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Exclusive: Tesco set to drop future Pride funding days into Christian boycott

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Reader comments

  1. Helen Wilson 23 Dec 2011, 1:34pm

    Off to take my shopping back, I’d rather spend £150 quid with a retailer that appreciates me.

    1. I respect your right to do that, just as I refuse to shop at ASDA for their actively refusing to serve someone who had a “help the heroes” wristband on, stating that the lady was supporting wars in Iraq/Afghanistan.
      I’m just a little confused as they haven’t said they are stopping sponsoring Pride 2012 in favour of sponsoring some Christo-fundi group.
      My understanding is that most Pride sponsors only sign up to one year anyway, and that as a commercial organisation they can chose to sponsor who they please.
      Personally I think PN has tried to draw connections and do a bit of a reverse Daily Fail story…

      1. Why did Tesco feel the need to specifically answer the question … they could have simply said no decisions had been reached regarding what they would and would not fund as yet for 2013. They should have been aware that by refusing to identify any funding for LGBT issues and clearly stating pride would not be funded again (an issue the CI have carped on about) that it would be perceived as backing down to the blackmailing of the CI.

        1. Stu
          That’s exactly what they did – they said it’s too far out at the moment. This is only a story because a PN reporter is trying to make a story. The sad thing is we are giving the nutters a victory where none was to be had though our own paranoia.

          If I was them I would certainly not let myself be backed into any corner, by anyone – and this is precisely what they’ve done. Totally reasonable and above board.

          Let’s get back to rationality and leave the conspiracy theories to the nutters

          1. I disagree completely …

            If I had been in Tesco PR I would not have commented to PN that there would be no funding for Pride in 2012 (no matter how much pressure they might put me under). I would have said no decisions have been made end of story. Instead they said Pride will not be supported and done this within days of the CI story – now any PR person with any semblance of common sense would see a link being made. It may be unfortunate timing – but it was something that Tesco could have predicted and adopted a different stance on. As it is, I think it is naive in the extreme to suspect there is no link between the CI boycott and Tescos capitulation.

      2. GingerlyColors 24 Dec 2011, 6:37am

        You can still shop at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. For those on a budget try Aldi or Lidl. If you live in the Lancashire/Cumbria area there’s Booths, rather expensive but sells good quality local produce. Failing that there’s always the S**tty Hopper, er sorry, Happy Shopper!

        1. Shall stick to a mix of Sainsbury’s, Co-op, farmers market, local butcher and local bakery/deli and occasional visits to Waitrose

          I have used Tesco in the past for convenience

          1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:01am

            Think I’ll still to Harrods. :)

    2. The truth is some Evil Christians in the Christian Institute have made the attack on LGBT people using their majority power over a minority group, gays. Proof the Christians control the UK and people can no longer pretend that the UK is free of anti gay hate. While some LGBT people might have it better in the UK there is still a long fight ahead for gays if they want their freedoms and equal right like straight Christian people have today. We now must wake up and fight even harder while we have a chance to be free and demand all of the rights and privileges the Christians have today, fight and die trying to win freedom is better than not trying. Remember they first came for one minority and then they came for the next one and well you know what happened when they took minorities freedoms and lives away, one step at a time. Don’t let the evil ones take your freedom and rights away, fight to be free.

      1. And by crying wolf when there’s nothing to cry wolf about, as is the case here, we are granting the Evil Ones power and diminishing our own

    3. Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality… 1 Corinthians 6:9

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:02am

        Oh dear!! loon alert!

  2. Was just off to Tesco to shop. Will go somewhere else.

  3. I hope Tesco’s decision is not due to the actions of a nasty Christian Fundamentalist group.

    1. It could be construed as such if they had made a decision, but they haven’t. All they’ve done is told a PN journo what their position is (and most likely was last week, last month).

      This is a PN journo mischief-making – and scoring an own goal in doing so

      1. And here is the own goal:

        And just in case you still don’t understand – Tesco has not rethought it’s position – merely stated it when prompted to do so by PN thereby creating a spectatular coup for the religious nutters. Will we ever learn to play as smart as them? Let alone smarter.

        1. Thats how you perceive it, Wingby …

          I think you are calling into question Stephen Grays integrity without having evidence …

          I think the likelihood that Tesco capitulated is far more likely than your explanation

          1. Whatever you think, Stu, you can’t deny that the nutters have gained a PR coup. Unnecessarily in my view

          2. Some of them may see it that may, it is but an event in the campaign that the Christian Institute will have against LGBT people. Its a minor victory (if one at all) for them. In my view, they are either seeking minor victories (aware that they are facing significant losses shortly with equal marriage etc) or are blind to the reality of how society is changing to embrace LGBT people. The CI will increasingly become an irrelevance but they will battle to make big noise out of a relatively small event. That said, it is important that we hold organisations and others to account both for their behaviour and for how they portray themselves. Tesco may have failed purely on the veneer they placed on this issue or there may be some calculation on their part – to determine either way emphatically is speculative. Either of us may be correct, or more likely its somewhere in the middle. Regardless organisations need to understand equality matters and how they portray that matters.

    2. Stephen Green 28 Dec 2011, 12:02pm

      Like Christian Voice!

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:03am

      I don’t think so but you can bet the Christian group will jump on it as such. Shallow people as they are.

