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Governor of Washington state “to support marriage equality” today

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Reader comments

  1. felidista 4 Jan 2012, 4:54pm

    And she’s a Catholic.

    1. Many catholics in America support marriage equality in defiance of the Vatican which is completely out of touch with it’s “faithful”. Not surprising. I daresay there are a considerable number of British catholics who think likewise. Look at Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Argentina, all catholic countries with marriage equality. Every reason why the UK can’t make it legal before 2015.

      1. Bizarrely 62% of American catholics support marriage equality. As opposed to 52% of non-catholics,

        The catholic cuilt leadership shouldn’t be used as a basis for describing whether ordinary catholics are toxic, homophobic bigots.

        If we were to judge catholics by their cult leadership then we’b ban cathoilcs from having children after all (considering howing many cathlolic priests and bishops have either raped children or covered up for child rapists.)

  2. Anyone with a genuine conern for equality and increased social stability will support gay marriage.

    Encouraging when people think for themselves and aren’t hog tied by dogma.

  3. GingerlyColors 4 Jan 2012, 10:37pm

    It is amazing that we seem to take more interest in the US Presidential Elections than our own. While the Democrats are more supportive of gay equality, over a quarter of Republican voters support gay equality and they do have their gay factions, the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud. American elections are a two horse race (between and Elephant and a Donkey) and the outcome is rarely more different than 45%-55%. Indeed the 2000 Presidential Election slightly more people voted Democrat and everything was decided on numerous recounts in Miami-Dade and court cases before the US Presidency was awarded to the Republican George W. Bush. As I have pointed out in a previous post even if Rick Sanitorium were ever to win the US Presidency he has a fat cat in Hell’s chance of making gay marriages unconstitutional as he will need a huge majority in Congress to begin with and less than 0.3% of proposed amendments to the US Constitution have ever been passed in 222 years.

    1. The US is not a democracy really though.

      Yes they have massively funded, slick campaigns. But seeing as the political system in the US is designed to ensure that there will only ever be 2 parties, and seeing as these 2 parties are virtually indistinguishable in their pathetic attempt to obey their corporate masters, it really doesn’t matter who wins.

      The US over the past 12 years has decided to start exporting ‘democracy’ to the Middle East from the barrel of a gun.

      Strange indeed then that there have been genuinely democratic revolutions in those countries they did not invade – Egypt; Tunisia etc.

      I hope the American population take a leaf out of the Arab book and start peacefully demanding genuine, democratic reforms in their system.

      HOwever as we have seen from the brutal response by the police against the peaceful Occupy movement; and the recent signing into law of an Act that will allow the Army to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial; it looks like the political leadership has no intention of allowing the US to transition to democracy.

  4. God knows we are praying she does.

  5. Interesting footnote about the Indian tribe. Do they have the effective rights of a State, as some other tribes do under federal treaty?

  6. I know this will sound cynical. Politicians often make promises leading up to campaigns they forget once they get into office. Whilst the Governor is to be applauded by putting equal rights legislation at the centre of her campaign there’s a big difference between a campaign promise and actual legislation.

    1. David Myers 6 Jan 2012, 8:52am

      She is not running for re-election and is retiring this year so my guess is she want’s to do what she can to start the process while she is still Governor.

  7. ObserVance 8 Jan 2012, 9:38am

    There seems to be a continued discrepancy between the politics and reality, well at least in terms of the gay male population. I don’t see the behaviors of gay men changing at all since many places have legalized some form of same-sex marriage. Have gays become more relationship-oriented and actually getting married? I really don’t understand how this ever became such a big issue. Perhaps this is most beneficial to lesbians.

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