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Half of gay men “would die a year early” for the perfect body

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  1. Surely there is a difference between comparing onself to other people whom you perceive as better looking in a light hearted or motivational way … to the reaction which can cause distress, depression or obsession?

    Surely comparison can be a healthy thing or can be problematic?

    Its the response to the comparison that is more of an issue than comparison per se?

    1. The data on gay men is flawed, Stu. Even assuming an incidence of 10%, 40 is not a sufficient base size for sub-group analysis. Any statistical analysis is very limited in power.

  2. “Today gay men are under enormous pressure about their bodies, ”

    Wrong, they are obsessed by looking good, as they are in fear of getting old and not doing well ‘on the market’ and also targeting younger people to make themselves feel better about their themselves and forger that they are actually old.

    I cant wait for some of the guys I know to get old and well a truly past the gay must have looks. Just be you, you don’t have to measure up to the ideal, and if you do, more fool you.

    1. whymewhyme 6 Jan 2012, 12:03pm

      “I cant wait for some of the guys I know to get old and well a truly past the gay must have looks.”

      if that is all you wait for – then perhaps your old age will be less rewarding than theirs !

      looking good in my opinion is not about looking young – its about respecting your own body and mind – keeping flexible and open to new things.

      i strive to concentrate on my own development rather than waiting for others to collapse around me.

      good luck.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 3:54pm

      What you just described it just the same for women as it is for men, Gay or Straight. Fact is we all want to look good, look young but esp amongst the young pressure is being put on people to think they are less desirable when they’re older. Not true as I’ve shockingly found out (he says with some delight). Fact is people feel vunerable about their image and it’s that weakness that people, advertisers target, sadly successfully. So it’s unfair to blame an individual on how they feel when society can dictate opinion and lifestyle with regards to image.

  3. Stu is one of these people, have you seen the typical gay posey half naked photos on his Facebook Profile,

    1. You condemning me for my pics?

      I may compare myself to other guys … but not because I am unsatisfied with my looks or body …

      1. Mik is Matthew. He had to change his name because he’s mad, but he couldn’t change his obsession with you, Stu. Lucky you :)

        1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 3:56pm

          Matthew, Keith, Jack… much of a likeness 1 very boring low-life!

        2. @Will

          If you have an obsessive who has different character traits, more than happy to swap you ;-p

          1. Nah.


      2. Time to change your privacy settings Stu, this stalker’s more than a bit on the creepy side.

        1. Yes, they were changed within 30 minutes of noticing that message … very creepy and disturbing …

          1. Intrigued why my comment has been thumbed down … bizarre!

    2. Obsessed much, Mik?

    3. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 3:47pm

      Always suspicious of one hit names that seem to mock an individual rather than commit to debate.

      1. also using gay as an insult on this site is just stupid!

        1. People can try using gay as an insult to me – won’t work … I am quite proud and happy at being gay …

          Rather that than a weirdo like Matt, Mik, Keith etc etc

          In fact rather be gay than anything else …

          1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:25am

            Quite right Stu, It’s not us stalking Gay site to follow and try to insult others is it.. Now thats just sad isn’t it Keith, Matt, Matthew, Mik etc etc etc?

        2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:24am

          Quite, Chris!

  4. The biggest irony with this story is that if men were healthy enough to have an even half perfect body, then they would also have extra years of life from being so healthy. Maybe this is a message to be healthy and happy for 2012…

    1. I was going to say, being fit and longevity are far from being mutually exclusive terms, so long as you don’t develop eating disorders or abuse steroids to get there.

      1. It’s something to think about.

        Having a so-called perfect body means having the aches and pains that go with it, not to mention social and psychological problems that the average guy doesn’t even suspect exist.

        Muscles tend to turn to flab unless they are slavishly exercised, and pain in the joints tends be become chronic arthritic pain.

        Healthy interaction between two guys is what counts.

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 3:58pm

      Very True. It does throw away the religious arguemtn that Gay people are unhealthy when we have the stereotype of gym bunnies etc. Doesn’t suggest unhealthy more just those who think it are bigotted, hypocrites coz most of them have never seen a gym.

    3. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Jan 2012, 11:57am

      I absolutely agree with you, and whilst people may chirp on about all the woes of exercising and the trouble is causes, I think they need to take a look at our hospital wards and seen the real effects of unhealthy living as the years creep on.

      In any event the article does mention having to go through years of training to get that perfect body, it seems to be working on the basis that the perfect body could appear from nowhere (without any work involved). I assume if people could ‘opt’ for a perfect body, it would be a version without all the aches and pains that go with flogging yourself senseless to get it.

      Similarly it doesn’t mention taking any enhancements to get that perfect body either, so all the comment about that is irrelevant.