  4. Ricardo S. 23 Dec 2011, 1:39pm

    Good to know. Will stop shopping at Tesco’s from now on!

  5. Helen Wilson 23 Dec 2011, 1:42pm

    If you have shopped at TESCOS in the past 28 day return all items not consumed and let them know the reason why.

    1. No store is obliged to just because you have ‘changed your mind’

      1. Tesco state in their conditions online:

        “If you order using Tesco Direct you have the right to cancel your order up to 28 days following the receipt of an item by contacting Customer Services. ”

        I suspect Tesco would have to uphold this commitment they make themselves and statutory rights if challenged.

        1. That is Tesco Direct, not the foods stores.

          1. Its part of Tesco … Helen did not specify the “food stores”

            I rest my case

    2. Surprised at you Helen.

      This is a PN-manufactured story. Tesco has not changed it’s position at all. It has agreed to fund Pride for 2012 – never promised further funding and has confirmed this position when asked by the PN journo.
      All perfectly reasonable – and nothing to do with loony fundies.

      This makes us look like a bunch of paranoid screamers!

      1. It makes us look like concerned people …

        I would have thought Tesco was able to handle campaigning by either LGBT people or the CI … unfortunately after their reading of this situation I am dubious

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:05am

        Have to agree, there does seem to be a bit of jumping before the horse has bolted.

  6. Paul McNicoll 23 Dec 2011, 1:43pm

    I shall continue to avoid shopping in Tesco’s where ever possible, and urge the community to boycott as well. I am sure there are more of us than there are of those narrow-minded idiots.

    1. Check the stats and you’ll find that the LGBT community is miniscule compared to the Christian community. A boycott by the LGBT community probably wouldn’t even be noticed by TESCO, whereas the the Christian boycott definitely was noticed.

      1. Wrong 6% LGBT in UK, 3.2% regular church goers

        1. i would seriously query your figures. please provide sources

          1. Well …

            the figures are from UK government statistics

            for the LGBT figures, please check this story:


            (note the Telegraph is not traditionally regarded as either a liberal or LGBT friendly newspaper)

            I only have hard copy of the British Social Attitudes Survey, but I have typed it out:

            “According to the 27th report (2010) of the British Social Attitudes Survey, 20% of the population are affiliated with the Church of England (compared to 40% in 1983). The 26th report found that 49% of this group never attend services; only 8% of people who identify with the Church of England attend church weekly.

            Overall 62% of the population never attend any form of service.

            According to ‘Religious Trends No 7 (2007-2008)’ published by Christian Research, overall church attendance in the United Kingdom has diminished rapidly in terms of percentages and in real…:

          2. … terms.

            In 1990 5,595,600 people, representing 10% of the UK population, regularly attended Church, by 2005 this number had reduced to 3,926,300, equating to 6.7% of the UK population

            By 2015, the level of church attendance in the UK is predicted to fall to 3,081,500 people, or less than 4% of the population.”

        2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:06am

          Well put Stu… 6% of those who say so mind so I put the figure much higher.

  7. Christian’s can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it when it’s dished to them.

    1. Rashid Karapiet 23 Dec 2011, 4:54pm

      Once again I recommend to the Christian Institute and all such Bible-thumping bigots Keith Sharpe’s scintillating deconstruction of ‘traditional’ Christian teaching about homosexuality: The Gay Gospels – Good News for LGBT People.’ Circle Books.

    2. This looks more like a case of PN throwing a custard pie in our faces

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:07am

      Yep, typical of them too isn’t it.

  8. Outrageous

    This is clearly (although Tesco will not admit this) submitting to the bigotry of the Christian Institute and deciding that they prefer to side with bigots than promote fairness and tolerance to all.

    Tesco clearly do not understand (nor wish to understand) the issues LGBT people face – otherwise they would seek to engage with the LGBT communities to discuss the issue of funding rather than make such a direct move – so quickly following a boycott being threatened by a group opposing LGBT rights. By backing down to the Christian Insititute Tesco have shown themselves to tacitly support bigotry.

    Appaling, disgraceful and irresponsible conduct by Tesco

    1. LGBT people only face ‘issues’ of their own making.

      1. Thankfully, not everyone has such a damaged or distorted view of reality, Matthew …

        1. Stu, they are not withdrawing any funding they have committed, and they aren’t even saying definitely no to any future funding of gay groups (only clarifying that “events'” is not their preference).

          What we’re doing here is conferring a totally ficticious victory to the nutters. It’s a stunning own goal. This is plain dumb.

          1. I agree they have not ruled out LGBT funding … they have not said there will be …

            If the PR person who gave the interview to PN and stated that pride would not be funded in 2013 could not foresee that (in the light of the recent CI threats to Tesco re their gay executive and pride) there would be links seen then they are incompetent … I doubt Tesco employs incompetent PR people (as their image is important to them) and thus I can only perceive that the timing of this and the wording used was deliberate

          2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:11am

            No Stu, they have no withdrawn any funding to what they have committed. They are still donating £30,000 to LWorld Pride London next year.

          3. @Jock

            I never said they had withdrawn funding …

        2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:09am

          Indeed Stu, thankfully.

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:09am

        Seriously? assumptions again to suit Matthew, no facts as per usual.

    2. Do you even understand the meaning of the word “bigot?”

      a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

      Christians are not devoted to their own opinions. They follow the teaching of Jesus Christ who teaches that homosexual activity is sinful. In fact, He calls it an “abomination.”

