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New Hungarian constitution comes into effect with same-sex marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jan 2012, 5:37pm

    This is an absolute disgrace. When will these people see that stability is key to a decent society and that means protecting all and allowing equality in marriage.

    The fact that so many voted this in is shameful, that they have so little regard for human life and decency and then expect to get respect… disgusting.

    They claim public unrest but they overwhelming cause the problems not nurse them.

    Common decency Hungry or get treated how you treat others.

    1. Surely this is both a breach of international human rights law (which would justify diplomatic pressure and arguably sanctions) and a breach of the principles and conditions of membership of the EU …?

      Given that it breaches EU standards – surely this gives recourse for referral to the Commission, Parliament and arguably to suspension or expulsion from membership?

      Surely under European human rights legislation this gives cause for a referral to the European Court?

      1. Didn’t the European court rule, with British support, ( remember that QC?) that allowing gay marriage is purely a matter for the country in question? The Brown government promised in the House of Lords that they wouldn’t oppose, but the QC went along and vociferously opposed gay marriage, just as she did with transgender marriage in Hong Kong.

        1. Didnt the European Court rule that discrimination against LGBT people should be protected in law?

          Didnt the European Court rule that there should be a free press?

      2. Want to go to a very nice place where Crime is all but unknown, and their parliment voted 49 to 0 for gay marriage in 2010?

        Go to iceland. BTW Pride is usually in early August,a bout 40% of the city of Reykjavik shows up to witness the event. Its btw a family affair

        the most wonderful thing happened in Iceland in 1550 – the catholic Bishop got murdered.

        the bigots only have now about a 1 – 2% presence.

  2. GingerlyColors 3 Jan 2012, 6:23pm

    I am sad that this has happened and it will send out the wrong message to the Hungarian population as a whole that discrimination is okay. It also may encourage neighbouring countries to introduce similar bans. It makes me wonder if the far-right Jobbik Party which has gained popularity in Hungary has had a hand in this.
    I have visited Budapest on a couple of occasions and I have great respect for the Hungarian people and celebrated their intelligence, creativeness and their role on the world stage.

    1. Ian Bower 3 Jan 2012, 7:17pm

      Presumably when you say ‘…I have great respect for the Hungarian people…’ that should have been in the past tense?

      1. GingerlyColors 3 Jan 2012, 9:56pm

        Past tense, maybe, but I think we should start worrying if the Jobbik Party starts to have some clout in the Hungarian Parliament. When it comes to the progress of gay rights for every two steps forward there is sometimes a step back. Constitutions can and do change and hopefully the gay marriage ban will be reversed. Don’t forget we cannot get married here either.

        1. “….Don’t forget we cannot get married here either.”

          Such a rubbish argument in defence of Hungarian govenment’s homophobia

          1. GingerlyColors 4 Jan 2012, 9:20am

            But then there are not many countries where we can get married. As for government homophobia in Hungary, I much rather be in Budapest right now than Kampala, Uganda where they want to hang us. Although gay marriages are now unconstitutional there has been no mention of scrapping registered partnerships – a form of civil union. There are lots of worse countries than Hungary.

  3. This makes an even stronger case for the EU to stop sitting on the fence by saying that ithis is an internal matter for respective member states. It shouldn’t be. Human rights, and I consider civil marriage a human right as well it should be, should NEVER be put to public referenda or contracted to exclude one specific group of people. Hungary is an overwhelmingly staunch catholic country like Poland where religion plays a large role in daily and political life. I’d like to see MEPs pushing to make this a civil rights issue across the EU and amending the laws governing membership.

    1. GingerlyColors 3 Jan 2012, 10:00pm

      As well as the Italian dog, how many other dogs is the Vatican tail wagging? Maybe a requirement for EU or Council of Europe membership should be a complete separation of church/mosque from state – as in Turkey.

  4. Bill (Scotland) 3 Jan 2012, 7:54pm

    Remind me why Hungary and a number of other eastern-European countries were ever permitted to join the EU?