      I suspect this wasn’t an article to be taken too seriously as no one can just magic a perfect body, so perhaps we could maybe try taking it in the spirit is was intended.

  5. Only 394 men surveyed? how many of these were actually gay/ striaght. This number just isn’t enough for such an issue.

    1. This is a very good point. Even assuming an incidence of 10%, 40 is not a sufficient base size for sub-group analysis.

    2. You’re right Tarik. In my experience the 48 per cent figure is a gross underestimation of chronic and obsessive gay male vanity.

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 1:04pm

        Wow, bitter much?

      2. Bitter? More like corrosive!

    3. Eddy Elmer 8 Jan 2012, 8:17am

      If you get a statistically significant difference between groups, then your subsamples were big enough.

  6. And they’ll shorten their lives if they make no attempt to try and achieve the body they want with diet and exercise.

    Its not actually a bad thing to aspire to have a better body and perhaps people could spend a bit less time whining about there not being enough fat people on tv and thought about what they can do to change their own lives

    1. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 4:03pm

      I think it people we able to live their own lifes without prejudice and bullying just because of a few high and mighty hypocrites and just concentrated on their own live and existance, we might have a better kinder society, a less obessive on. Give people the facts but stop bullying, let people make up their own choses. As my life partner proved, you can be healthy in just about every way but when your times up, it’s up and in my case with absolutely no warning.

      Sure be sensible but just enjoy life.

  7. How many of the people surveyed were in happy loving relationships. Find someone who loves you as you are and i guarantee those feelings will dissappear.

    If the man you’re with only likes your muscles or abs it aint love

    1. Having the ‘perfect’ body also helps wth situations like job interviews, mortgage applications etc.

      It’s naive to pretend that it doesn’t.

      1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 1:22pm

        mortgage applications???

        I assume that is sarcasm.

        1. Sadly, no, he’s serious Tony. You see, its essential to have an IQ over that of a tomato for both sarcasm and to know that a “good body” won’t remotely help with a mortgage application. I believe the term fool, buffoon, or moron also applies here, delete as applicable.

          But lets sit back and watch the muppet show as dAVID once more gets his knickers in a twist for our amusement.

          1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 2:22pm

            LOL@ Rob!

            ‘Tis funny coz its true.

          2. You are both complete idiots if you think that good looks don’t play a part in getting ahead in life.

            Having a perfect body is not the same as good looks but it’s on the same playing field.

            It is a proven fact that good looking people earn more money, and do better in their careers than less attractive people,

            By the same logic a bank manager is more likely to give a mortgage to me, than they are to you, because of my looks.

          3. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 2:48pm

            “By the same logic a bank manager is more likely to give a mortgage to me, than they are to you, because of my looks.”

            You’re a f*****g fool if you think this, you realise this, don’t you? Do you seriously think the bank manager is as retarded as you to allow someone with a “good body” to influence their decision on mortgages over financial capability, job protects and credit history???? Really? Do you even have a job? Because you certainly do not have an education.

            LOL! Just when I think you can’t get any stupider, you go ahead and prove me wrong. Nice one.

          4. Sounds like dAVID put all his eggs into one basket, and thinks that having a decent body is enough in life. That last comment proves its not. Rather be smart than pretty any day, as smart people do not embarrass themselves in public like he just did.

          5. david said: than they are to you, because of my looks

            How do you know what they look like? You think intelligent people are ugly? How so? And you think your self professed “looks” re anything that anyone gives a damn about in this world if you’re a dope? Ha Ha! What a hoot! You are in for some rude awakenings kid.

            (Hope you don’t mind me calling you kid, its obvious to me at least you’re young and probably a little naive – but that’s okay too we were all kids once)

          6. Tommy, Rob, Tony.

            Dear chaps.

            It is a FACT that goodlooking people earn more money than unattractive people.

            It is a FACT that goodlooking people are hired faster than unattractive people.

            It is a FACT that goodlooking peopler find it easier to find sexual partners than unattractive people.

            I am not saying this to be mean or awkward – but simply because studies have shown repeatedly that it is true.

            So if you think that bank managers are immune to the charms of good looking people then you are naive. I am 100% certain that if a survey was done of 500 people who were seeking mortgages, then those people who were ‘goodlooking’ would be more likely to get the mortgage.

            You may not like this, but it’s the reality. The goodlooking have easier lives than the less goodlooking. Nature has given them an undeserverd headstart in terms of acces to things.

            The law of attraction is a reality. It is naive to think otherwise.

