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UK trans artist offers to play any pride event in 2012 for free

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  1. I didn’t know who this woman is, so I searched about her, found a link to Daily Mail and read her story. Then I started to cry here in front of the computer screen. I am transgender myself, having discovered some months ago, and she is so beautiful and perfectly-looking that looking at her made me so depressed and scared that I don’t look nearly as beautiful and feminine as her but at the same time hopeful that at 24 years old I am around her age when she started her transition and I don’t look too much different now from how she looked as a man – I am sorry if I sounded too self-centered. So please, make yourselves a favor and read about Chrisie Edkins, it’s such a beautiful story.

    On a lighter note, Chrisie Edkins looks a lot like the Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas (from “Wonderfalls”).

  2. I Don’t know who Caroline Dhaverna is, but I think she looks like a younger Jennifer Saunders (Abfab). She is beautiful both inside and out!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought.

  3. I wish her all the luck – she’s a great person and a great role model not only for trans people, but others as well. And she’s very beautiful!

  4. “If organisers can provide accommodation and transportation”

    lol, yes, I’d like to travel the world attending pride events too. I absolutely agree to attend every single one if the organisers pay for my accomodation and travel!

    1. For one she wouldn’t be able to do her regular job while touring so will loose money not earn. She earned my respect. Not so sure about you. And all the best.

  5. I don’t think it’s a free holiday for her as it is work, if you think it is then you know nothing about performing or being an music artist. Besides if she is travelling all the time how could you say that’s fun non stop hours of flights and/or driving. I like Chrisie, she is doing it for the right reasons and I love what she is doing. You go girl! Love from Manchester x

  6. I wish her good luck! I hope she does it, Listened to her music and I love it. Added her on facebook she seem nice too. What else can I say.

  7. Michelle Keenton 1 Jan 2012, 7:11am

    Get her to do World Pride in London this year, would love to see a good uk trans performer shake things up.


    1. Unlikely – Pride London’s organisers only ever employ the same old same old entertainers. The chances of them breaking the mould for 2012 are about the same as pigs flying!

  8. Watched a few of her video not only well spoken but finally a good role model for the trans folk in the UK. If she is at a Pride near me you can count me in, I would not miss it for the world.

  9. I can’t wait for the day they change the artist and have someone like Chrisie, if we all email them at least a few might contact her. Go girl!

  10. czesc ta parada jest naprawde fajna bardzo fajnie bylo by zobaczyc krysie na tej lgbt paradzie poniewaz zawaliscie spiewa musi byc w polsce by kazdy mogl i powinien ja zobaczyc i zlaszccza ulsyszec :))

  11. what a bunch of morons you all are … how many artistes out there do you think volunteer to do the same thing? It’s called “building a profile” all respect to her for using the “trans card” to make her way in the world but she may as well audition for X Factor. On another note is this “news even pink news? I don’t think so.

  12. Pink Pride 4 Jan 2012, 9:10am

    nice of you to call all the readers “bunch of morons” for there own opinion. I don’t think you get why she is doing this. Its not the use the “trans card” and not to get exposure its to stand up for what right. Yes I know other artists do the same thing, thats a good thing. But I would say that as an artist myself if she paid work normally like I do why otherwise would she do this for free. I know ALOT of artists get paid a fee to do prides. Also on another note, all that travelling with no pay and a daughter she will not see, I think you blind!! Go be negative on a different story. Thumbs up to all that support her!

  13. And by the way, Chrisie, please come to Brazil to the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade (some say it’s the biggest gay pride parade in the world), I would like to ask you for an autograph, if it is not a nuisance to you.

  14. If she comes to Nottingham Pride, I’d happily put her up in my place and be a chauffeur. My trans-daughter would love to meet someone successful who’s been through what she’s struggling with.

    1. Angela Barker 5 Jan 2012, 4:15pm

      Hello, did you know about Re-Creation the Trans group who meet every weds in Notts, Im the Chair of notts Pride am in talks with Chrissie, we have a trans area this year arranged by the Trans group they have everything they need including a budget for acts hope your daughter can come join us this year, if she hasn’t been before

      1. Angela Barker 5 Jan 2012, 4:17pm

        and I might take you up on the offer of chauffeur lol

  15. Chrisie Edkins 5 Jan 2012, 12:23am

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and understanding my mission. I would be extremely happy to perform at all your Pride’s. If anyone wants to help by contacting any committee or organizers I would appreciate all the help. As for autographs I be honoured.

    1. Angela Barker 5 Jan 2012, 4:16pm

      sorry Chrisie just realised put 2 s’s in your name on reply above

      1. Chrisie Edkins 5 Jan 2012, 6:31pm

        no problem Angela, most people do lol

  16. I know Chrisie personally and from the very first moment i met her i knew she would be there for me and a friend for life. I adore the fact that she is willing to put her own life on hold to do what is right for her gender. as a Trans woman she has been put through the mill and has had many problems but she has not let this deter her from leading a normal life and bringing up a gorgeous and very well balanced daughter. If you out there who think it is wrong have a problem then just take a look at other issues going on in the world today and you will see that chrisie is not only trying to entertain people but also spread the message that is is ok to be who you are and not have to worry what is going to be thrown at you or who is going to shout obsenities at you accross the road. I also know Chrisie is wiling to chat to anyone going through the same Transgender issues as her if you add her on facebook.

  17. Come to Minneapolis please!

    1. Chrisie Edkins 9 Feb 2012, 9:15pm

      Sure if the Pride committee contact me and ask me. I will :)

  18. ChrisieEdkins 9 Feb 2012, 9:18pm

    Thank you everyone so far who have supported me, please if you know anyone at all that would help spread the word please forward my website details thank you x

  19. She looks amazing!! I’ve just passed this news link to a few Gay Pride organisers I know!

  20. Bella Trix 8 Aug 2012, 7:14pm

    whatever, the Chrisie I personnaly knew most of my life was always so anti-gay and always took the piss and was a bully. its just so cliche now to see him the way he is now its a joke. Yeah, he may be a wonder woman now in all your eyes, but I lost all respect for Chrisie years ago. I just wish he`d t stop trying to be a martyr for all LGBT people when things in the past contradict what he is trying to do now. Its all for attention and popularity people! open your eyes!

    1. Bella Trix 8 Aug 2012, 7:31pm

      P.s. Anyone can buy a pair of factory made plastic tits, but it does`nt make them a woman

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