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Homophobic Welsh crime rate up on “improved victim confidence”

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Reader comments

  1. GingerlyColors 9 Jan 2012, 10:43pm

    Hate crime is hate crime, make no distinction. Last week we saw the imprisonment of two of the men responsible for the dispicable racial murder of Stephen Lawrence. We just hope that a gay man doesn’t have to become a martyr for LGBT people in the same way and that people are educated against such hate and those that refuse to be educated are removed from society.

    1. We already have Ian Baynham, among others. And I, for one, hope that no more *LGBT people* have to become martyrs.

  2. I welcome a rise in reported hate crime as demonstration of increased confidence in reporting. It also enables police to be able to identify that more resources are required to target hate crime and tackle it.

  3. It’s almost impossible to quantify if an increase in reported crime is due to an increase in victim confidence or simply an increase in crime.
    Unreported crime is an unknown quantity, so it’s a bit like pinning down x in an algebra equation where x remains undefined. You can speculate to an extent, but this statistic doesn’t prove much either way.
    Either homophobic Welsh crime has suddenly skyrocketed or the Welsh LGBT community is suddenly empowered to report incidents to the police in a way they weren’t before.
    Given all the possible variants in between that doesn’t tell us anything especially useful.

    1. Its a widely accepted phenomenon that hate crime is historically under reported (as is rape). Whilst I accept that it is difficult to determine with accuracy the level of increased reporting is either due to increased confidence or increases in crime (or both) or other reasons … it would be reasonable to postulate that increased reports of hate crime suggest an increase in confidence (particularly if they are accompanied by other factors such as public satisfaction levels on surveys, which I understand is the case in South Wales).

  4. More gay good news I love good gay news keep it coming.

  5. Genuine question.

    Where is the evidence that the rise in reported hate crime is evidence that people are more confident about reporting it?

    Every year we hear that homophobic crimes are on the rise.

    And every single time without fail, some police spokesperson says it’s because more people are repoting them.

    Which may well be true.

    But on what basis are they drawing these conclusions?

    How are they certain that homophobic hate crimes are not also on the increase?

    1. My point precicely… it’s a bit like pulling unprovable statistics out of thin air.

      1. It is very difficult to say with certainty … but when other measures suggest increases in confidence and there is good evidence to suggest historical underreporting, then it is reasonable to postulate that increased confidence may (at least in part) be due to confidence improving …

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