          7. “I am 100% certain that if a survey was done of 500 people who were seeking mortgages, then those people who were ‘goodlooking’ would be more likely to get the mortgage. ”

            Given your demonstrated intellect, you “certainty” accounts for nothing. I work in Actuaries in a bank, and believe me, the only thing that matters is money when it comes to mortgages. But you keep your head up your back side and believe what you want, your certainly do not impress me with any sharp wit, I doubt a bank manager will think otherwise.

          8. So you are denying the law of attraction exists Rob?

            Well you are entitled to be as wilfully stupid as you like.

          9. One word, thicko:- economics.

          10. Good looking people earn more money …

            How does that explain Michael Winner and Andrew Lloyd Webber then …?

          11. de Villiers 6 Jan 2012, 5:00pm

            Perhaps you are better suited to telephone online applications?

          12. “Perhaps you are better suited to telephone online applications?”

            Are you?

        2. “It is a FACT that goodlooking people earn more money than unattractive people.”

          Really? Where?

          Its also a fact that evacuated people earn more than stup0id people like you. If you even work, that is.

          1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 3:20pm

            Ignore the fool, Rob, most people here tend to. The man is damaged goods.

          2. I know Tony, but I cannot be the only one sick of this goose’s tiresome me-me-me comments here. Its always the same, the histrionic over reaction followed by the argument of a child. I suppose that’s what you get from thinking one can open doors with your face (literally, it seems) like he did rather than reading an 101-economics book, save us all the embarrassment of his pretty-get-mortgage argument. Groan, the stupidity of it is astounding.

          3. The two of you are worse for engaging with him. He’s a troll. Ignore the troll.

          4. Eddy Elmer 8 Jan 2012, 8:03am

            Actually, he is correct. Plenty of research shows that good-looking people do, indeed, earn more money than their less-attractive counterparts.

          5. Only in certain professions its an advantage when image is part of the brand. In actual fact a stupid good looking person will not get a job over a smart average looking person in fields where experience and education mean everything – there are not too many male models winning Nobel Prizes.

      2. mortgages are done online or over the phone nowadays

        1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 4:02pm

          Explain that to our ridiculous friend here who thinks one gets a loan of £400k by giggling like a schoolgirl and looking like a bimbo. Looking at waaaaaay to much Madmen.

          1. Ah the Sixties, it was simpler time, it was a sexier time.

          2. Katie Price 6 Jan 2012, 9:27pm

            Tony that’s how I got my mortgage so don’t knock it!

      3. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 4:05pm

        On which planet?

    2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 4:04pm

      Here, Here James… very true!

    3. If he was the man of my dreams, then I would love him for being him (including his pecs, abs etc) but whilst I might lust after his abs, pecs etc – I wouldnt love him if he had the muscles but was a prick …

  8. The average life expectancy for a British male is 79 years old.

    I for one would be perfectly happy to die at the age of 78 if I had a perfect body in exchange.

    I don’t regard this as a controversial story or as a reflection about the self-image of gay men.

    it’s stating a self-evident fact. Good looking people (and having a ‘perfect’ body improves one’s attractiveness) have easier lives.

    I’d be willing to give up a yeat of my life in exhange for the benefits that having a perfect body would offer me throughout my life.

    Does this make me shallow? Perhaps. But I thnk that deep down everyone would do the same (gay or straight; male or female).

    1. @dAVID

      Depending which region you are in then it can be even higher …

      For example, Scotland it is 75, South West England is 81 … I would still take 74 and 80 for the perfect body …

      How does one define perfect? As undoubtedly what one person may view as perfect may not be in tune with others views ?

      1. Surely Antinous is the historical standard?

        I for one will never have a body of steel, but on the odd occasion have been known as someones gentleman in flabby armour.

        Which I thought was lovely.

    2. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 1:23pm

      “Does this make me shallow? Perhaps”

      No perhaps about it. Pity intellect and self worth isn’t on your wish list.

      1. Intellect and self worth are completely separate issues from wanting to be attractive.

        I’m not unhappy with my body, But I wouldn’t complain if I could change certain things about it,.

        Not everyone is as evolved you are Tony Lambert – disinterested in their physucal appeerance and only interested in the nourishment of their souls and intelect.

        When was the last time you dated a morbidly obese person Tony Lambert?

        They find it diffcult to get dates. They must feel super lucky that people as unshallow and evolved as you are in the world?

        1. “Intellect and self worth are completely separate issues from wanting to be attractive. ” – funny that, given you have nether.

          1. Well thanks for that contribution – incisive, relevant, mature and intelligent.

          2. You mean like your “me think me pretty so me get mortgage” comments are of any consequence here?

            Please, go back to your usually idiot histrionics, you bore anyone civilised with your dull insipid naïveté.


          3. Rob – you are the person denying the law of attraction.

            So I’d be a bit more careful about throwing accusations of stupidity about the place.

