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Spain’s first gay retirement home to be sited in Madrid suburb

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see this initiative, shame we need it though!

  2. I have heard of other plans for gay retirement homes – and none of them were open to lesbians. Will it be the same here?
    I hope not.

    1. Tony Newton 7 Jan 2012, 12:47pm

      We need to take the plans into our own hands as they have done in Spain. Anyone interested enough to want to campaign? Age UK isn’t doing anything around this and neither is Stonewall. You can contact me: Tony on

  3. The positive is the realization that developments like this are needed and will be supported, evolve and improve as understanding of what is lacking or desired becomes clearer in each development.

    My one thought is that because it is located in a Madrid suburb, I would hope it not isolate the seniors. The support of other residents and the company is a bonus, hopefully in close location not far removed from any gay district or culture.

    There is discrimination because of age (which is often state of mind vs physical) younger people are deluded that there are no senior gay people or aging won’t happen to them as they live only in the present. Even though senior gays many not want club life… bars, restaurants theater and other gay culture still contribute to happiness health and wellness of all age groups in the gay community.

    I hope as we age that gay retirement homes won’t mean out of site out of mind!

  4. cont, Sorry… site = sight.

  5. FranklyBewildered 4 Jan 2012, 2:14pm

    i always thought separating gays into enclaves was bad, but after reading about the nutjobs who want to run America, book me in, please. it sounds like we need to band together for peace and safety.

  6. I’m all for gay retirement homes …

    I noted in a report that Spanish retirement homes generally refuse to take residents who have HIV. On that basis, I was pleased to learn that a number of places are intended to be reserved for people with HIV

  7. I suppose that next to the laundrette will double as darkroom, right?
    Just kidding. I think the whole thing is very cool.

    1. Surely developing negatives of photographs is a thing of the past, even among older people…

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