Jan 2012, 12:21am

        I enjoy watching ‘Doctors’ which is on BBC1 after the lunchtime news and recently they had a gay character and currently have a Lesbian one. Several of the storylines also featured gay people and one even included a Civil Partnership ceremony.

        1. There was a TV programme called Agony in the 70’s which had a gay couple as normal loving people not camp sexless clowns. This was before murdoch’s anti gay, gay plague campaign in the 80’s.

          1. Interesting! I’d like to get hold of a copy of that. I’ve been discovering all sorts of TV programmes aimed directly at us. I’m downloading The Big Gay Sketch Show now, and have been trying to download The DL Chronicles (from VEOH). There was also GayTime TV on the BBC, and the Gay Street programmes on Channel 4. Unfortunately, Ch4 and the BBC are letting us all down by not providing programming for us. I just found Agony on DVD

  11. GingerlyColors 11 Jan 2012, 12:18am

    Oops! Probably just an oversight.

  12. Really Netflix has gone into the closet? Those pesky Christians putting their guilt trip on them too?

  13. Is this really a problem with Netflix? or a problem with movie rentals in general.

    I haven’t and am unlikely to use Netflix, but in the past when I went into movie rental outlets here in Canada, I found most chains would never have an adult section… if they did it was all straight porn of mediocre content.

    It seems to be the norm that if you want adult content you will only find it in adult oriented outlets or subscrition sites. Conventional or mainstream sites seem to be ruled by family value attitudes or worried about underage legality.

    If Netflix is following form it is hardly a surprise!

    1. No one is talking about porn, there are gay movies that aren’t pornographic.

  14. Do they have a ‘Straight’ category? or a ‘Black’ category? I think the real issue here is that a ‘Gay’ category exists in the first place, not that it’s missing from their new apps.

    1. Fak off with that silly argument

  15. A number of gay-themes shorts are available on the web. Like this one
    which can be downloaded using KEEPVID
    “A Friend of Dorothy” is a good example – that was from the Channel 4 “Queer Street” event, many years ago.

  16. he did not assume anything, he was just asking =)

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