          4. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 3:28pm

            Actually, I think he hit the nail on the head with you.

          5. And you’re the idiot that knows sweet FA about the laws of economics.

    3. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 4:08pm

      Yes it does make you shallow and I competely disagree. The problem is just those that obsess about body image. The majority of people could care less if someone has a sixpack or whatever. Life just doesn’t evolve around body image.

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 1:05pm

        Sorry meant couldn’t care less…

    4. Big Gay Bob 12 Jan 2012, 10:38am

      Well dAVID, I hope you know that you got your wish. You will die a year early, since you already have the perfect body (to someone). How ironic, to waste a perfectly good wish and a the loss of a perfectly good year. Hope you are happy.

      The Genie in the Bottle

  9. Dr Peter Phillips 6 Jan 2012, 1:14pm

    I think to draw such drastic conclusions from a small scale study (we don’t know from the report what type of research this was or how many men out of the 394 identified as gay, what age they were, whether in relationships etc etc etc) isn’t justified and props up the stereotype of gay men as sex and youth obsessed. I think you need to be a bit more careful and critical when reporting research findings!! As a gay man (and social scientist by the way) I don’t know any of my friends who would give up a year of their lives for ‘the perfect body’ –

    1. Yes. The results of any new research should be treated with scepticism unless and until they are well confirmed by further studies. But I think you are being a little harsh if your criticism is directed at the writer of the Pink News article who is, as far as I can see, merely reporting the findings of a survey without himself drawing conclusions.

  10. i read this and then look at the advedrtisements down the page…. and people wonder were these issues come from ?

  11. Tony Adams 6 Jan 2012, 2:11pm

    A fascinating article that ignites so many perspectives. Any man who suddenly got the gift of his “perfect body” would soon be back to looking “inferior” because he would have done nothing to earn it. Like the often repeated story of the lottery winner who soon ends up back in the trailer park in the back woods. The laws of gay desire, designed in the jungle, track those of all other critters.

  12. I had friends who “worried” about my physical condition (ie: body shape).

    I have new friends now.

    I have friends now who don’t care that I have a couple pounds too many, that my pecs aren’t firm enough.

    I have friends now who appreciate that I went back to school and got my graduate degree.

    I have friends who appreciate my sense of humour, my intensity, my personality.

    Screw the people who can only look at your outward appearance.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m happily married. We just (last night) celebrated 10 years together.

    1. And what about those friends who would be concerned about your size for fear that your weight will lead to heart failure, diabetes or cancer?

      It is important for one’s health to be fit and healty and to not carry about excess weight.

      1. “And what about those friends who would be concerned about your size for fear that your weight will lead to heart failure, diabetes or cancer?”

        He didn’t say he was obese, you idiot.

        And cancer, diabetes and heart failure have as much to do with genetics and pre-disposition as they do with weight . If you bothered to read more then your mirror, you’d know that.

        1. I didn’t say he was obese either – you brought that word into the conversation.

          He did say that he ‘carried a couple of pounds too many’ though and that he dumped the friends who mentioned it to him.

          And if you bothered to read you’d know that maintaining a healthy body is a vital part of avoiding cancer, heart disease and diabetes,

          I am not condemning fat people for their size. Just pointing out the medical reality that excess body weight is unhealthy.

          1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 3:21pm

            Oh, give it a rest, you’re make enough of a fool out of yourself today. Really, you hit rock bottom and you think its a good idea to keep digging.

          2. I’ve hit rock bottom?

            Well – I am not the one denying the law of attraction .

            People in glass houses and all…

          3. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 3:27pm

            LOL! What the f*** are you talking about now?

          4. The FACTthat you are claiming that good looking people don’t have easier lives than the less attractive?

            And why did you mention obesity in relation to Mikey’s post when no-one had done so already?

          5. Jesus, you are thick, aren’t you.

            Figure it out on your own. I got my education. Its not my job to compensate for your lack of the same.

          6. *** Do Not Feed The Troll ***

      2. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 4:17pm

        heart failure, diabetes or cancer happens to people regardless of body image. I know several people who are deemed healthy and body ‘perfect’ (whatever that means) who have had heart attacks, diabetes and/or cancer. In fact I know of 3 body building champions who have had heart attack most under 40 one under 30. Being obsessive about body image can be work out just as ‘damaging’ whether overweight, underweight, muscled or slim.

        Difference is as a society we only tend to hear those who show the ‘unhealthy’ side getting bullied and picked on for it.

        1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 4:44pm

          “heart failure, diabetes or cancer happens to people regardless of body image”

          Precisely. Poor David here doesn’t know what key incidence and risk factors are.

      3. when i said “a few pounds”, I mean literally 5-10.
        I’m 6ft and weigh 180lbs.

