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Community’s top 50 Twitter users influencing LGBT life in 2011

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Reader comments

  1. You have to be joking. they are all mouthy tw^ts.

  2. i wouldn’t go that far, but few of them influence me much. Far too many American pretty boys/girls really and nobody of substance.

  3. Do these people really “influence”?

    1. Ben Foster 31 Dec 2011, 5:03pm

      Peter Thatchell does. So does Ellen de Generes in a different way. does any other lesbian have a talk show?

      But Russel Tovey, Anthony Cotton, a pair of lightweight TV actors. Neil Patrick Harris, just another bit of eye candy. In what way do they influence anything? Seriously wonder about Fry as No.1. What does he twitter about exactly?

      1. Depends who you are- im influenced a damn sight more by the lovely mr Tovey than by most of the rest of the list..Perez Hilton? Karl Lagerfeld? nope not of any interest to me at all ta!

        1. Ben Foster 1 Jan 2012, 7:14pm

          and what does he influence you to do, exactly? Anything worthwhile?

          1. that depends on your view of worthwhile. Hes an openly gay actor in a very homophobic industry, he plays straight with abandon without world coming to an end, hes not a stereotypical gay man, and like me he has massive ears..big ear pride!

    2. George Takei certainly does. He spoke out quite extensively during Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would have prevented any talk of LGBT issues in schools, by initiating the viral campaign “It’s OK to be Takei,” which suggested people get around the issue by using “Takei” instead of “gay.”

  4. Derren Brown – The Assassin

    Derren manipulates a man into attempting to kill Stephen Fry. Afterwards Derren tells the man what happened –

    Derren Brown: At the moment you will have no memory of this at all, but you just assassinated a national treasure

    Stephen Fry: Yes – you shot me

  5. Tiger In Your Tank 31 Dec 2011, 9:24pm

    This definitely confuses popularity with influence. Its an insult to the genuinely influential people like Peter Thatchell on this list to be mixed in with people who just got a few people to “vote” for them.

  6. Russel Tovey should sue! 49!! Those are patently the ears of a 39 year old.

    Don’t get me started on Cotton being in the list. He shouldn’t even be allowed on TV let alone tinternet.

  7. Spanner1960 1 Jan 2012, 10:41am

    Is there a single one of these people that isn’t a right-on leftie? There isn’t so much as a single moderate amongst them, let alone somebody that actually does anything instead of talking about it it all the time.

  8. To be influential you do not have to be famous like straight people. why are we always following nowadays always trying to fit in? fack twitter the people art the Albert Kennedy trust should be three most influential

  9. Not all of the people on the list influence me … some do …

    Its a but of fun and I quite enjoyed reading through the list and seeing who I agreed with and who I didnt, who I had heard of and who I hadnt, who I follow on twitter and who I dont ….

    Perhaps its not surprising that those who are more right wing are less influential on LGBT issues (as some right wingers seem not to care about issues such as homophobic bullying) …

  10. carrie baker 1 Jan 2012, 6:22pm

    The people in this nations Focus from now on must be civil rights and human rights and actions against crimes against humanity, Never again letting false prophets and bad religions over take and brainwash a society that knows better than to commit sex crimes and pedephilia against others and to violate the people in any organizations turning these people in for their high crimes against children and hate crimes against famiies, our of malice , jealousy and hippocricy, must end, and the crimes committed by religions down thur times and now have been horrindius and the wars and kos of of the wicked men an women greedy after power to abuse others , they must be uncovered and stopped from now own, the focus all famiies gay and hetero, livings civilized none violent lives and not harrassing anyone, and those that due , to be arrested no matter who are what title they carry, across the nations, all the hatemongers must be gone after, and done away with , they must be taken down, for he kids

