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06 January 2012

  • 6th January 2012

    Not guilty verdict in gay escort’s obscenity trial 53

    Peacock was found not guilty on all counts

    3:33 PM — A jury in London has returned a unanimous not guilty verdict for a man charged under the Obscene Publications Act for distributing DVDs containing scenes of extreme gay sex acts. Michael Peacock was cleared of six charges earlier this afternoon, in what has been described as "the most significant obscenity trial of the decade".

  • Video: Rick Santorum booed after anti-gay marriage comments 80

    Santorum was fresh from surprising success in Iowa (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    2:12 PM — Gay marriage opponent Rick Santorum was booed in New Hampshire yesterday during a heated debate in which an audience member asked how marriage equality would harm him. The state will be holding its candidate primaries on Tuesday.

  • Zimbabwe mayor rubbishes claims his pink bins were pulled 7

    Bins similar to the one pictured were donated by a sexual rights charity (Photo: Quinn Anya)

    1:09 PM — A Zimbabwe mayor has insisted his city council will use the twenty pink dustbins donated by a pro-gay rights group as soon as he can find prominent spaces for them.

  • Actor slams “dragphobic” complaints to tampon advert 90

    Sandee Crack, left, has hit back (Photo: Youtube)

    12:35 PM — The drag queen who featured in a recently-pulled "transphobic" tampon advert has hit back at critics. Sandee Crack, a stage name, said the transgender people who had complained were clearly "dragphobic", pointing out that he "never considered" himself trans, "and never will do".

  • Gareth Thomas joins mixed line-up in Celebrity Big Brother 30

    Gareth Thomas retired from professional rugby in October 2011

    12:05 PM — The rugby star joined contestants of varying levels of fame for the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, but was not the only housemate MC Romeo Dunn thought was gay.

  • Half of gay men “would die a year early” for the perfect body 186

    Half of the gay men surveyed would give up a year or more for the perfect body (Photo: Flickr user A.Drian)

    11:35 AM — A study released today says 48% of gay men would sacrifice a year or more of their lives in exchange for their perfect body. Nine in ten gay men admit they enforce "unrealistic" images of lean and muscular men in conversation.

  • Sir Ian McKellen says “no doubt” Shakespeare was gay 48

    Sir Ian McKellen has been an actor for over fifty years (Photo:  Stefan Servos)

    10:28 AM — Sir Ian McKellen has reportedly said he has "no doubt" the complexities and plot devices of Shakespeare's work mean the playwright was gay. The actor added that the relationship between two characters in The Merchant of Venice made it "obvious" the writer had sexual relationships with men.

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