        I go to the gym regularly (actually, I work out in my home gym) to stay healthy. I practice and teach Tai Chi. Until my knees gave out a few years ago, I did competition ballroom dancing.

        Except I didn’t have a “gay muscle body”.
        My pecs weren’t big enough, my arms weren’t perfectly proportioned.
        I was getting “work out advice” from a particular group of gym-bunny friends (who until that point I had never thought of as “gym bunnies”).

        I doesn’t take much for the superficial crowd to think you “need work”.
        If you don’t have Ryan Goslings’ abs, if you don’t have Ryan Reynolds’ pecs, etc… you’re “inferiour”.

        1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 4:43pm

          “If you don’t have Ryan Goslings’ abs, if you don’t have Ryan Reynolds’ pecs, etc… you’re “inferiour”.”

          Only stupid people think that, its all they have to cling on to.The real evolutionary leap here is intelligence. The reality is smart people manage the “body beautiful”, and companies pay for them to go to gyms, it stops them flinging their faeces around when they get annoyed when a nail breaks.

          1. ‘…The real evolutionary leap here is intelligence. ..’

            unless we develop a way to deliver much higher doses of oxygen to the brain we wont progress that much further

          2. “unless we develop a way to deliver much higher doses of oxygen to the brain we wont progress that much further”

            I beg you pardon? Since when is there an evolutionary correlation between oxygen in the atmosphere and human brain size?

          3. @Will

            Apart from variance in oxygen content at differing elevations … surely air contains approx 21% oxygen in dry air, regardless of the size of any recepticle or organ???

          4. Yes, Stu. The 21% does not change with altitude, the ratio remains more or less the same. In fact we are at a stage in the earth history where oxygen is lower than in the past (roughly about about 40% in the Paleozoic era, around 300 million years ago) – this led to bigger bodies (in insects, etc), but not bigger brains. Fry here doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, and has aptly demonstrated what others have stated here with regards to the average intellect levels of those obsessed with self image as the sole raison d’être.

          5. High levels of inteligence require big brains and big brains are very expensive. Human brain consumes tremendous share of the food and oxygen that is avaible in brain, will’s brain is clearly starved of oxygen

          6. should be: that is avaible in blood… not in brain

          7. “High levels of inteligence require big brains and big brains are very expensive. Human brain consumes tremendous share of the food and oxygen that is avaible in brain, will’s brain is clearly starved of oxygen”

            This is utter nonsense you fool.

            If you’re point was correct, humans would never have evolved larger brains. Hominid brains have evolved from 400g about 3.5 million years, to their present size of 1400g. During this time oxygen levels have remained the same, 25 million years ago oxygen concentrations was about 23 percent, around 2 percent higher than today’s value. ergo, oxygen levels have FALLEN.

            The most likely cause of human brain development was that the development of human society required more complex social structures.

            Well, by evolved brains and intellect, you are clearly the exception. You’re stupidity and lack of basic knowledge is embarrassing. Stick to the gym and the hair product expertise, looks like it’s all you’ll be good at in the smarts department.

          8. @will
            another one with phd in the science of googling from micky mouse university and your critical thinking within intelectual capacity is on par with a 4 year old

          9. If that were so, then you must be the 4 year old.

            What’s wrong, can’t defend your stupidity statements?


            You f*****g idiot.

        2. So let me get this right, fry:

          1. You make a statement which is neither factual nor intelligent.
          2. You then insult the person who corrects you as stupid, for correcting your stupid comment (that’s in fact called irony, BTW)
          3. You then insult someone’s education, over the fact you obviously have none.
          4. You make a comment about googling facts, when you yourself cannot actually be smart enough to use google to verify your error.

          Hmmm. Reminds me of something Douglas Adams once said: “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

          In short, you’re an idiot.

          Well done for demonstrating it in public for our collective amusement. You have a lot in common with those “dumb” bells you love so much.

          1. rob you are suffering from complex cretinism

          2. Yawn. More dullard insults.

          3. Well said, Rob

            Response to facts with more insults – thats infantile, “Fry”

  13. As someone who just buried two very elderly parents whose last two years were less than quality life, I can honestly say that I would die “a year early” to have the healthy, in-shape body of an 18-year old man (particularly one that has lots of long, straight hair).

    Then again, I am currently 61…..

  14. maybe the vacuous, vain and ignorant gay men but most of us are happy with ourselves and don’t need to buy into this ludicous pressure.

    Gay men are under a lot of pressure to wear condoms but that hasn’t had any substantial impact.

    1. “maybe the vacuous, vain and ignorant gay men”

      Like dAVID?


