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New biography claims Richard Nixon may have had gay affair

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Reader comments

  1. Gay affair? Why is it a gay affair and not a bi-sexual affair?
    We refer to our selves as the l/g/B/t community but bi-sexual behavior is always labeled as gay.
    And for the record, bi-sexual does not mean having both at the same time and is not synonymous with promiscuous.
    It means being attracted to and capable of being sexual with either gender.

    1. Why is not just ‘an affair’? If the names of both purported participants are both unequivocally male (or both female), it isn’t really necessary to define it further.

    2. “They held hands on occasion, and both men had problems with consummating physical relationships with women”. So as you put it, Bisexual “It means being attracted to and capable of being sexual with either gender” it would seem that maybe he wasn’t Bi Sexual!!!

      1. BUT on a personal level, I was capable of having sex with either gender, I had long term relationships with women and I have the children to prove it. I am not bi-sexual, I am Gay, and to be quite honest…and maybe a little rude, the day a man leaves his boyfriend to form a relationship with a woman is the day I will believe in bisexuality. I feel that most people can have sex with people of the same gender…think guys in jail. For me its not what I do with my cock but what I do with my heart, I can have sex with both men and women, I can LOVE a man. Its just an opinion and I’m entitled to it.

        1. “the day a man leaves his boyfriend to form a relationship with a woman is the day I will believe in bisexuality.” You may not have seen this happen, but I can assure you it does. Two male friends of mine came out as gay during their teens. One had a long-term relationship with a man, the other a series of short-term relationships with men. About five years ago, both found themselves single, met women, married them, and are still with them, so far as I’m aware, quite happily.

          I don’t think either one knew the other, though it was a bit odd that both happened within a few months of each other. Both now describe themselves as bi; I never asked them before they met their wives whether they considered themselves gay or bi, but I suspect they would have said bi.

          People may not talk about bisexuality as much as being gay or straight, but I’m sure it’s a genuine phenomenon.

    3. Jock S. Trap 31 Dec 2011, 12:25pm

      Quite right LEH. It actually shows that the media still use the word Gay as a negative to sell a story. As Rehan says there no need to suggest Gay when simply an affair would have done. Or an affair with a man.

      In this story the word Gay clearly has been used to catch the eye to highlight anything but normal to sell the story.

      Very badly done!

  2. I think they called it a ‘gay’ affair because it’s alleged the affair was with a person of the same sex. That doesn’t mean that Richard Nixon wasn’t bisexual and, if there’s any truth about the relationship, that would indeed indicate that Nixon might have been bisexual.

  3. Gasp !!!

  4. Goodness, it seems everyone’s gay these days.

  5. Oh, great. The sleaziest president of modern times and a mafioso. This seems to me an attempt to smear Nixon, and is no way something to be enthusiastic about (personally I’d much rather not have him on my side of the fence, thanks all the same).

    1. David Myers 30 Dec 2011, 7:56am

      I feel the same way about Nixon’s “friends” – J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson (Hoover’s life-long lover and second in command at the FBI), and Roy Cohn (Senator Joseph McCarthy’s main aide). McCarthy persecuted “communists and homosexuals in the 50’s trying to identify them in the State Department and the military and hounding them out of office whether the were actually gay or not There’s no way I would want to claim any one of them (as “gay”) because they are disgusting representations of human beings – but there you are – four of the bigest hypocrites in history.

  6. …with J. Edgar Hoover ? Now that’s a couple that would match.

    1. floridahank 28 Dec 2011, 10:15pm

      The article says, ” may have had gay affair” — is there any difference
      between “may” and “did”? Where do these writers/journalists get their
      indepth information? This is such a no-story without facts!!!

    2. I can see the movie title now, Tricky Dick gets Hoovered. LOL

      The Dick is dead so this propaganda piece must be a hit on the Mafia from the CIA or FBI.

  7. carrie baker 29 Dec 2011, 3:24am

    Why would the world be suprised that President Richard Nixon had and gay affair with a close confident of his another man, almost every single man in that white house right now has had a gay laison, in secret, that what heterosexual orgies are, they mess with everybody, get drunk , do drugs, and have wild dangerous violent sick sordid laisons that is really to gross and violent to even call sex, Elenor rosevelt had a gay affair, most every body know prior presdidents have had sexuall assault of minoritey women including jefferson who has colored kids, and others, the bigots are the main ones who are just hippocrites of mainly republics like philip hinkle, ted haggard, craig, they just try to hide, and lie, until you catch them, i guarantee you the hetersexual republicans have had sex laisons with the gay republicans men and probly women, thats a fact, in vip parties, and orgies, and then they try and violate their right in their offices , they are low down, same in the repubs churches

  8. carrie baker 29 Dec 2011, 3:55am

    Listen there is to much and any is to much obssession by heteresexual bigots with the gay communites and their families, they even neglect their own families to stalk and harras gay people especially the wicked false prophets, there is a group of human right churches, who are hetersexual who fight with the human rights organizations against bigotry and racism and unfair unequal treatment of others, including women and lgbt, and minorites, these are honorable for their strides, the rest of the people who are bigots you will find them to be hippocrites and abusers , thats why it is always important to put media, and journalism and invesigators on hate groups and orgs, and religions, their dangerous and they have hidden evil lives that need to be uncovered like HInkle and haggard, and craig , but as for as people , adults have a right to love other adults who love them and respect gay or hetero, humanity, not violate, rape, harrass, abuse, stalk, –civilized implementations of kindness

  9. CIA / Mafia bi – “sex” rubbish

  10. Guess what? I have lots of straight friends who hold hands with people of the opposite sex and who would, I guess, have considerable difficulties consummating physical relationships with people of their own sex. However, I have no direct evidence that they are actively heterosexual (I’m afraid filming them at it would ruin my appetite) so – phew – maybe they are not so dirty and wicked after all.
    The usual homophobic agenda is at work on all sides here. ‘Nixon was bad so he was gay which is also bad’, plus ‘ah but he never really did it according to Old Bailey standards of proof (never required of straights) so he wasn’t so bad.’ Familiar tedious crap.

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