    1. …so xenophobes like you could pose stupid questions like that

      1. Dave North 4 Jan 2012, 9:25am


      2. Bill (Scotland) 4 Jan 2012, 12:32pm

        You know nothing about me you idiot; whatever I may be I am not a ‘xenophobe’. For the record, whilst I supported the adhesion of some of the eastern European nations, three in particular of the 10 I would have preferred to have kept out (Hungary, Slovakia and Poland) because of their policies towards their Romany and and/or homosexual citizens, without proper guarantees to ensure better behaviour. Some of the others were/remain pretty suspect, too. Now go back beneath the rock you crawled out of “fry”.

        As for what later commenter David wrote, I would on balance tend to agree, however unpalatable the current situation.

    2. To stop them falling into post-Communist dictatorship of course. This new constitution is a setback, but the EU could have ended up with 12 countries modeled on Belarus or Kazakhstan on its borders. Things could be much much worse for all involved. I for one am glad the EU acted quickly for once.

  5. Disgusting, that’s all I have to say.

  6. No disgrace – just dislike of homosexuals.

    1. intelectual stagnation

      1. That imply an intellect to stagnate. Rich was born with mental health issues and sever learning difficulties.

        1. Possibly true, but in this post he spells better than “both” of you.

          1. Tony Lambert 4 Jan 2012, 2:30pm

            Obsession with spelling rather than the content is typical of those void of an opinion. Grow up.

          2. @ Mathair, Rich’s spelling “superiority” does not imply validity of statement. The above comment already told you to grow up. I tend to agree…..

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Jan 2012, 12:49pm

      When are you coming out of that ugly dark closet and why are you spending so much time on a gay site? What is your obsession with us? Explanation please?

  7. Excellent. A country that does not bow down to the demands of homosexuals. UK Listen up!!

    1. Which demands are you referring to, the demand to be able to commit your life to someone whom you love? The demand to have children and raise them and show them unconditional love, the demand that perhaps we pay our taxes and contribute to society like heterosexuals do?
      possibly we demand to stop being attacked in the street because we may love someoneof the opposite sex or both sexes?

      Seriously those opinions belong in the dark ages and with judeo-christian religions, why should people who are attracted to the opposite sex not be treated equally, when we contribute to society just like a heterosexual person/couple ?

    2. Hi Mik

      Do you still beat your wife?

  8. radical53 4 Jan 2012, 1:03am

    I also question that a EU country is allowed to do this. What about the EU charter/ constitution for equality and anti-discrimination.

    Some Eastern Bloch countries who don’t abide the EU rules should not be allowed to join.

  9. So how is this constitution to be challenged.

    It clearly contravenes human rights and cannot stand.

    Such a pity Hungary as a country has failed so pathetically in this regard.

    Budapest needs to be removed as a holiday destination from those of us who live in civilized countries.

    1. Well there are a number of options that I can see that are worth considering ….

      Firstly, referral to the European Court of Human Rights – of which Hungary are members and are expected in all legislation to comply with human rights …

      Secondly, diplomatic pressure (whilst some of this may be uncomfortable for the EU – they should first express their grave concerns about Hungary’s decision and state that Hungary must resolve this otherwise face EU and other sanctions – including (if necessary) suspension or expulsion from the EU).

      Thirdly, UN pressure possibly including resolution …

      Fourthly, supporting those within Hungary who oppose this dilution of human rights (which whilst marked against LGBT people are also diluted for heterosexuals eg lack of press freedom etc).

      Fifthly, exposure of the idiocy of the policy in the international media …

      1. keith farrell 4 Jan 2012, 11:45am

        good idea, how about we get all the LGBT groups to join a class action via the EU against this country, and lets make the EU liable for any hurt we suffer from a member state that does not give us our rights

  10. Ryan Hardal 4 Jan 2012, 8:53am

    This is a wake up call to the EU. That a member state can ratify a constitution that has intolerance and a blocking of civil rights written explicitly into it, is simply disgusting. EU, where are you? Can you not, now when you’re needed most, stand up for the rights of all Europeans?

