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Kelly Clarkson defends Ron Paul backing amid newsletter controversy

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 30 Dec 2011, 4:41pm

    I do believe people can change their opinions and i’m not going to ignore everything he’s said and voted for in the last few years and call him homophobic because of a pamphlet he wrote in the early 90s. His economic policies (abolish what little welfare there is and give huge tax cuts to the rich) and views on women’s reproductive rights should be enough to put anyone off.
    I still love Kelly Clarkson though.

  2. All of which begs the question, why on earth would Ron Paul permit a newsletter to go out under his name without proof-reading it first?
    At best it’s incompetent to have someone else put homophobic words in your mouth in your campaign literature and send it to print and at worst (and far more likely) it’s disingenuous.
    Neither possibility makes him look like a credible presidential candidate.

    1. After the his 1988 LP Presidential run Ron went back to being a practicing physician and that was his priority until he decided to run for Congress again. I believe he put too much trust in friends who told him that he could earn some extra money by letting them put out some newsletters in his name. His great crime was trusting friends who failed him. To his credit he has refused to point any fingers at them even though I suspect he knows who was responsible for the inclusion, if not the actual writing, of the offensive material.

  3. Kelly Clarkson has just gone down a few notches in my book, not because it looks like she passively supports anti-gay rubbish but because she is a Republican. And also does not appear to know what she is talking about. Stupid woman.

    1. neither does the politician by the sounds of it!

  4. The “black/white/purple/orange rights” quote tells me she really isn’t taking this seriously. As well as the “not imposing gay marriage on other people” part. How do you impose marriage on other people?!

    1. David Myers 3 Jan 2012, 11:28pm

      She’s just identified herself as another simpleton twit who’s drinking the tea-party coolaid.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Dec 2011, 5:45pm

    Ron Paul is a fraud. He has NEVER said he believes or supports same-sex marriage from a personal view. What he does it get around it by saying the Civil Libertarian party supports it. That said, his party which is really another republican party under a different name supports states who legislate to ban same-sex marriage. So under his deeply flawed policy, among others, none of the 31 states where it is banned would ever repeal it which means there will NEVER be marriage equality in all 50 states and not even at the federal level by leaving it to each state to decide. Kelly Clarkson clearly doesn’t read much but like many republicans, relies on sound bites for information, low information at that, but then that’s what the republican party is all about. Fooling the people all of the time.

  6. Ron Paul voted to repeal don’t ask don’t tell:

    Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign manager was also one of his closest friends. He was gay and died of pneumonia. Here is Ron Paul’s public eulogy:

    The MSM even tried to use Ken’s death as a political operation to say Ron Paul lets people without healthcare die. Ron Paul never used Ken’s death as a political weapon, he has too much class.

    Ron Paul: Secret Homophobe or Misunderstood Ally?

    Ron Paul defends ban on federal government to have any say in marriage rights even though he is getting attacked for it:

    Ron Paul calls Bradley Manning a patriot when many in the media have called him a traitor

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a treasonous offense. Please do not let the same media who deceived all of us on WMD’s deceive the gay community or any community, especially about someone so dedicated to every sector of humanity like Dr. Ron Paul.

    God bless Kelly Clarkson and Dr. Ron Paul for their defense of liberty for everyone no matter their race, sex, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Dec 2011, 8:05pm

      Really? Your Ron Paul defends the rights of states to ban gay people from marrying! If he’s so against the federal government having any say in marriage rights, why did he get married and why is he enjoying the 1134 rights and privileges that come only at the federal level? If he really believes in what he says, then why doesnt he divorce his wife and give up his federal rights? He’s a hypocrite and no friend of LGBT people. He wants it both ways, but in the real world, that doesn’t happen. His utopian view of America and the world is just that, utopian, unrealistic. Playing both sides in the marriage equality debate is nothing more than pandering to disillusioned gay republicans and some democrats. The fact that he supports DOMA in states that so legislate is disgusting and offencive.

    2. I just saw a scene with him in, in Bruno, when Sasha Baron Cohen tried to entrap him in a compromising position in a hotel room. He got quite annoyed and said the word queer a lot.

  7. Why the frack would anyone give a rat’s backside what this brainless bimbo has to say about anything?

    1. Why would anyone with a modicum of taste be interested in her. I have occasionally had the displeasure of enduring her whiney voice somewhere and her view on this topic as of her music is instantly forgettable as she has nothing of worth creatively or otherwise to contribute.