  15. What is it with gay men being so lean in London. It makes you look positive and it’s like having sex with a 12 year girl. I much perfer men

    1. How does being lean make you “look positive”???? It is a complete myth that you can make an assumption about HIV status based on body shape, maybe in the early days but not anymore……………….

    2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:31am

      oh dear, someones trying to get attention.

  16. Jock S. Trap 6 Jan 2012, 3:45pm

    One thing I’ve learnt from recent events is you can be healthy or unhealthy when your times up it’s up. Enjoy yourself as if it’s the last day… and stop listening to silly, shallow polls.

  17. Reading some of the comments here is depressing. A “good body” or “looks” do not last eternally. Being fit is another story. If you’re fit you wont need to worry about this “last year”, you’ll. But I suspect a few people here do not know the difference between fit and having the “perfect body” (of which there is no such ting!!!)

    Some people here are in for quite a shock when they realise a dull witted good looking 25 year old inevitably becomes a dull witted old fart that no one want to be round, including their former partner.

    I though that we have moved beyond this vacuous nonsense, but clearly some of us are still stuck in 1982.

    As for good looks getting you a mortgage, I’m sorry, but that’s utter nonsense. Credit history, previous loans, income, job prospects, number of dependants are the key factors, not looks. Its a totally absurd and borderline mental health issue (to say the least!) to think that looks would get you a mortgage anyway, what year do they think this is, 1856?

    1. Tony Lambert 6 Jan 2012, 3:57pm


      Thank YOU!

      At last, someone with a brain that went to school.

    2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:32am

      Well said Will.

    3. @Will. Best comment yet, well said.

    4. Nicely put Will, as usual, a rare voice of reason here.

      P.S. Loving how you put down that clown fry and his “expertise” on evolution ;)

  18. Considering life expectancy is going up and up and up, and we’re probably going to live ’til about 200 in a vegetative state, drooling from every orifice while causing our families massive resentment (I have no issues), then perhaps living one year earlier isn’t actually that bad. No?

  19. Spanner1960 6 Jan 2012, 5:20pm

    If this was true, I would have been dead years ago. :)

  20. ‘Half of gay men “would die a year early” for the perfect body’.

    More fool them.

    And anyway, who decides what is the perfect body?

    The overtly tanned and overtly toned, try too hard. I always wonder what they lack up-stairs.

    1. Some of them are intelligent and able to converse articulately to be fair …

      1. Yes, some, the majority aren’t…hence the focus on the exterior. Believe me, I am a rather thick muscle dude.

      2. and quite a few of them are not.

  21. its clear that the less then average body/looks brigade tries to divert attention from the fact that they are stupidly lazy and complacent when it comes to taking care of their looks by bigging up the importance of the intellect and over using that boring stereotype that all attractive people are somehow thick or cannot be clever and attractive at the same time,

    1. LOL! Are you serious??? Well, I sincerely hope you’re pretty, fry, because you certainly are not smart – that comment is a travesty a child would be reprimanded for. Enjoy being the pretty fool, do we?

      1. reprimanded in nonosylabic manner

        1. by brainy bill, lol

          1. LOL! Oh, dear.

            One only has to look at your ridiculous evolution comment above to realise how lacking in education you really are. If I were you, I’d be weary of commenting on the intellect of others given your gross stupidity as demonstrated above.

          2. Well, if I were you I would stick to the advice given above lol

          3. Er, yes. Whatever.

            There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.

            You sir, are a buffoon.

          4. @ fry that “lol” only makes you look more like a clown. Ever think of going back to school? By “back” I am generously assuming you went in the first place. Maybe some of that oxygen first, eh? Might make your brain grow “bigger”.

          5. With regards to lol, I was just trying to fit in with experts on this thread

          6. “With regards to lol, I was just trying to fit in with experts on this thread”

            I doubt it, you can’t even see where you went wrong. Well, you were shown up as an idiot. Get over it. I’m sure its not the first, or last time.

          7. Rob clearly you are more of a retard then Will

          8. “Rob clearly you are more of a retard then Will”

            The correct spelling is “Rob clearly you are more of a retard than Will”

            Even your pathetic insults are a classic demonstration of your lack of education. Too poor, were we?

          9. LOL@ Rob.

            Nice. He’s the kind of retard what just keeps giving the giggles, isn’t he?

        2. Is this muppet STILL going on, just because he was proven wrong???????

          LMAFO! What a freak!!!

          Let it go, loser.

    2. @Fry

      You must be quite a happy person, as they say ignorance is bliss

      1. @ Stu – You saw the dribble he’s writing above on evolution and oxygen levels and getting into a hissy fit because he’s wrong, didn’t you? You can see the problem with him very quickly:- he’s another intellectual retard who *thinks* he’s pretty above his 5 lonely neurons. Ignorance might be bliss, but in his case its in abundance too.