  11. carrie baker 1 Jan 2012, 6:29pm

    New, in this nation is people stopping and realizing they have been brainwashed and no now that they must take action against those who have terrorized their families out of racism who have comited abuse of discriminations against them out of malilce, The aclu, and lambda lega must take action against all of them, they have a clarion call to humanity, everyone must make history like new york for civil and human rights and equal rights, the gay police , juges and attoreneys and politicians must step up and with a back bone and protect the children youth and adults families rights and well being, by taking action agaianst the hatemongers who are the crime instigators and abu;ser of human rights, the harrassment in schools must end, and all schools sued and fac;ullity fired from now on for letting it arise and doing nothing, the same in coops and organizations, You do not ever let bigots and racists run a nation into the ground like they have been they are the reason for all of the proble

  12. carrie baker 1 Jan 2012, 6:37pm

    All national taskforces must focus on stopping sex trafficking of children and women and anyone, these people need a dating center where they can find nice freinds with back ground checks to keep them from picking up rappest and murders and wife beater , terrorest, for national security of people, under cover rings must be set up for the pimps , the men, bying children for sex ab;use and woomen, they are the only ones who have been harming people physiscally, the detedtive said all exoploited women and children they have able to rescue , have been coming up with serious sexual transmitted deseases by these hetersexual men, almost all of them where positve, desease carriers, over 64% of the people who are men has said to be carrying deseases sexually, all decent people need to be wearing protections in marriages and out, sex is dangerous, not a game, focus MUST BE ON CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND SEX CRIMES AND RACISM AND BIGOTRY, GANSTERS , GANGS, AND RELIGIONS, AND KLANS FORM NOW ON,

    1. Ben Foster 1 Jan 2012, 7:12pm

      Carrie, are you trying to be most influential blogger of 2012? if so, GET a blog, and try reading and editing your text before posting, to make sure you actually make sense.

      “over 64% of the people who are men has said to be carrying deseases sexually”

      Really, where did you get this information? It’s nonsense. Calm down and try to make a valid point. Preferably one relevant to the thread.

      1. Commander Thor 2 Jan 2012, 1:52pm

        I skip over her posts automatically. I once spoke out against her spamming, but was downvoted by some idiot.

        Heck, now when I read a post that’s not very well written, I tend to check the name in case it’s carrie.

    2. Spanner1960 1 Jan 2012, 7:19pm

      Oh God. Who rattled her cage?

  13. I’m featured on the list, not going to say where for fear of this mob. However, I’m not “popular” I had at the time 790 followers. Hardly star power. I had no idea this thing actually existed, nor did I know I had been nominated. I am glad to be placed though I would like to point out I don’t believe I am influential.

    My point is, how can you judge that none of them (us) are “Nobody of substance” and “Mouthy Twats”? Did you read through every persons tweets? Or are you just making an assumption?

    I agree that there are some people who should not be on the list, more specifically the fact that at least 2 of the top 15 have made jokes about trans before.

    I just wanted to put my point across that maybe some of us are deserving and are in it because we actually care about the LGBT community. Rather than people who just got people to vote for us.

    1. There are plenty of deserving and influencing peeps on the list. But also plenty of nowons and nobodys.

      I need to ask though as this is about brewing influential on twitter not in real world how anyone with only 790 friends is counted??!?!!?

      1. FranklyBewildered 2 Jan 2012, 12:33am

        Does anything anyone says on Twitter really influence anything? The operative word is ‘twit’. This is all a waste of effort.

        1. Fair point to make. This list is influential on Twitter ie not the real world.

        2. I think the likes of Hosni Mubarek would tend to disagree with you…

    2. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 2 Jan 2012, 11:32am

      Ha ha – love the mob, clover – love the mob!!

  14. Michael Mason 2 Jan 2012, 6:10pm

    I think you should try and explain to your readers why you think that a Pink twitter is more important than the news that David Hockney was awarded an Order of Merit in the honours list – the last ‘clean’ honour and which you haven’t even bothered to cover!

  15. Nice to actually see some trans folks in the list this year.

    As she comments on here occasionally – Congrats Christine Burns!

  16. this list of 50 top LGBT only has 39????

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