      1. I thought they were talking about Kelly Rowlands till I saw the picture.

        1. Kelly rowland’s music is just as forgettable , all i really know of her is that she was beyonce’s backing singer.

  8. Sorry, but who exactly is Kelly Clarkson, and should I care who she votes for?

  9. You can’t legislate morality…

    Interviewer: How would your faith shape the way you approach social issues, such as same-sex marriage?
    Ron Paul: Biblically and historically, the government was very uninvolved in marriage. I like that. I don’t know why we should register our marriage to the federal government. I think it’s a sacrament. I think it should be biblical, and politically I don’t like to fight with people who disagree with me, as long as they don’t force their views on me. So for that reason, I think the real solution to some of this argument is to have less government, rather than government dictating and forcing understanding on different people. I don’t think much can be achieved. As I mentioned in my talk, Christ doesn’t come and beg and plead for more laws. He pleads for more morality, and I think that’s very important.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2011, 1:22pm

      FYI, in case you aren’t aware, CIVIL marriage is NOT a sacrament. You need to attend one and you will find no religious component associated with it or mandate to procreate. It’s a right bestowed at the state level in America; state governments issue marriage licences. How else would one get the benefit of the 300-400 state government rights and privileges without it? You have to pay for licences, revenue that the state earns, and how would one access the 1134 rights conferred at the federal level? All that nonsense about less government is a utopian fantasy. If you people don’t like big government involved in marriage or anything else for that matter, then don’t marry or divorce your partners if you don’t want federal and state rights and privileges. I notice republicans of all persuasions including civil libertarians have no problem pouring limitless amounts of big government money into the military industrial complex for defence without any complaint about excessive spending.

  10. We would love to have you come to the and join in our discussions!
    Defending Ron Paul: Gays, Lesbians, and Marriage
    LGBT Coming Out for Ron Paul, the Anti-Bullying Candidate,
    Paul’s Position on Gay Marriage

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2011, 1:28pm

      He’s an idiot.. He also supports DOMA in states that want to legislate it. He’ll NEVER be president, thankfully. He can’t have it both ways, either you are for marriage equality or you’re not. He never once campaigned in the six states that allow it to show support or make any public announcements condemning the opponents, not one. Where was he on Proposition 8 in Callifornia, where was he when Maine overturned it and why hasn’t he signed on to the Respect for Marriage bill authored by the Democrats? He’s a fraud and you’re delusional if you think he’s for full equality for LGBT people.

      1. He’s for decentralization and letting the states make up their own mind as the constitution mandates.

  11. I bought 15 of her CDs and everything she has on iTunes; and I don’t even listen to her music.

    Clarkson aligned herself with the one candidate who has been able to raise $6 million in one day. In his last fundraiser, he raised $4 million+ in one weekend.

    Ron Paul 2012

  12. Coffee Drinker 31 Dec 2011, 4:10am

    Kelly, whatever her name is, should restrict her voting to American Idol, along with the majority of the uninformed, uneducated American Public. How can anyone say they support gay, women’s or minority rights, yet call themselves a Republican.

  13. Kelly , you get Repect from people ,without even earning it ,just because you’re an Singer .

    What have you ever done in your life ,that you had to fight for ?

    No Respect for you at all .

  14. Keith Sitges 31 Dec 2011, 12:01pm

    Amazing how these women in America seem to blindly follow a political party because that was what daddy always did. I spotted it on Real Housewives, their ignorance is unbelievable.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2011, 3:08pm

      And many of them do as their husbands do just to be a good wife and supportive of their spouses. How sad is that? Many of the right wingers believe only what they hear from sound bites on right wing slanted radio and tv channels. They read very little I might add.

    2. You seem to have missed the point somewhat, it’s not just women who follow the lead of their families and vote republican. Some people seem to view political parties as sports teams and blindly follow them throughout their lives.

  15. Staircase2 1 Jan 2012, 2:33am

    …”pretty sure”….?!


  16. P.F.Regan 1 Jan 2012, 3:16am

    I mis-read this headline as Ru Paul’s bid for Republication nomination, I’m a bit dissapointed now.

  17. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Kelly Clarkson.

  18. So we should all vote Obama, right pinknews?
    Ron Paul is the only viable option for president, and this racism and homophobia stuff has been proved to be hyperbole time and time again.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jan 2012, 9:02pm

      ged, we’re Brits, not Americans, so we can’t vote for Obama. So tell us, which of the republican candidates is going to promote and support gay equality? Don’t give us that clown Ron Paul. He hasn’t even one bill prepared for that. His party supports DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) if states so legistlate while at the same time supports marriage equality. He’s NEVER personally declared support for the latter. He even supports voters who want to overturn it in states where ballot referenda are allowed to do just that. He’s a laughing stock with an utopian fantasy policy that will NEVER see fruition, thankfully.

