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Trans teenager pleads guilty to £2,500 Katie Price identity theft

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Reader comments

  1. This was funny, it just goes to show you how unsecure banks really are and it makes a change from the banks robbing us for a change.

    On a different note, although she broke the law, I’d offer her a job in a heartbeat, purely on the audacity and innovation to pull this off, it showed great attitude, confidence, planning and guts.

    Obviously, she did the crime and has to do the time, if she can do someting like that when she is focuse, imagine what she could achieve for a company in a legitamate workplace!!!

    Who said youngsters of today had no initiative?

    1. Surely, it just goes to show that Katie Price now looks like a man who has had a sex-change operation. Katie Price (especially when she appears as “Jordan”) barely looks human – she looks like a pantomime dame. She herself has admitted that “Jordan” was such a fake construction, that for years Katie Price could walk down the street and no-one would recognise her. A friend who worked at the BBC said the same thing of Joan Collins – she arrived for a TV interview one day and no-one would believe this decepit, saggy old woman was Joan Collins. An hour in the make-up department, high heels, and a wig, and voila… pantomime dame.

      1. Joe. There is no such thing as a sex change operation, no onecan change their sex. You woud have known this if you were intelligent enough to do some research on Transsexuality, but you didn’t soo that speaks volumes.
        What you meant to say was Gender Realignment Surgery, which realigns your physical gender with your mental gender, which is the only known way Gender Dysphoria / Transexuality can be countered to some extent.

        The fact that you say Katie Price now looks like a man, is completely false, which men have you been looking at, the last time I saw a man, he didn’t have huge breasts, tanned skin and lucious lips and long blonde hair.

        At the end of the day your Transphobia is clear in the statement you had written, perhaps if you spent 6 monthsliving with a Transperson, you would understand the pain, torture and living hell we go through each day to be accepted by society.

        I woud safely bet that you are a right wing conservative or have stepped forward through time from 1950.

        1. Don’t feed the troll.

          1. FranklyBewildered 29 Dec 2011, 8:36pm

            not so much trollish as just nasty-minded towards women and transgender people alike, I guess when we lose our looks we lose the respect of people like ‘joe’.

  2. However..have you seen a pic of the teenager in question…i would suggest the bank worker may need to invest in some new glasses!!!

  3. I don’t think this person should go to prison. making yourself look like katie price is punishment enough, surely.

    The bank staff should be charged though, with gross incompetence. How can someone access an account that is not theirs, simply by their appearance? I’d like to know more about that aspect of the story.

  4. Another Hannah 29 Dec 2011, 8:32pm

    something very odd about this. publicity stunt? if she was a perfect look alike of jordan this must be the most careless worker I’ve ever heard of.

  5. She does look just like Katie Price in the photo though.

  6. Mista Sista 30 Dec 2011, 12:22am

    You GO girl! That is an awesome boob job. If you can persuade a bank teller to believe that you are KP, then kudos to you! But I’d like to know which bank this involved, so I can avoid them.

  7. Suddenly Last Bummer 30 Dec 2011, 1:04am

    Still, the trans teenager is probably more ‘woman’ than Katie Price.

    1. Who are you to say who is a woman and who isn’t? Misogynist!

  8. OMG, but you’ve gotta laugh haven’t you?

  9. Come to think of it, KP should be flattered that the bank thought that an 18-year old was her!

  10. That picture on the article /is/ KP. The teenager in question looks nothing like her. Pictures on the internet

  11. Blah Blah, serious tone,blah blah,theft is wrong blah……….no,sorry,that was Priceless :)

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