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The top USA LGBT stories of 2011

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  1. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 9:53pm

    The lgbt stories of this year that is most rememberable is New york , having a backbone and making national history for civil rights and human rights , doing more than even the civil rights party themselves, for righting wrongs of others in this nation, and coumo says he and christian quinn are still working on bettering New york equality system and racism problems, You dont, have an excuse in any city and state for not having backbone enough to take out and down racism and fight for the humanity and equal rights of others, children in schools have had civil rights voices , this year , all because someone else cared enough for them , to teach them the truth about racism , these are your heroes , little children , standing up for each other in gay alliances, The aclu, top national ministry of civil rights and human rights , lamda lega, ippf, legal momemtum, sldn, slpc, glaad, and especialy the orddinaray people who refuses each day to sit by and be silent to terrorism , racism , bigots,

    1. Time for your medication Carrie?

  2. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:01pm

    Right now 2011 has been one of the most horrific years of crimse sex, crimes and racism crimes , but it has been since abraham lincon , on of the most civil rights voices of people comming to light and washing their eyes to see hatred and racism as the malice it really is, the wickeness of heteresexual men and some women, violating the rest of society, right under noses of the nations , pollution in the hetersexual religions a decade long being brought to the light, to open peoples eyes about the people that run around calling themselves christians but nothing more most pedaphiles, and abuseres , liars to the people, thier own evil and wicked agendas in this nation, we have seen the truth in the lgbt famiiles who received the national award for being the most humane and civilized families anywhere, in the world, and they will continue to get that award by a landslide every day and year, compared to the dangerous evils of the hetersexual society, of bigots and terrroist, of sex fennes

    1. Beige. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige!

  3. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:09pm

    Right now like never before the people in the nations everywhere need to continue to open their eyes and watch around them, we are in the most dangerous society and time in the nations because of hetersexuals, the evils , their conspiracies, their abuses, inniated by bad politiscians, hate religions, lying and defamating, and themselves the predeators of sosciety , thru their sex crimes and brain washing, always see just a man and women that was a bad kid in high and is in somebodies yearbook dressed in robes and crosses , no angelic beings, pay attention are you become brainwashed and for get who you are dealing with in sosciety, always pull year books on these boys that went to college , and call themselves some sort of pastor, remember them from school that will explain a lot , our system if filled will bad people and it is taking a now few good people a time to weed them out , and to overhoaul, and this is where the citizens of the nations must not continue to be fulled by them

  4. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:15pm

    Its and evil world, your families and children should be important to you, to love , an not allow stranngers to violate sexually, and to come into your lives, especially false prophets and religions messing with common sense things in your famiiles, you have no business letting religions into the most private vital areas of your lives, you need to choose wisely good stable women freinds and commuitcate with them about things, not religions, holly wood told how hte bad pastor in some of their churches had taken their personal informations and bank accounts information what they had and handed it to other bad pastors and men, for their own evil agendas personally and they found out about it an some quit the organizations how the bad pastors would pit them against each other and have them fighting each other, and starting riots in the so called church initianted by the them, the bad pastors meddleing and plots, those to quit the organization and finally one of the head ceo, quit the corup

  5. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:25pm

    Our nation right now has a chance because of the civil rights stands an equality stand , has a chance to become humane and a civil society of people , not monsters an abusers, but it is going to have have that restructuring to humanity everyone an familiy has been working on, there can be no more playing silently when masses of people and their families are and have been abused and victumized by racist an bigots and their evil wrong doings, to this society, thier crimes and astrosities, are a decade long and have stinched history with the crimes against minioritys and women that cannot be etched out of this societies wounds and scars, and the evils of the south and across the inhumane borders still arise to do its evil bidding everyday, in horros against children and women and others, gay and hetero by all hetersexual monsters, of men, aid by some hetersexual bad women, all, demonic and wicked polluted, and pointing fingers at their victums who the have abuses , as if we dont have eyes

  6. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:31pm

    You must stand not as a canable nation an barbarians, twisted and jealous of each other vindictive and full of malice, but as a people who are civilized , wishing other well, and goodwill, and mean it. rising up to answer the calls of childrens fears and tears , because of the evil hetersexual massacres in sex crimes and pedephilia, a lady social worker told me that have never seen more wicked men that they have had to arrest for rapping their own children, and letting others do the same, she said the herero sexual famlies all messed and tore up in sex crimes and violence, because of the men, she said she would have never thought these evils could ever be this bad, The nation cannot continue to ever turn a blind eye to the demons of hetersexual crimes that are against human life and saftey eveyday, the nation would other wise be a peacefull place for women , chidlren the elderly, and miniorityes living in harmony, our problem Hetersexuals, mainly the men, their nerve of defamation

    1. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 27 Dec 2011, 10:14am

      Carrie, your posts are akin to the abuses you malign so much. What drugs are you taking to produce the rubbish you post? It’s not ever relevent to the article you are attaching them to. They are just ramblings of a troubled mind, I suspect.

