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Stephen Fry named 2011’s most influential Tweeter in LGBT life

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Reader comments

  1. Good, It’s nice to see who just isn’t a walking stereotype or just wants good pr get the title.

  2. I love Stephen Fry so am happy with that result :)

  3. Cambodia Guesthouse 31 Dec 2011, 2:21pm

    Yes… agreed… Well done Stephen!

  4. Rodent Terni 31 Dec 2011, 2:34pm

    He’s a very good ambassador !

  5. Good result for Stephen to come out on top! A splendid person to win – amusing and passionate man!

    Some interesting choices in the top 50, many of whom were worthy of the accolade!

  6. Do these people really “influence”?

  7. Good to ear !!

  8. A great representative, very pleased with that result.

  9. I recall Stephen Fry once said marriage equality wasn’t important –

    Has he changed his mind since 2009?

    1. Just because he may not agree with many of us on one issue – does not mean he is a poor ambassador ..

      We have to learn to understand that whilst there is a clear goal of what we seek in terms of rights – that not everyone who is LGBT will necessarily agree with each and every part of the goal …

      1. I merely asked a question. Thank you for your reply which indicates that you believe he hasn’t changed his mind. Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

        1. I do not know whether or not he has “changed his mind” ….

          I remain convinced (whether Fry feels marriage equality is or is not important) that he is a strong and passionate ambassador for LGBT people.,..

          For the record, I passionately support equal marriage and if Stephen does not support it then I disagree with his stance – but nonetheless that does not stop me from recognising the significant efforts he makes and achieves as an ambassador of LGBT people …

          1. Fry is a misogynist, and has shown significant cowardice on more than one occasion. The fact that, in some circles, he’s thought of as a “national treasure” may be regarded as a plus point.

            In respect of LGBT people, I suggest that equality is one of the most important issues.

  10. A thoroughly decent chap. Bravo Stephen. :)


    (A) just random comments?
    (B) opportunity to converse/debate?

    I search for (B) but only find (A).. You??

    1. bit of a and b

  12. Congratulations Stephen!

    By the way, Lady Gaga is not LGBT – using gays for self-promotion and getting good publicity doesn’t make her LGBT.

    1. Lady Gaga is LGBT. According to Wikipedia Lady Gaga told Rolling Stone magazine that she is bisexual. Also I remember her talking about her relationships to Perez Hilton in a recent documentary on ITV2

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