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US chuch’s “gay nativity scene” vandalised on Christmas Day

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to the Claremont United Methodist Church for being inclusive. What a shame some bigot attacked their display.

  2. Sad irony of life when a church is supportive… and humanity is not!

  3. Great to see a church recognising that LGBT people matter and should be respected and supported …

    Sad to see that society feels that damage is acceptable (whether or not hate motivated – and it appears reasonable to suspect it may be).

    Hopefully the church will continue to be resolute in its commitment to all people

  4. I will be pointing this church out as an example whenever I see one of those ‘christian cult’ comments here.

    It’s such a terrible shame that some idiots can’t leave other people alone to celebrate what they wish!

  5. The vandalized gay nativity scene itself could be a relevant work of art.

  6. The hate crime was most likely committed by Right Wing Christians and Catholics who are militant like the KKK and are training to kill police and take over the America government,

    1. Or like the Reichstag fire, set by Hitler, blamed on communists, it was committed by radicals groups like Queer Nation to further inflame tensions between the Gay and Hetero community

  7. The depressing reality of being a modern day religious fundementalist. If their not knocking down wooden structures their doing it verbally and physically to the LGBT communities around the world. Look at the dreadful situation in Nigeria with Christians and Muslims in raging battes. What has religion come to in this age? So glad i’m not a believer or follower of any faith! Its all wraped up in opression,greed and war! No thanks!

  8. You’ve spelt “church” wrong lol.

  9. I am absolutely gutted about vandalism but at the same time do not see GLBT’s place alongside nativity scene. It just doesn’t belong there. If we want to use inclusiveness, let’s come up with the alternative. Three Kings could easily be a rich, compassionate, evoluting GLBT members. In a committed threesome if you want to make it more family like. I’d pray to that.

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