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Filipino father admits burning son after discovering three children were gay

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Reader comments

  1. How many children did the guy have, cos 3 is a large number for one family?

    1. Err I am the youngest of 6…my Dad was the oldest of 11…My Sons mum is one of 12 kids!!

  2. “as a result of pent-up feelings experienced when he found out three of his children were gay.”

    WTF??? An animal wouldn’t do this to its offspring.

    1. Animal can not boil water in a fist place. Very sad act of course. I know family of seven lesbian daughters. Father simply left and mum is learning to enjoy G.A.Y.

      1. “Father simply left and mum is learning to enjoy G.A.Y.”

        Actually, what the mum is learning is that she married a mistake of a man.

  3. Miguel Sanchez 5 Jan 2012, 2:38pm

    I hope they lock him up for a long time.

  4. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 5 Jan 2012, 3:53pm

    Absolutely pathetic individual who should, by all rights, suffer a term in prison for his attack on his own flesh and blood.

    I cannot condone any physical attack perpetrated on an innocent, regardless of his frustrations and ‘pent-up feelings’. We can’t help being gay, and I hope this message is clearly transmitted by the gay networks in the Philippines, but given the amount of gay and trans abuse and murders that the networks report, no doubt the ‘moral’ hand of religion played its ugly part in the attack.

  5. Michael★ 8 Jan 2012, 7:20am

    children ore NOT your property. They are individuals that responsible, loving parents rear until they can be left to live the life of their own choosing and doings, usually around 16.
    It’s obscene when a parent harms any child. It’s odd, but children are the smallest, most vulnerable members of society and often get picked on and abused by adults.

  6. this is a pop dictated country

  7. Something is wrong here. Both government officials and church officials must do something that this should not occur again. Children must be protected at all cost.

  8. lock him up forever! Throw away the key.

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