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The weirdest and most unexpected LGBT stories of 2011

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Reader comments

  1. it’d be far more accurate to say one of those penguins turned out to be bisexual, you realize, don’t you? I know it’s common to assume one’s partner defines one’s sexual orientation, but I’d expect more out of a site like yours than, say, the Daily Mail.

  2. skeeterbess 26 Dec 2011, 5:57pm

    Wow! You can’t make this stuff up! Don’t need to because truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

    I work in a restaurant. It’s hard work and cramped-up muscles are not uncommon. Many of us who work there give each other back, neck and shoulder massages when needed. Sometimes we even do it where guests can see us. Two of our servers are lesbians. The rest of us, as far as I know, are straight. I’ve never noticed any difference in the quality of the massages or the friendships they convey. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. Good thing that poor, deluded woman has given up going out. I’m sure she’d promptly lose her lunch if she ever ate with us.

    1. I wonder HOW lesbians can ‘live in sodomy,’ though? lol

      1. Well, you do rather wonder how anyone can live in sodomy, unless it’s a town In West Virginia I haven’t heard of.

      2. Adam, you are an idiot.

  3. Jock S. Trap 1 Jan 2012, 11:35am

    Yep, there were some crackers last year… wonder how we’ll do this fine year?

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