      1. Paula Thomas 24 Dec 2011, 12:17am

        Sounds like the same thing to me.

        Christians want people to live their lives according to a set of principles devised 2000 years ago that take no notice of the advances since. Sounds like bigotry really…

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:13am

          Indeed, Christians only want to rule over people and are having a hissy fit now because they are becoming more and more meaningless.

      2. jay if u want to sound credible dont spread misinfo, jesus never mentioned homosexuality, depending on translation of the texts u could argue that homosexuality was mentioned in old testament and it is also mentioned in post jesus era, with references to old testament and not to jesus

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:14am

          Indeed. People like Jay just assume to excuse their own bigotry.

      3. @Jay

        Well my reading of the Bible does not give me any specific part where Jesus discusses homosexuality let alone declare it an “abomination”. Could you quote the text where Jesus specifically does this?

        As for the definition you have used … I would consider the CI to be obstinate, intolerant and devoted to their own opinions and prejudices and treating members of the LGBT communities with hatred and intolerance … so the CI are pretty much bigots. Unfortunately, they seem pretty proud of the fact they are consumed by their own hatred and bigotry too.

      4. Not half such an abomiation as your idea of a God of love.

      5. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:12am

        No, religious people follow a book written by over inflated male ego because they cannot think for themselves. Waste of a brain don’tchya think?

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:08am

      Have Tesco funded past Prides?

  9. Would it perhaps not be an idea to see where their funding does go. If they use the money they donate for Pride and donate to say, a homeless charity for LGBT people. is that not a far better use of their funds than donating to Pride which would provide the benefits they outline as opposed to some one day party?

    1. Its the reactiveness and backing down to a homophobic organisation that I despise …

      I hope they do reallocate to another LGBT related organisation but the timing which is either one of the biggest PR coincidences that Tesco have ever had (and in terms of LGBT issues one of the biggest PR disasters they have ever had) or they are backing down in the facing of anti-LGBT bigotry – that is not acceptable and disappointing from an organisation which claims to value all people regardless of difference …

      1. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:10pm

        PMSL , attempting to imagine TESCO as an organisation that values people , its the way you tell them , :) ROFL

        1. They claim to Dave …

          This adds to demonstrations that they do not …

      2. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:29pm

        methinks it is backing down to the Daily Fail coverage what done it x

      3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:16am

        Where have they backed down Stu? They are still contributing to London World Pride next year like they said they would. Yes it is PR but no it not backing down.

        1. Its the image, Jock …

          Tesco have sort of made a statement in the past few days (although it still seemed wishy washy) – but their PR should have been sorted out well before now

    2. Absolutely Kris. However the money that have committed (which is for 2012) is going to Pride as previously announced. They are changing their plans not one iota.

      And they seem to be suggesting that for future years donating to things like, for example, LGBT homelessness is preferred to supporting Pride. I would do the same.

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:17am


    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:15am

      Indeed Kris excellent point!

  10. If Tesco have responded to pressure from a threatened boycott by so-called Christians by removing promised funding to a Gay Pride event, I would strongly advocate for the gay community to respond in kind by boycotting Tesco and demonstrate to Tesco that their actions are reprehensible: to promise something and then to take it away when pressured by bigots. As others have said, this is most definitely a tacit support for homophobes and a slap in the face for the gay community, not forgetting their gay employees. It would be good to demonstrate to them that the gay pound has far more clout than these demented christians and will hopefully cause them real financial hurt. Lets see then how their PR machine negotiates this one.

    1. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:13pm

      I have been boycotting Tesco since the days o Lady Porter at Westminster City Council and her gerrymandering and the hiding of her Tesco inheritance in oder to avoid paying the substantial fines and compensation, this is not an ethical company and I cannot be bought for £30,000 between one million partying queens .

    2. Gavin, dear, you say “if”. Well there’s enough information in the article to tell us all that they haven’t, so there’s no problem.

      I know I sound like an ad for Tesco, but I’m concerned that we’re conceding a goal to the nutters here where they didn’t even get to kick the ball.

      1. There isn’t Wingby …

        1. And there isn’t enough information to support your view either. But your approach is causing us damage.

          1. I am merely asking Tesco to account for the events that have happened, nothing more, nothing less … how is that damaging???

            Should we just lie down and ignore this and not seek a corporation to be subject to scrutiny.

            They may have reasonable and realistic answers and/or apologies … but without asking the question we won’t get the answers …

            Now, personally I do not think holding an organisation to scrutiny is damanging – I think it is democratising

    3. Check the stats and you’ll find that the LGBT community is miniscule compared to the Christian community. A boycott by the LGBT community probably wouldn’t even be noticed by TESCO, whereas the the Christian boycott definitely was noticed.

      1. According to UK govt statistics …

        Percentage of population estimated as LGBT – 6%

        Percentage of population estimated as regular church goers (all Christian denominations) – 3.2%

        So, please try and use facts when making an argument – as your comment about (q) is wrong!

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:20pm

        Another deluded fellow I see.

        “the Christian boycott definitely was noticed.”

        By who exactly?

    4. Terry McCartney 24 Dec 2011, 12:08am

      You have posted what my response to this story was but you said it far more eloquently.