      What nation are you decrying?! Be specific and brief.

  7. Odd that Pinknews, as a European based publication, gives preference to US stories over those from the rest of Europe.

    Why is it that so much of the UK gay media is so fixated on what happens in the USA?

    Sure the USA is an important and influential power (both politically, economically and culturally), but the sad fact is that when it comes to gay rights the USA is a straggler behind most of Western Europe, and has been for most of the post war period.

    I feel genuinely sorry for our American friends. Even those who can legally marry in their home state find that those marriages carry fewer legal rights than (say) a UK Civil Partnership, let alone the numerous European states with full marriage equality.

    And anti gay politicians are consigned to the lunatic fringe in most of western Europe while they seem effectively to control the USA’s dominant politicial party.

    Still there are signs of good progress, especially if Obama somehow contrives to defy the slump and get reelected.

    1. Agree! Not only Pink News, but the UK media in general gives more space to the USA, even though 10 times more people travel, have fun or date in Europe as opposed to the US.

      1. Seeing as about 50% of Pink News stories are lifted directly from US websites then it’s no surprise that so many stories are US-centric.

        It’s really a very poor editorial;decision as the stories are of so little interest or relevance to UK readers; and seeing as the US sites from where they are lifted are better at analysing them, it makes Pink News look quite amateurish.

        I mean Sally Kern? What on EARTH is that woman doing on a UK news website?

  8. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 10:40pm

    Hetersexuals must be dealt with by human rights groups and aclu, and the national gay and lesbian task force working the human rights task forces, to right wrongs of people, their evils as heretorsexuals, have scarred the entire nation , the number one problems and crimes are sex crimes by hetersexual men and a few women, against children and every one, their harrassment of sex crimes harraaasment against everyone, they have constantly tried to get and misuse everyone in sex abuse everywhere, trying to mix the hetersexual commutinty men into the gay communtiy to violate gay men and women, and going acsross border to get children for gang rape, and murder an rape, and have the nerve to call the young and old people names when they are victums of them the trash as pimps and vulures and predators, they are spreading more desease into the lives of young children and women around the world that anyone , not gay people, the most dangerous source of evil and weapon in our nation, a man spoke

  9. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 11:00pm

    No one needs cleaning up except our hetersexual society of bad people, their mess, an evils, you dont power and support into the hands of bad officials and bad people who destroy lives and promote terrorism and abuses, you support an stand behind organizations and people who you dont have to worry about trying to harm, manipulate , your families and children and will treat you fairly, and insure human and equality across the board because they no that it is right, just ask them what would you want other to do to and for you then that is exacly how they should feel about what others feel for their families as well, then why do you stand as an abuser, when you dont want to be abused , hippocrite, why stand as a rapest , when you dont want to be raped, wicked one, why stand and discsriminate, when you want your rights protected and benefits, low down one, you stand therefore in lliberty an humaness for all, good will , we must as a nation continue to change the climate of hate ,malice

  10. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 11:06pm

    Our country in the united states must not allow other wicked countries genocide and comit crimes against humanity against the citizens of those countries either, you must arises as pillars of goodness and angels wings to save lives there too, against treacherous terrories like huseium, and gadaffi and other dictators, assad must be dealt with if he is commiting crimes aagainst humanity, all of the afriecna nations must be taken military action against for cisrmse against those innocent citizens, they have alway s had corrupt an brutal dictators, abuseing their countries along with the perputrated kkk klan innitating their ignorance as a society of barbaroisnsm egging them on to destroy and harm each other an then they go in an finishing killling and destroying the ignorant fools of blindess who have done half or most of the work in killing their own support groups and famaiiles and then look up ans see dthe white devil they have duplicated coming at them the ignorant tryants ,

  11. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 11:14pm

    Hetersexual monsters, is on the top of the amber alert, their dangerous they are untrustworthy, deceitful, people must stop being blind to what they see every day and no to be true , who is rapping all around the country harming women and children , answer I say, who is beating and abusing all of these women, answer i say, who is comitintin all these murders everywhere , answer i say, goddamit, i say you have to know in every area , it is the hetersexual men an some women, then i say you wake the hell up and do something about it. Women, you start using dating centers with police checks on the people , you date, stay out of the hetersexual bars, they are not good husband men, most are married, hurting their wives and will hurt you, carrying deseases, educate, in sschools about pedehiles , and strangers, rape, sexual harrasment, gangs, set up deterents, surveliance, transparency on boards, and faculity, check ups an transparency in detentions and prison, on wardens an guards, resthomes