  11. About 70% of Hungarians are Christian and of those about 54% are Catholic, pretty much explains where the anti-gay sentiment comes from

    Psychologists say, “There is no empirical evidence that supports the denial of marriage rights to people in same-sex relationships,” “differentiation based on sexual orientation is an expression of prejudice.”

  12. keith farrell 4 Jan 2012, 11:32am

    wow, I step forward and a hundred steps backwards, this is one place I will never go now. I dont know how any country can be part of the EU and still denigh us our rights, maybe this EU is just another stupid joke played by politics against the people.

    1. How many people can’t spell deny? Not many I would guess.

      1. Tony Lambert 4 Jan 2012, 2:32pm

        Oh grow up you muppet.

      2. *rolls eyes* Another goose with delusions of being a primary school teacher on an internet site. Really, if it bothers you that much, just leave. Win Win.

      3. David Myers 6 Jan 2012, 8:26am

        Keith farrell’s intent is very clear and agreeable who cares about a spelling error! Maybe you just disagree with his comments and have no successful arguments to make against it so you resort to a form of ad hominum argument (attack the author not their arguments). Pathetic.

  13. It would be helpful if articles like this gave some analysis and background how such a thing came to be passed, for example whether it was a result of lobbying by certain religious groups, mega churches etc.

  14. A comment article by PN should be published.

  15. Tony Lambert 4 Jan 2012, 2:57pm

    Bad publicity for Hungary, and they have no one else to blame but themselves.

    Articles like this are common place, and will damage Hungary’s reputation and standing.

  16. Homosexuals are NOT equal to Heterosexuals, therefore they should not be treated the same.

    1. Think you’re brave spouting that small minded crap on a gay site under the comfort of anonymity, do you? A real hero, Mik.

      Pity the likes of you are a dying breed in civilised countries….

    2. As ever trolls are weak people with inflated ego’s who should be ignored …
      however, it is funny to laugh at them …

    3. And you are a retarded idiot

  17. No visit to Budapest, then. There are other beautiful places to visit where our rights are protected

  18. please add name e-mail to my submitted comment – i can’t get my comment back and it is too long to retype

  19. The new Hungarian Constitution is a symbol of a nation that because of 50years of foreign occupation and many more years before that has not learned to govern itself. The Gyurcsanyi government was dishonest and based on the communist views of Marxist sympatizers. The Deak government has flipped entirely to the other side. It is based on the dictatorial power of the old monarchists and religous fanatics. These polititians govern by their ideology, greed and neuroses. Unfortunately Hungary presents a terrible face to the West who think that all their prejudices against her are justified.

    It is sad that since Hungary has regained its freedom it has not developed an acceptable government, it has not found the leaders that Hungary could be proud of. Hopefully the current unrest will change this.

  20. Oh dear, Hungary you have just created rather a lot problems for yourselves. Silly people, going backwards rather than forwards.

  21. katie MUrphy - ex cath family 20 Mar 2012, 4:26am

    this is all about the pope who grew up in national socialist germany.

    And in 2009 UNexcommunciated bishop williamson, a holocaust denier

    The western world should remove from the face of the earth the vatican.

    the cause of the 1000 year dark ages.

    the cause of the christian crusades that murdered 10s of millions of muslims, no wonder now they have their own fanatics.

    the cause of the hatred of Jews, which AH, a catholic apparently still not excommunciated, threw gays and 6 million Jews into the ovens.

    A few trucks filled etc would remove the wests version of Islam from the world.

  22. Jock S. Trap 4 Jan 2012, 6:35am

    Ever heard of specsavers, love?

  23. GingerlyColors 4 Jan 2012, 9:24am

    Sorry love, this is a gay site. I am also on the market for a man.

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