  11. Locus Solus 23 Dec 2011, 2:02pm

    I agree with some of the comments already presented; it does seem Tesco are backing down because of some whack-job christians threatening a boycott.

    What do you think would happen to sales if gay people, their friends and families were the ones who terrorised them with the threat of a boycott? IMHO that would have a greater impact on sales.

    I would add that (as Kris mentioned) the money could be better spent than on pride London. Spending the same money on some gay charities would be of greater benefit to our community. Having said that, this is infuriating because it stinks of pandering to fooked up christians and their fooked up views.

  12. If by “focused on delivering practical benefits, rather than on funding awareness-raising events” they mean they will be supporting lgbt charities (such as stonewall etc) then I can live with them not advertising at London pride. If, however, they mean the money is just going from donation to profit, a boycott might be a good idea.

    1. Anything but stonewall…

  13. Tesco – Very little help.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:02am

      No help at all you might say!

  14. About to stop shopping at Tesco for not funding pride? That is insane as well as to stop shopping for funding pride. Organizers should be happy that they have money from them for next year. Mangers of Tesco can put 2 and 2 together and decide if supporting pride is worth or not. Everything goes around the money…

    Do not throw stone on me, but I think there are better projects to support than pride.

    1. For me its not so much about whether or not they fund pride but the symbolism of portraying this message that they will withdraw funding for LGBT issues (with no guarantee that there will be funding to support LGBT issues next year) within days of a bigoted organisation threatening a boycott. Its weak, tacitly supports the premise of the boycott and fails to live up to the standards that Tesco claim they live by of valuing everyone regardless of difference. Clearly, religious bigots mean more to them than LGBT customers given the timing of this announcement.

      Is this Tesco at its “finest” demonstrating (what they used to call) “The Tesco Way” and proving they do not believe that “Every Little Helps”, nor is their campaign slogan of “Change for Good” anything more than rhetoric.

    2. Peter, if they had withdrawn funding, I would disagree with you. But they haven’t. They’ve just said that they might prefer to put the money in something other than Pride from 2014. And why not?

      And I agree with you, there are better things to spend their money on than Pride.

      This is only a story because a PN journo is trying to stir up some sh1t.

      1. I agree better things to fund than Pride …

        Your’s is one slant on the story that may or may not be correct, Wingby …

        I take a different view, which may or may not be correct …

        Regardless (at least to some of us) Tesco have been, at the best, remiss in how they appear to have handled this …

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:24pm

          But Stu, have they stopped their funding for London World Pride 2012?

          1. Thats not my point, Jock

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:22pm

      Many, yes as well as, as this years pride is a big event.

  15. I just posted this to Tesco’s Facebook page as they welcome ‘relevent conversations’ with the comment that it was a shame. the post was removed in less than 5 minutes despite meeting their guidelines…

    1. Be interesting to see what their response to my post on their facebook page:

      Outrageous and shocking that Tesco have given in the the bigoted homophobic organisation (The Christian Institute) who had threatened to engage in a boycott. This suggest Tesco values religious extremists more that LGBT peopple and they are deciding that they prefer to side with bigots than promote fairness and tolerance to all.

      Tesco clearly do not understand (nor wish to understand) the issues LGBT people face – otherwise they would seek to engage with the LGBT communities to discuss the issue of funding rather than make such a direct move – so quickly following a boycott being threatened by a group opposing LGBT rights. By backing down to the Christian Insititute Tesco have shown themselves to tacitly support bigotry.

      Appaling, disgraceful and irresponsible conduct by Tesco. Even more appalling that they censor acceptable comments on this (and link to story)

      1. Hopefully your comment will disappear soon. Click click.

        1. Your comments appears to have gone…and were being challenged by someone supporting those two fine hoteliers Mr and Mrs Bull

          1. Sorry – wrong – my comment remains here:


            and I look forward to more civilised comments on there expressing disappointment at the stance Tesco has taken

      2. Stu
        You are giving the nutters the oxygen they crave – there was no story here – and now there is – and it’s a victory for them. Duh.

        Fight them with a cool head, not a hot one.

        1. Its naive to think that if we ignore them, they will go away …

          1. Yes it’s naive to think that if we ignore ‘them’ they will go away, but it’s also naive that PN created a story that played directly into their hands. Tesco made no public announcement – after all they had nothing to say – PN pushed them for a comment – PN then publishes an at best thin story that gives the nutters an apparent victory to crow about. That’s naive!

      3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:27pm

        OK I question Tesco but have they given in? Have they withdrawn the funding they promised for World London Pride 2012?

        Personally I think your dropping into the Christian Institute league of propaganda for the sake of it.

  16. Hmmm, I am sure more gays work for Tesco than practising Christians.

    Look after your own staff, and lead by example Tesco!

    1. I doubt it, and either way a lot of people claim to be bloody christians , even if they do not practice what they preach, oh hang on that is christianity, a hypocritical superstition for the very gullible.

  17. we need a large scale boycott of tesco. any ideas of how to spread the news?

    1. via Facebook and twitter of course.

      1. Already started on facebook and some on twitter (use @UKTwitter to post more messages guys!)

        1. Making fools of yourselves and making an enemy of a gay-friendly company – folly!

          1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:28pm

            Yep Wingby, it seems so.

