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Video: US sets Hillary Clinton’s landmark UN speech to music

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Reader comments

  1. Nick M Duffy 29 Dec 2011, 12:32pm

    Can’t wait for the techno remix

  2. I hope all State Governors, Legislators and Presidential hopefuls are on the circulation list.

    What better place to set an example than your own country!

  3. LadyFerry Truthsayer 29 Dec 2011, 1:32pm

    I don’t believe a word the occult-loving globalist bitch has to say! there are alterior motives behind this charade, and that is to get the votes of gays and lesbians behind their totalitarian agenda. Don’t fall for it boys and girls because we (gays. lesbians and transsexuals) would be first in the gas chambers if they had half the chance. It’s all hollow rhetoric, avoid this nasty bitch and her cue-cards like the plague.

    1. You’re an idiot!!!

  4. Amazingly, it looks like she delivered the entire 30 minute speech from memory.

    This is a link to the entire video and transcript of the speech. I don’t see a teleprompter in the distant shot of the room or any suggestion of her looking down at a text or flipping pages, though she carried notes with her when she left the podium..

  5. Great to be reminded of the stunning and evocative speech that Clinton made.

    This is the time for all nations to decide whether they want to be on the right side of history, or not …

    This is the time for politicians to show bravery and lead by example and be on the side of humanity.

    This is the time – in fact it should have happened before now – but society is catching on to this now and will not let accept anything other than equality, fairness, transparency, humanity, integrity …

  6. This speech will forever be a source of edification and inspiration.

    And this video captures the essence of it.

  7. She did a fantastic job.

  8. You’re an idiot!!

    1. Sorry….first time posting. This was meant as a reply to LadyFerry Truthsayer.

      1. No probs, Maggie

        LadyFerry certainly is an idiot(to my perspective)

        Hope to see more posts from you!

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