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Poll claims only 4% of Lithuanians support same-sex civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. This seems to be a feature in eastern European societies that have only recently emerged from the Fascist/Authoritarian dictatorships where traditional religion (and perspectives) were a very important means of survival.

    The perspective will change – after a lot of hard work, so ask the same question in 10 years and see what the result is.

    1. Bill (Scotland) 28 Dec 2011, 5:02pm

      I do love how when negative stories about former ‘Communist/Socialist’ dictatorships are being covered, some joker will instead slip in that they were in fact ‘Fascist/Authoritarian’ regimes – that’s leftie code for ‘Right-wing’ of course, because as all good socialist ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ know, the ‘Left’ can never do wrong ;) I even read earlier this week some leftie Beiling-based reporter writing for a UK-broadsheet that North Korea is in fact a ‘Fascist’, rather than a ‘Stalinist’ (i.e. ‘Socialist’) dictatorship. It’s all part of leftie-NuSpeak and however pedantic I may be accused of being I think flagrant misrepresentations of the kind that people like Coemgenus slip into their comments need to be exposed for the propagada they are.

      Apart from that, of course, I agree that EU membership entails certain human rights standards that all members must adhere to, including those recently-released from socialism and with bigoted religious traditions.

  2. This poll is a pure nonsense. Either it’s wording was wrong, or it was conducted selectively. I can’t imagine what could have happened to 40 % of people to completely change their minds during the last three years or so.

    1. I agree ! But its a very cold place in which to be gay ! . . .a bit the same as the UK . . . oh sorry that should be GB since you’ve left the EU now !

  3. Creepy country :/

  4. Marcel Wiel 28 Dec 2011, 5:28pm

    Suggested new headline:
    Many LGBT Lithuanians don’t support marriage equality shock

  5. I wonder if people in some of these “liberated” countries really value freedom and would be happier in totalitarian states where there is always a big brother to tell them what they can or can’t do all the time. Maybe they feel more secure in that sort of setup? They certainly don’t seem to value freeedom for themselves or others very much.

  6. I’ve heard that people get beaten up in Lithuania if others find out they’re L/G/B/T so this news report (unfortunately) really doesn’t come as a surprise.

  7. As Liz Taylor stated when she returned home in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’, “What a Dump!” That must be Litho!

  8. GingerlyColors 29 Dec 2011, 6:52am

    How accurate are these opinion polls anyway? As the saying goes, there are lies, dammed lies and statistics. This must not distract from the fact that Lithuania along with the other Baltic States still have a game of catch up to play.

  9. I presumeall of these people (in Lithuania and elsewhere) who want to deny any support or recognition to permanant gay relationships also realise that they (logically at least) forfeit any right to criticise gay people for any behaviour that would not be expected from a married couple.

    – You can’t have it both ways.

    But there again logic tends not to be their strong point.

  10. with 10 % minimum gays world wide
    Lithuania is not on planet earth for sure .
    backward bigots

    1. Only a fool or an ideologue believes “1 in 10 are gay”. If that was the case, then every town that had 10 pubs, would have 1 gay pub. Instead, even London with about 50,000 pubs has only about 50 gay bars.

  11. Compare this with Estonia. I was there for the first time last summer, and went inland to visit Tartu, a famous and ancient university city (treated very badly by the communists). The night of my arrival, there was to be an open-air film festival in the city centre. Imagine my surprise when the first film to be shown in this provincial city was a Swedish gay film about two men adopting a child. I was sat behind a row of teenage men, and fully expected them to be abusive, derisory or just leave. Instead, the entire audience sat in rapt attention (there were even people standing during the entire film); they all applauded at the end of the film. Do not judge Estonia by the standards of Lithuania. I can’t imagine a free film-festival in Oxford opening with a foreign gay film, and there being such a civilised response.

  12. So many :Lithuanians are still in thrall to the influence of Catholic Church and it’s anti-gay rhetoric.

  13. George Broadhead 1 Jan 2012, 10:58am

    The population of Lithuania is predominately Roman Catholic (79% according to Wikipedia) whereas
    Estonia is the second least religious country in the world, with 75.7% of the population claiming to be irreligious.

    Draw your own conclusions!

  14. kornelijus norvidas (vilnius,lithuania) 4 Jan 2012, 3:11pm

    Yes, things looks very bad in Lithuania. And this poll is just small part of the story. This year the constitutional ban on every type of same-sex unions will be passed. Conservative-homophob parliamentarians (and this mean by lithuanian standarts – 90 per cent of all,or so) want this. Romain Catholic Church want this. Prime minister and speaker of House want this . Who is against? The 5-th columne of sexual minorities and few human rights activists? – Well, that democracy is a little more than a simple power of the majority- who believe this really and where ? Not here,no.

  15. It’s simple, we don’t want any gays in our country. Case closed.

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