  18. people on here are so naive , tesco sponsoring next year pride was always about brand exposure and strictly marketing decision. two day world pride event in the middle of olympics, c’mon 30 grand wont buy you even 10% of publicity that tesco will get, i will still shop there because waitrose is still too expensive

    1. Yes and i’m sure any boycott from ci or LGBT community will have no significance, as in people are more concerned with putting bread on the table at best economic action.

    2. You said what I was thinking! A World Pride in the middle of Olympics at a dirt cheap price for such a major organisation – surprise ! It had little to do with supporting the LGBT community, did it sponsor any type of event towards the LGBT community before? And as for boycotts, I question if many of the LGBT community could even maintain a boycott for more than a week until, there pass a Tesco Metro, often near a scene, and before you know it forget all about the principles.

    3. There’s always Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and the dear old Co-op as an alternative!

    4. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:29pm

      Exactly. It’s what they signed up to do we all know why but they are fullfilling what they said so don’t understand why the fuss.

  19. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 2:12pm

    They’re still funding next year’s, so there’s plenty of time for them to change their mind again.

    1. Exactly Father! And they haven’t even made their minds up about 2014 anyway, so no need to change it even.

      Meanwhile the PN banshees wail on!

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:30pm

        Indeed, well said.

  20. Bill (Scotland) 23 Dec 2011, 2:17pm

    I’ve just emailed Tesco ask them to confirm this story and mentioned that if true I shall certainly be boycotting their stores in future.

    1. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:08pm

      got the address ? others may wish to do so x

      1. Bill (Scotland) 23 Dec 2011, 4:07pm

        Go to the Tesco website – visit the contact area and fill out the contact form. So far I’ve only had an automated acknowledgement by email; presumably they will have received many messages on this topic, so I expect it may take them some time to respond.

    2. I shall also be emailling them –

      also send a tweet to @UKTesco

      1. Isn’t that some form of harassment Stu? Also encouraging others to ‘harass’ Tesco… be interesting to see what the Police think about this… homosexuals harassing supermarket

        1. Helen Wilson 23 Dec 2011, 3:43pm

          Well if its good enough for the morally upstanding christian institute why not us? Or are you telling us to do as the xtian fundamentalists say not what they do.

          You set the example for us poor misguided sinners to follow Matthew!

          1. Oh so you admit you are sinners? And in writing too.

          2. @Helen

            I don’t know about you, but I have never claimed to be perfect so happy to have the moniker of sinner (matthew bizarrely finds this surprising)

            Also, the underhand tactics and disinformation of the Christian Institute are immoral in the extreme compared to some emails, tweets and facebook messages commenting on a decision made by Tesco.

            Lets make Tesco respond!

          3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:37pm

            Shallow ain’t ya Matthew!!

        2. Showing your lack of knowledge of the law again …. I suggest you go and read the Protection from Harassment act1997, before making baseless laughable accusations like that … in case its too much for you to read sections 4 and 5 are the ones that are relevant …

        3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:32pm

          Only in your eyes love, to the rest of us it’s called democracy. I may not agree in this case but as you lot seem to feel you have the right whats supposed to be different being we’re Gay?

          Wake up child.

    3. Bill (Scotland) 2 Jan 2012, 10:29am

      I just had a response from Tesco today (fair enough, after the Christmas break) and even if it is not entirely satisfactory it is certainly individually-written obviously one of many that must have been sent out in response to the many messages they must have had:

      Dear Mr Cameron

      Thank you for your email.
      Tesco promotes a tolerant, diverse environment and supports a wide range of good causes and charities. We remain committed to supporting Pride London next year in 2012. We do not take funding decisions for 2013 so far in advance though our preference is always to support projects with practical benefits rather than through events and we will be discussing how we do best do this with our colleagues at Out At Tesco.

      Thank you once again for your email.

      Kind regards

      Matthew Maycock
      Customer Service Executive

  21. So-called Christian Institute’s ugly homophobia bullies Tesco into submission

    1. You make my point very eloquently, Pavlos. If this dumbass PN reporter hadn’t tried to extract a story from nowhere, the nutters would have had no story to crow about. Let’s face it, all they’re doing here is repeating a story PN concocted. And the root of the story “Tesco tell PN reporter it doesn’t make funding decisions more than a year out”.

      Surely we can be intelligent enough not to give these people free ammunition? It makes me want to weep.

      1. Do you work for Tesco, Wingby? … you seem to be a remarkable apologist for them …

        1. No Stu, I campaign for our rights and for a secular state. You, it seems work for the CI as a trojan horse

          1. Now thats the craziest thing I have ever heard and absolutely undermines all your arguments

        2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:42pm

          Very surprised at that response Stu. Thought that kind of comment from some but not you.

  22. You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind. how can I lie with men the same as women if ive never lied with a women before?

    1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 2:45pm

      Yes and how do you lie own with an entire race of people? Anyway the whole thing is a mistranslation.

      1. Personally, I never lie, I always tell the truth!

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:44pm

          Always good Michael… lol

    2. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:07pm

      I would love to lie with men , at my age they simply don’t want to lie with me any more lol :) x

    3. Silly logic, how do you deal with ‘Thou shalt not steal’ or ‘Thou shalt not kill’

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:45pm

        Hi, take things too seriously by any chance?