      2. takes one to know one init

        1. What a wonderfully intelligent response.

          Still not able to convince us of your oxygen/evolution paradigm, no? Hurt your head, does it?

          1. oh wait a minute we got expert here on everything

          2. LOL! Still bitter about being shown up on an internet site, re we? How mmbarrassing. Some gay men went to college. Get over it.

            Run along to your mommy, fry, she’ll make the tears go away…….

          3. And even when he’s shown to be wrong, he STILL comes back with playground 5-year-old insults to “prove us wrong”. LMFAO. What a twat.

          4. sorry guys just coudnt help it, had a great fun, almost wet myself

          5. “sorry guys just coudnt help it, had a great fun, almost wet myself”

            You made a stupid statement and now you’re trying to cover it up as being a troll…… seriously, who are you kidding?!?


            Its gets better by the hour!

          6. Oh, was that it? You were “stringing us along” with your dazzling display of evolutionary expertise? Will said it, who do you think you are kidding? Did the boys at he gym help you come up with that bollox? LOL!

            Sorry kid, we’re smarted than you are. But what a laugh you’ve given us all, nothing like a good idiot to play with before Sunday lunch, eh?

          7. dammit you got me, pat yourselfs on the back guys

          8. OMG. Wow. Still going. Desperate, aren’t you? Didn’t mummy not breastfeed you enough when you were young, hmmm?

          9. Tony Lambert 8 Jan 2012, 2:15pm

            @ fry “dammit you got me, pat yourselfs on the back guys”

            Ha! They sure bloody did! I’m surprised you’re still here given they made a fool out of you (that is, given you already made a complete fool out of yourself already with that stupid evolution comment)

            You need some more oxygen, is that it?

          10. Tony, quit it, you’ll make fry cry….


          11. “You need some more oxygen, is that it?”

            Oh, but don’t you get it Tony? It was aaaaaall a big joke on us. He knew it was an utterly stupid thing to say that there was a correlation between oxygen and evolution of brain size. His childish and stupid insults were all a clever ruse to hide his true honed intellect. He hid his multiple B.Sc’s in science from us to lull us into a false sense of security so he could hatch his Machiavellian plan again us to, er…..

            …..what was his Machiavellian plan again???


  22. A superficial dialog, I think. Isn’t it that most of us would want to look attractive to the kind of person we’re attracted to? So, it’s not that maybe the other 50 percent aren’t conscious, just that maybe they want someone sensitive and with a mind? Anyone who’s read more than one book knows that you fall for the person first — “he’s got eyes of blue, I never cared for eyes of blue — but, he’s got eyes of blue, so that’s my weakness now.” : )

  23. I’m less bothered about having the perfect body but I would sure give up a year of my life to have a bit more hair (on my head) – ah well…

    1. lol… :)

    2. GingerlyColors 6 Jan 2012, 10:24pm

      If you notice my avatar I’ve got no hair either!

      1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:35am

        and a lot of people find that attractive, proving beauti is in the eye of teh beholder. Fat, thin, muscled… who cares it’s what you make in life that matters.

  24. GingerlyColors 6 Jan 2012, 10:22pm

    What about these women who wanted a perfect body – now they are worried that their breasts will explode because of their dodgy French breast implants! Don’t be so vain!

  25. I believe most gays guys are just trying to get or keep a job, pay our bills, feed our families, get to sleep at night, have some fun on weekends, spend time with loved ones, and hope that tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

    The YMCA is known to cultivate the ideal of a healthy mind in a healthy body, so maybe the researchers should be talking about a healthy body instead of a perfect body…. whatever that is.

    After all, nobody goes around thinking he is perfect even though he may be eye candy to us.

  26. radical53 7 Jan 2012, 2:08am

    This is where low self-esteem, depression and other anxieties comes from.

    The expectations on us gay men to be perfect and to reach such unattainable goals if having an enormous impact on our well being and health, emotionally and mentally.

    We must all accept ourselves and who we are and not try and be perfect.

    Beauty is inside, not outside.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 10:36am

      Excellent comment, here, here radical53!!

    2. This is where I come back to my original comment …

      Surely there is a difference between comparing onself to other people whom you perceive as better looking in a light hearted or motivational way … to the reaction which can cause distress, depression or obsession?

      Surely comparison can be a healthy thing or can be problematic?

      Its the response to the comparison that is more of an issue than comparison per se?