      He thinks its fine that young working people in America who choose not to buy health insurance, the only country that does not have universal health care for its people. if they become seriously ill and seek medical care. How can you support any republican who doesn’t believe that health care is a basic right whether one is “covered” or not? Can you enlighten us on this side of the pond, how an American who has lost his or her job, home, personal savings etc, would get access to health care in your country? Ron Paul has NO solution and nor do any republicans. While I’m at it, why are any republicans using Social Security and Medicare? Why aren’t those republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate not declining their big government health benefits and generous pensions for life once they retire, the big government they hate so much?

      1. Ron Paul doesn’t support gay marriage, that’s true, but he doesn’t enforce his will in the population, he actually wants the people to decide on a state level. If you don’t like it you can vote with your feet. eventually all states will legalize gay marriage, drugs etc… because it’s ecnomically beneficial with a president that’s anti-lobbyist.

        Universal health care is rare economically viable,and without corporate insurance companies in america being able to maintain a monopoly competition in a free market will drive down prices for everyone. Health care is a basic human right, it can just be handled cheaper and more effectively by competing businesses than by a state (or state sponsored) monopoly. You’ll find that Ron Paul isn’t completely against government hand outs like most libertarians, and actually plans to increase some hand outs by redirecting huge portions of money to it from america’s military-industrial complex. There’s no big difference between repubs and dems now.

        1. Funding of healthcare is, as you suggest, difficult, and has no easy answer, but I don’t agree with your points above. Many drugs in the US have their prices hyped right up and cost double or even triple what they do elsewhere. In theory, ‘competing businesses’ sounds good, but I think the competition may be less than one’d hope…

          Never mind economics though – what about results? The US doesn’t rank highly here:

          And the life expectancy in the US is lower than many other developed countries.

          There’s no perfect answer, but I wouldn’t be as hasty as you to write off some form of universal healthcare as being the best and most humane system.

          Sorry – not LGBT but something I personally care about.

  19. Sorry, Kelly who?

  20. This article is so full of misinformation it’s disgusting. I don’t have the time or the energy to try to correct all of the misstatements. I’ll correct just one. Ron Paul has NEVER supported marriage equality for gay couples. Every other claim made here about his “libertarian” positions are very much exaggerated. Paul is a cafeteria libertarian whose libertarian views become scarce when it comes to gay people’s rights.

  21. Samuel B. 2 Jan 2012, 9:14pm

    The mainstream media is controlled by the ruling elite, and they are petrified that Ron Paul is making enormous gains in the critical state of Iowa and are out to destroy his name come what may.

    Paul is the only real candidate to get America out of the “same sh*t, different hole” mentality of recent White House incumbents who have financially run the American economy into the ground with their manufactured wars.

    Has anyone posting these hostile candidates actually seen Ron Paul being interviewed about his intentions if he makes it to the White House?

    Now, that would be real changer for the better, unlike the small words promised by sock puppet Obama and the psycho nutjobs who preceded him and who are lining up to usurp him.

  22. Anyone doubting the US has an honest, independent media ought to be asking why none of the mainstream media covered President Obama’s recent signing into legislation of “the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law that grants the U.S. military the “legal” right to conduct secret kidnappings of U.S. citizens, followed by indefinite detention, interrogation, torture and even murder – all conducted completely outside the protection of law, with no jury, no trial, no legal representation and not even any requirement that the government produce evidence against the accused. It is a system of outright government tyranny against the American people, and it effectively nullifies the Bill of Rights.”

    Learn more:

  23. That stupid woman Kelly Clarkson.

    If she supports ANY Republican then she is supporting a neo-fascist, homophobic extremist of the most sickening kind.

    Ron Paul is a bigot.

    Kelly Clarkson is a complete fool.

    I guess she wants to lose her considerable lesbian audience, because that’s exaxctly what the brainless little idiot has just done.

    Kelly Clarkson is a stupid. uneducated, moronic wench.

  24. He’s got bizarre views, he’s not a friend of gays and moreover, he’s 76 years old. Does Kelly Clarkson really think out of all the millions of US citizens this elderly man is the right one for the job? He’d be 80 at the end of his first term – love to see him bounding up the steps of Air Force One, flying halfway round the world and taking on disarmament talks with the Chinese…

    Talk about bite the hand that feeds you Kelly. Trainee divas soon find out that if you shout about aligning yourself with people who don’t like gays, then gays will stop buying your music and you become a has been (or a never was). Just sayin’.

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