    4. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 12:43pm

      Good point Dan!! lol

  23. And I just hate christian filth that little bit more. And spare me you cardigan wearings wailing about how unfair it is to be treated the same as the hateful and bigoted (who are NO DIFFERENT from white supremacists and anti semites). If you like down with dogs, you get up with fleas. So clean the bloody dog for a change and stop blubbering about victimhood. Christianity has slaughtered and degraded people for centuries and needs to be consigned to the khazi of history with the rest of the worthless cr@p.

    1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 2:50pm

      So I’m guessing you don’t like them much.

      1. Does it show? The biggest single enemy for LGBT people, the biggest stumbling block to equality and justice for us, is organised religion. I have never heard a single rational cogently stated secular reason (although people occasionally try “butt sex is icky” despite the fact that an awful lot of hetero people do that too…)

    2. Islam is worse!

    3. New Testament Scholar 27 Dec 2011, 7:12am

      Ah, the tolerant and just brigade finally speaks out!

  24. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 2:48pm

    In this season of goodwill, let’s be more charitable than the fundamentalists, and wish them a very merry Christmas.

    1. Indeed.

      But I do hope their ‘boxing day’ is sh*t.

    2. On behalf of the indigenous pagan population who were butched, the priest classes massacred and the sacred sites destroyed by followers of the tyrannical desert death cult of christ, might I invite the fundies to cram their buybull where the sun doesn’t shine.

      1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:18pm

        You overreach yourself my dear. Have a lovely solstice.

  25. I would urge the board of Pride London to find an alternative sponsor for 2012 for the £30k Tesco’s were going to provide, and then drop Tesco as a sponsor. The scale of the event in 2012 means there should be plenty of sponsors who genuinely wish to support the LGBT community in a more sustainable manner.

    1. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:04pm

      Am sure the board have already earmarked this money to cover their expenses :) PRIDE is a COMMERCIAL VENTURE and a lot of money is pent in bringing it to you :) .

      1. @Dave

        True … but its the timing of the Tesco decision linked to the CI that is reprehsible

        1. Stu, again, the timing of the “decision” was prompted by a PN reporter asking them questions. Their decision was to tell the reporter what their position is/was – i.e. “Tesco will keep all the commitments it has made to the LGBT community (but since you ask, in future years we’ll look to support more practical stuff than one-off events)”.

          Result: shreiking PN readers and crowing xian nutters. A brilliant PR coup for the nutters scored by PN whilst Tesco looks on in bewilderment.

          Keep stoking the fire!! Oh, dear!

          1. Bewilderment – it seems to me if thats the case then the Tesco PR team are incompetent if they could not have preempted this response and sought to avoid it …

  26. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:02pm

    Is assuming that Mr. Peter Tatchell will be rushing to the defense of Tesco’s decision and offering to appear in defense of their action . frankly was not much impressed with Tesco’s donation in the first place and very rarely shop there as they are not ethical business people and all those who were pandering to them on these pages recently perhaps have had their eyes opened to how fickle this organisation is all they care about is PROFIT and do not care who they hurt in the process of obtaining it , am reminded of the recent riots in Bristol when Tesco Extra moved into a cultural and artistic area . All stand by and await Mr Tatchells pronouncement in defence of Tesco .:) ( joke Peter ) xxx

    1. Hopefully Peter will yes.

  27. We should show Tesco that the gay community is vastly bigger and has more commercial clout than the community of Xian bigots.

    1. Peter, methinks you do exaggerate. Homosexuals make up no more than 4% of the population, if that. You certainly make a lot more noise than the rest of the population put together though, that’s for sure.

      1. @Jay

        According to UK government statistics the UK LGBT population is at least 6% …

        Try keeping up dear

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:33pm

          And thats just the people that say so, so 6% is a minimum figure.

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:32pm

        Says who Jay? You just assume and know nothing of facts do you. Guess yu’ll be frightened when you finally see there are many, many more in the lGBT community than you can ever think!

    2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:30pm

      Indeed, totally agree, Peter!!

  28. Hold your horses PN lynch mob. This is somewhat sensationalist reporting. The facts appear to be
    1) Tesco is supporting Pride with £30k in 2012. It is holding to this.
    2) it has neither made nor withdrawn a commitment to fund Pride in 2013. (though it states it has other prefences for the kind of support it gives, which is perfectly reasonable)
    Pride/PN readers cannot claim money from a corporate as of right.

    Now calm down – you are finding boggymen under the bed where none exist!

    1. Its the timing and giving into the CI and being willing to see a tacit link being made that I find risible

      1. The timing is all down to the journo trying to make up a story – Tesco have made no announcement as far as I can see, only responded to a PN enquiry:

        PN to Tesco: Will you be supporting Pride after 2012?
        Tesco to PN: We don’t plan that far ahead, and generally we don’t support events.

        Conclusion: PN screams Tesco is withdrawing

        We do ourselves a disservice by behaving like a bunch of paranoid meth junkies.

        1. Paranoid meth junkies … such articulate and informed choice of description … really adding to the debate …

          1. u just decided to respond to the last bit, ignoring the rest, is that ur idea of adding to the debate, anyway i think wingby has a point, you on the other hand r trying too hard to find a smoking gun

          2. @Katia

            Darling I have been involved in this debate all the way through with Wingby … so I hardly think I am just picking on that particular comment … .although I do think his meth junkie comments are risible

          3. @stu

            babe, the smoking gun is still nowhere to be seen, all we get from you is made up rethoric based on a story manipulated by PN

          4. @katia

            Thats your perception … and you may be correct …

            I prefer to ask Tesco to explain their actions and explain what happened … thats all I seek …

            Now, if its wrong to hold a large corporation to accoiunt then I declare myself guilty, and proud to be …

          5. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:37pm

            And we do no service jumping to claims with no actual facts.

