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The top international LGBT stories of 2011

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  1. paul canning 28 Dec 2011, 7:37pm

    Er, Uganda??

  2. Where is the news stories about how not only are the Catholics and Christians spending millions of dollars all the time to stop gay marriage but they are also working with Christians and Catholics in governments to wage a hidden war against LGBT people, it is a hidden war using psychological warfare and operations on their own citizens. They want to control LGBT people and use the Christian religion along with psychiatry to “covert” LGBT people from being gay. You know for a fact the Christians are using it in their “ex gay therapy” but now they are expanding that insanity into the LGBT community in a hidden war on LGBT people. Some of you are wise and smart enough to know this is true. More people need to know and expose them for this crime against humanity, LGBT people. Educated your self about what the Christians are doing with the ex gay therapy, then expand that to a hidden war on LGBT people in their community. The people who are doing this are insane, be on the alert and fight

  3. Not enough b. Make sure you don’t just say gay/ homosexual if you mean LGB.

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