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Elton John confirms plans for “surreal” biopic

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Reader comments

  1. Justin Timberlake to play Reg?

    Surreal indeed.

    If there is a biopic of Reg Dwight then I think the actor that plays Tyrone on Coronation Street bears a far closer resemblance to Reg than Timberlake does.

    The biopic could be interesting – especially if it deals honestly with Reg’s obsession with money and his ability to take a cheque no matter how disgusting the source (Reg was the wedding singer for homophobic extremist Rush Limbaugh; and he also repeated played in South Africa during the Apartheid era there.)

  2. Jock S. Trap 3 Jan 2012, 11:13am

    Justin Timerlake? Please… don’t make me laugh!!!

    Mmm not convinced and wouldn’t watch it but hey ho!

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2012, 1:21pm

    Really, who cares about Elton John? The same Elton John who opposed marriage equality in the UK saying that CPs were sufficient. it will be interesting to find out how he reacts, if at all, once the consultation begins in March.

    1. He’ll probably be performing at the birthday party for Robert Mugabe.

      (Joking – Mugabe couldn’t afford him. Although make no mistake, considering Reg Dwight’s complete lack of conscience where his money is sourced then he absolutely would perform for Mugabe if the price was right).

      1. You’re probably right about that. People will do anything for money, including Elton John even at the expense of harming gay people. The fact that he performed (musically of course) for RushLimbaugh, one of America’s vicious hard-line right-wing bigoted homophobic republicans speaks volumes. Limbaugh by the way is currently supporting Rick Santorum who wants to invalidate same-sex marriage if he were ever elected which thankfully will NEVER happen. Elton John should be ashamed of himself.

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