  12. carrie baker 26 Dec 2011, 11:32pm

    Checking on the abuses in resthomes an senior facilities an veterans, checking on the effeicency of homeless shelters are they intack opened and clean and safe from sex crimes , the right seperate quarters for famiiles, and men and women and teens having checks on the facilitles for sex crimes and abuses, making sure elderly is getting their rightful benefits, and are getting good doctors care in nursing homes and other clinics of assistance, i went to a hospice and found out that many people where told by their famiiles, to not stand behind and keep caring for their elderly who nothing was wrong with, just stop caring, in other words dont care throw away the old , this nurse who told me told me they had better get some transparent nations task forces in to protect people , who where purposely litterally murdered by not giving them the care they needed on purpose and no good famiilies not ttrying and caring abouat the older peopple i there familiies, , our nation is evil,

  13. No mention of ex-PFC Manning?

  14. carrie baker 27 Dec 2011, 1:28am

    This is all hetersexual evils, thats why the gay community must stand at all times to support their comminites , in shelters, for teens and seniors an commuhity centers for their saftey, an they must not become a barbaric society llike the hetersexuals, and they dont want to lose their title as the most safe and humane society, focus and stay focused on development of your rights, and families, Love each other and dont allow hetersexuals to come into your families and try to sexually violate who you are and mix you up about your relationships , you are a wonderful gay people and you should be proud everyday for you and your families and being a part of good people unllike the monsters in abusive bigoted hetero, people, you are not to be with people you dont love an have feelings for and are attracted to , an never let a bad hertersexual monster tell you otherwise, they just want to sexually violate you themselves as bad men, and want all women and chldren sexuallity violated by men

  15. carrie baker 27 Dec 2011, 1:49am

    The gay men they should not date hetersexual men because they are to viiolent, and abusive even to their own women they date, stick with people you no who are safe and understands and respects you , and cares for you as a person , not just a peice of ass, like hetersexuals, you freindships and families as lgbt people must be very sincere and focused, the white gay must love the colors of gays, because they are all discriminated against, by the white racist and colored hate evil racists neither are your friends of the gay community, stay together and fight together and win strides together, you only harm your selves and families losing focus on that, dont weaken your human rights party by become biigots in your own gender fighting bigotry and racism out side of your gender , that what the hetersexual bigots want you to do, that sets you up for always danager and desaster, pay attention, you must, no who your real enemy is, pay attentions , The time is now that all gay people arise

  16. carrie baker 27 Dec 2011, 1:56am

    The people who needs to be forth right and tell the nations about civilization is gay people they are the only civilized people and famiies there are in any country except for a few human rights groups, Stay focused and stay supporting your communites and families, business peiople , entrepanures, and actress who are gay , take action and get things done for your communities and lgbt teens and seniors, and families, teach your gay childfren self defense, and make sure you as are telling them how loved and wonderful they are and build their self esteem , the monsters in hetero bigots, trys to harm their self esteem ,especially hate relilgions, they must be reprimanded for it, the chicago cardinal they must have him step down, he is dangerous, his defamations was more than inflamatory, these are dangerous wicked people who damage children and familes, they are monsters, all bigots are, they wicked dangerous people who like to run and commit sex crimes against others , are these typ

  17. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 27 Dec 2011, 10:16am

    Re other comments, I look forward to a UK/Europe version of this, as far as I am concerned US of A is 2000 miles away and that is very comforting.

    1. There is a UK one. There is no European one. Sad.

  18. God Bless Dan Choi a real Korean America and member of the US Military. He is one of the best leaders of the Gay Freedom Movement in America. He is willing to stand out and protest in a non violent way but yet will get arrested for what he believes is right. A real Martin Luther KIng kind of guy for the LGBT movement, now if only we had many more like him. If one of the Right Wing Christians become president they will destroy the Gay Freedom Movement and they have been saying that is their plan. LGBT people need to stop this from happening because it will effect the world in a bad way. We as LGBT people have a chance to go free together now at this time in our history and we need to do everything we can to ensure we go free and remain free from the oppression of the Right Wing Christians who are working together and spending millions of dollars all the time now to stop LGBT people, not only in the USA but the world. Fight for your rights, fight for your life and the life of all gays.

  19. carrie baker 28 Dec 2011, 1:08am

    All Episticole churches and any other church that harbors hatred , and bigotry, are guilty of hate crimes against people , the discriminatins an abuses of any member or clergy who is gay or human rights calls for a lawsuit against the episticolse church for harrassment and discrimination, and emotional abuse of children and members , th;is should never ever be tolorerated and them falsely using the name of goodness when hate is of satan and demonic and evil and abuses and mistreatment which is also evil characters only come from bigotry and racism, the problem needs to be fixed right away, all organizations commiting hate crimes and hate discrimination must be reprimanded for the abuses of the children and their families in all organizations and religiions, hate crimes , sex crimes , and others, Action must be taken , all human rights members and co pastors of fairness and humaness must all step up in law suits against any member or familiy disscriminated against including other clergy

  20. Is it me, or do even LGBT rights activists from the US tend to talk in absolute terms and universal truths much like the televangelists? :))

  21. And will you send me $13,000,000 from the Bank of Nigeria if I send you my passport number and bank details?

  22. Strayed onto the wrong site, dear. Focus a bit more.

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