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Interview: Simon Callow on Dickens, Peggy Ramsay and being gay

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Reader comments

  1. Bruce Laidlaw 29 Dec 2011, 10:48pm

    Thank you, Simon! If everyone came out as you did the world would be very different! For the better!

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 30 Dec 2011, 1:06am

    Pfft, if it weren’t for Dickens and Shakepeare Callow wouldn’t have a career, likewise Stephen Fry doing a barely passable imitation of Oscar Wilde for the last 20 years.

    1. How do you know Stephen Fry’s imitation of Oscar Wilde isn’t spot on? How do you know that Simon Callow, in a world without Shakespeare or Dickens wouldn’t have a career in say… Eastenders???

    2. Four Weddings isn’t Shakespeare, not sure if you noticed that! And nor is Doctor Who!!!

  3. I think Simon Callow’s character in Four Weddings and a Funeral was a pivotal moment. I will always associate W H Auden’s poem “Funeral Blues” with the funeral in the film; and Linus Roache’s delivery of it was wonderful.

    1. Linus Roache? wasn’t in it! It was John Hannah in the role of Mathew that delivered the poem. I do agree with you though that It was wonderful and that Simon Callow made his role entertaining with delicious charismatic energy.
      I have yet to find any thing with him in the character list which I have not enjoyed.

  4. Staircase2 1 Jan 2012, 2:54am

    I love Simon Callow :o)
    (not to be confused with ‘Simon Cowell’ of course….lol)

  5. What a wonderful interview! I loved Four Weddings not just because it’s a great film, but because of the positive view of gay life (for want of a word). It showed that there was nothing strange about being gay and that we were no different to anyone else.

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