          6. @Jock

            During the time of the start of this debate I was merely seeking an explanation from Tesco and tendering how I perceived it.

            Tesco have responded – unfortunately not in a timely manner – but I merely gave my perception of what was happening and asked Tesco to clarify whether I was right or wrong or offer an alternative explanation …

            I see nothing wrong in holding a corporation to account ..

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:36pm

        Where is it giving into the CI? coincedence? maybe… giving in? I doubt it.

        As yet they are still giving what they have stated. Nothing is being withdrawn, so why jump on the CI propaganda bandwagon?

    2. Yeah I did think there was a bit of Daily Fail thing going on here… Nothing really has changed and seems to be a bit of a storm about nothing.
      Most organisations only sponsor pride for one year and it’s all about getting their name on the corporate sponsor boards, somehow hoping that the pink pound will come their way.

      1. Exactly, Daniel!

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:39pm

        Exactly so why are we jumping on this as a bad thing? boycott? seriously… (not you Daniel H)

    3. Let's make love 23 Dec 2011, 3:25pm

      I agree. But the ” lynch mob” is only really one troll with multiple IDs, and I’m not sure he’s even really one of us, as he makes very effort to make us look just like the fundies want to portray us. He is NOT representative of the gay community.

      1. Seems you have multiple IDs too – Let’s make love … you used exactly the same words with a different ID yesterday …. hmmm

      2. No, I think this is a case of group think – like lemmings falling over a cliff. If we carry on like this, the Xian nutters can pack up and go home – we’re doing all their work for them.

        They may not be able to win court cases, but they certainly know how to run with a story when we give it to them on a plate.

        1. Its naivety to think they will just go away if we ignore them or to think that Tesco did not think about the comment they made and the impact it could have … if they didnt, their PR team need a shake up

          1. well, tesco didnt rethink their sponsorship of 2012 world pride, they still going with it, its a major marketing event for them and its for a price of coffee cup, CI shamelessly lied to make up their success story, PN shamelessly exploited the story to kick up some fuss

          2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:41pm

            Exactly katia!!

    4. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:34pm

      Indeed Wingby, some do seem to be jumping the gun here… some I am surprised at too.

  29. I think Tescos could put more money into purchasing materials for schools (books, videos etc) to help fight against homophobia and homophobic bullying.

    1. I wont shop in Tesco because of their policy of opening Express stores in areas with perfectly good local shops. Another reason to avoid the superstore of Satan

      1. Don’t insult Satanists. It’s clearly a store led by the cult group christian institute.

    2. This makes a lot of sense to me, living in a highly populated gay area much more help is needed in schools to educate the kids in a way that would stamp out homophobic bullying. Gay Prides all over the country will run regardless of Tesco sponsoring them or not.

      1. Well it is beyond me why Tina’s comment has been marked down … it would make more sense to stamp out homophobic bullying and gay prides will run whether or not Tesco support them …

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:46pm

        A Valid point Tina also.

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:43pm

      Certainly a good suggestion dave.

  30. johnny33308 23 Dec 2011, 3:14pm

    There are more rational people than there are evil KKKristians, so arrange for a boycott…it works…do not shop at Tesco, any more until they apologize…..not all KKKristians shop at Tesco, so Tesco loses..and rightly so…discrimination is anti-human, anti-social, and just plain wrong…even children know this…the KKKristians and their SPECIAL RIGHTS…sleaze

  31. johnny33308 23 Dec 2011, 3:18pm

    Tesco can be right or Tesco can be wrong….it is going to have to choose one or the other…which side of history does Tesco wish to be on? Simple, really….be part of the solution or be part of the problem…one cannot be both…

    1. It seems they do not want to be on the right side of history …

      1. It seems they want to be on the right side of history…

        1. That was the same argument the racists used when standing up against interracial marriage and racial equality …

          The churches who condemned interracial marriage and supported racism were on the wrong side of history, and those who support and encourage homophobia will also be shown to be on the wrong side of history ….

  32. It’s all a big storm in a tea cup. They are still sponsoring Pride for London in 2012. At the end of the day it was a commercial decision to get brand awareness. ASDA sponsored Pride in Manchester in 2002 and then refused to do it thereafter. People are far too quick to vilify organisations/people for the slightest comment or action.
    As a commercial enterprise, they can sponsor who they please, and if they choose not sponsor a Pride event, then fine.
    It doesn’t matter where you buy your groceries – they are all concerned with one thing – the bottom line, so it doesn’t matter who gets your pink pound; they’re all as bad as each other.

  33. Of course, with regards to the threats mentioned in the article regarding the Youtube posted by Mr Lansley, I can’t help but laugh. Why do people try to menace us with the “wrath of god”? What do they do for an encore – threaten to set their Unicorn on us? Warn us that they are going to tell Bigfoot where we live? Invoke C’thulu? It’s all just fictional blather and it depresses the hell out of me that a medieval mindset more appropriate to a time when we couldn’t explain why the sun rose still exists in a nation with nuclear capability and some of the finest scientific minds. It is time to put away childish things, with religion at the top of the list.