  27. carrie baker 7 Jan 2012, 5:37am

    The majority of gay men should always be proud that they are not murderers and sex pedephiles like the hetersexual men are, and most are family oriented gay men who have even adopted children, you need to be family oriented, or respectfully single and dating respectfully your freind or friends you have a relationship with, everyone including and especially hetersexuals should be using protections condums against sexual transmitted deseases and common sense, sex is not a game, its dangerous, and lethal, and emotional damaging as well if it is abused, most people are carrying some type of germs an bacteria, and if you are messing with a lot of people all of those peoples germs bacteria and deseases are mixing in your body as well, nothing in you as gay people should want to be nothing like hetersexual people at all, there is nothing to role model and be proud of from their gender, violent, abusive deceitful llives, of lies, horrors, deceptions, rappest , murders, pedehiles, wife beaters, terrorist, bigots, and on, The glaad had better get that cardinal for defamation, he must resign, he is evil, Gay people focus on your human rights and saftey and families, your happiness with who you love, concentrate on other civil and human rights of women , veterans ,disabled, minorites as well, your children now or to be your communites,

  28. Adrian Gill 7 Jan 2012, 12:40pm

    And the irony is most of us will die several years earlier than necessary as a result of lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise that make our bodies less attractive….

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jan 2012, 1:08pm

      Think you meant less attractive to some… not everyone wants some muscled person, other like an over weight person. Who are we to dictate who others are. There’s someone for everyone and life would be oh so very dull if we all were the same.

  29. How depressing. You only have to read this site (the most wonderful examples being dAVID & fry) to see a good chunk of this 48% are here defending their idiocy.

  30. David Skinner 8 Jan 2012, 2:27pm

    Carrie Baker, apart from Narcissism, gays suffer from self – deception, delusion and denial. Gays are 60- 65 time more likely to contract AIDs HIV and other nasties than straights and twice that in London. As for paedophile this tiny minority of 1% are responsible for a third of all such crimes. Don’t even let us go anywhere the high incidence of serial murder and cannibalism amongst gays.

    1. Oh, shut up Skinner, we’re all bored with your tiresome and repetitive made up nonsense.

      The Religious Right:- ever underestimate the denial of very stupid people in large groups.

    2. @David Skinner

      The sector of population with the highest growth rate in HIV and STIs is heterosexual 16-25 year olds …


    3. Please explain the relevance to HIV to this particular story?

  31. Oh great, here’s that mistake of nature that calls itself david skinner back again with more bigoted tomfoolery. Get bored beating your wife, did you?

  32. I knew I had gone to far when I seriously said to a friend that as a treat I would eat 5 jujubes. 5 years later, I don’t go the gym and get my exercise by walking and always taking the stairs. I’m 20lbs heavier and never felt better about myself. Funny, after I changed my attitude, I met a great guy who was much more interested in me than my abs and we were married last weekend.

    1. Last weekend was New Year’s… Congratulations, Ivan, and Happy Days!

      1. Thanks.

        We had a New Years Eve, Eve wedding. :-)

        So now we’re enjoying our bubble – it’s big, pink, and full of sparkles – lol

  33. Well, I thought no one would like me for my looks, having tried one or two gay clubs that were about in the 1970’s, but one day a gay friend brought ‘a nice boy’ with him and he instantly fell in love with me, he had everything I wanted, he loves me for what I am, and 31 years later no-one will ever part us, only death.

  34. I’d be happy to give up my life for a perfect body, its the effort that would take which is the reason I will never have a perfect body lol

    1. Sorry meant to say a year of my life rather than just my life lol

  35. Provided that given this perfect body I could eat,drink and slob out as much as I wanted without it affecting it then ok.

    What’s another year?

  36. It would take about a year’s worth of my free time to have a perfect body, and the rest of my life to maintain it.

  37. burningworm 11 Jan 2012, 5:13pm

    Looking good instead? of doing good?

  38. Is the body theirs or their lover’s? I would find it easier to appreciate it if it was beside me in bed.

  39. OT: As a transgender I would agree to die one to ten years earlier than I would normally die to have a perfect realistic female body now, but not because of vanity and superficiality but because that’s what makes up my sexual identity and each day living as I am now is one day more of emotional suffering.

  40. Big Gay Bob 12 Jan 2012, 10:23am

    What exactly is the perfect body?

    The perfect body may mean looking like a jock, a bear, a body builder, carrying a few extra pounds, whatever. I hate how commercials try to tell everyone what they should be, or what they “need” to buy in order to be attractive. It’s all rubbish.

    Folks, look at yourself in the mirror and realize that as long as you are healthy you are fine just the way you are. Someone out there absolutely finds you perfect the way you are. You just need to convince yourself of that. Turn off the tele and put down the beauty magazines, and don’t buy into the crap they are trying to sell you. They aren’t doing it to make you better, they are doing it to line THIER pockets. They aren’t doing it for you.

    You’re ok.

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