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Gay rights activist and charity founder receive MBEs in New Year Honours

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Reader comments

  1. It is a shame that this excellent honours list is soured by the knighthood to George Gale MP, an extreme homophobe with a dire voting record on gay rights issues.

    1. And the gang member preddie who’s cousin killed damalola taylor. he gets an mbe for behaving like a civilized human being

      1. No, he gets his gong for turning his life around and making a positive difference to our society.

        At 16 he was a troubled youth, from a background you probably cound not comprehend. He was mixed up in cannabis and other petty crime. When a relative was killed he looked at his life, and while still a child, and realised there was a better way, and he took it. Since then he’s focussed on charity work and helping other young people away from crime.

        That is admirable in one so young who didn’t have the start in life that many of us do and certainly faced more challenges than most.

        Yes, his cousins killed Damilola Tayor. NOT HIM!

        Perhaps if you behaved like a decent human being James, you’d get an award too?

        1. HA HA

          I grew up not far from him. My parents hated me my brother raped me. I got bullied at school and had to fight my way onto a job and still got anti Gary rubbish. I was homeless for a while and had to asleep with men to get a place to sleep. that guy is doing what he should have done on the first place. all that mbe has done is given thugs acareer path
          prison is like university to them and they get rewarded for bad behavior. there are people mugging and robbing today who know when they get to old they can become a mentor cause they have street cred. And the muppets like you back them up. when you live with the t thugs you may think differently

          1. James!, it almost sounds as though you’re saying there’s no merit in turning your back on gang culture and trying to make it easier for others to do so, and I’m sure you can’t mean that.

  2. Congratulations Jeff, richly deserved recognition. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for us on this wee sod.

  3. At last! an award solely for services to the gay community!

    This is a mile stone in it’s self.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2012, 2:32pm

    Excellent! Well done to both men and congratulations.

  5. Mr Dudgeon, You have always been a hero to me anyway, but I love that you get recognition for all your brave efforts that made my life as a Gay man in Belfast so much easier. Well done, be very proud of yourself.

  6. Congratulations – truly deserved awards

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