    1. Let's make love 23 Dec 2011, 3:32pm

      You’ve made this point a million times, with your different IDs.

      Maybe it’s time for a different approach, as you will win no arguments in the public eye with this attitude.

      1. I only have one ID, you are mistaking me or someone else. As for winning arguments – if you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

        1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:50pm

          It’s not them, but the bystanders who you need to impress. The man in the street. No one is impressed by anger and vilification.

  34. Keith Farrell 23 Dec 2011, 3:25pm

    you know back in the days a large retailer in South Africa said that they do not need gay business, well we the gay people stopped shopping with them, it was not long after that, that this supermarket chain went under and is now owned by shoprite, so if this is the way Tesco wants it, then let us all switch our buying power to a company that agree with our rights

  35. Well done to the Christian Institute. This has truly made my day, one over on the militant homosexuals. WHOOOO!!

    I’m off to spend lots of money in Tesco tomorrow and have made a donation to the Christian Institute.

    1. Are you for real or just one sick moron? What brings you to a gay site in the first place I wonder?

      1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:34pm

        It’s just Spanner I believe. Pay no attention.

      2. I’m fore real, a real homosexual, how’s about then then, eh a homosexual that doesn’t follow the crowd!

        1. EIther very unwell, a liar, or extremely confused …

          Because a homosexual who would endorse the Christian Institute is a total oxymoron

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 23 Dec 2011, 5:17pm

            Without the OXY……….

          2. Either an oxy-moron or a complete ass

          3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:52pm

            Or all three, Stu!!

        2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:51pm

          Yeah right…lol

      3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:49pm

        Well a sick moron who clearly lives in another reality.

    2. Round of applause for you!

    3. dave wainwright 23 Dec 2011, 3:33pm

      Don’t choke on the products you purchase nor have a panic attack whilst queuing to get out , enjoy your vitriolic kissmass and may your balls never grow warts :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS LOVE YOU xxxx

      1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:35pm

        You fell for it. Duh!

    4. I see Matt has stopped by for a Jodrell. How boring and predictable of him.

      1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:38pm

        Well you would know in advance wouldn’t you Mr Spanner-in-the-works! ;)

        1. I’m a real homosexual, how’s about then then, eh a homosexual that doesn’t follow the crowd whining at everything and harassing people into accepting me on the choice I made to be gay when I was about 11.

          1. Clearly you enjoy a bit of roleplay. Have you perhaps considered a bit of World of Warcraft or something. Instead of hanging about an LGBT news site pretending to be all these diofferent people.

            Dress an idiot up in any way you like, at the end of the day, it’s still an idiot.

          2. @Matthew

            deluded … a hell of a lot …

            or just a plain fantacist or liar …

            I suspect the latter

          3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:54pm

            You ain’t foolin no-one mr… your a fake.

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:53pm


    5. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:48pm

      Another deluded soul full of assumptions, knowing nothing about facts.

  36. They’ve caved in to the “christian” fascists. I’ve no doubt they’ll be doing their same dirty work when the marriage equality consultation begins. I only hope Cameron’s government doesn’t cave in to them and blatant harassment which is tantamount to bullying. These people are a menace to society and should be put in their place. They don’t speak for the entire population and are in fact in a smaller minority than we are.

    Since when has civil marriage been a sacrament and since when do any of them have the right to say who can and cannot have one? Tesco’s has lost me as a customer.

    1. So its okay for homosexuals to harass people and supermarkets into accepting them, but not okay for others to speak out against? Very one sided.

      1. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 3:43pm

        Yes Christians have every right to show how vengeful, homophobic and nasty they can be, and a certain section do so daily on this site.

        1. Including deluded and irrelevant Matthew

          1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:59pm

            indeed, Stu, Indeed!!

        2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:58pm

          Exactly, whats good for one and all that… we’re only following the example of the Christian fruitloop!

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:57pm

        But only you say that, no one else does… apparently if your Gay your not to stand up and be respected right? Only religious people can do that right? Wrong!!

    2. Am I missing something here? How have we got to the state where people think it is “normal” for two people of the same sex to get married. It absolutely goes against nature. There is no complementarity. You’re putting things where they shouldn’t go with very damaging consequences.
      Homosexual men on average live 20 years less than heterosexual men.
      People of the same sex will never be “married” whatever the law says. It just isn’t marriage. You can pretend all you like that it is, but it never will be. Marriage is as God ordained it to be – between one man and one woman. Period.

      1. Bigot!

      2. More of the junk science from Paul Cameron …

        It has been shown to be complete lies the research you are quoting …

        Yes, homosexuality is normal for some people and is no less relevant or appropriate than heterosexuals.

        As for your commentary on God and the Bible … do you eat shellfish, do you wear clothes of mixed fibres, do you engage in the polygamy that is endorsed in the Bible …

        Your arguments are blinkered and irrelevant and as damaging as the KKK and white supremacists were (and are) when tackling the evil of racism … you are on the wrong side of history …

        Value humans, value your community rather than generate hate ….

      3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:01pm

        It’s so sad that you follow the books of over inflated male egos instead of thinking for yourself isn’t it. Why the hell do you have a brain?

        Guess we’re only a threat to you because you see in us the free will and lives that you seek so much.

        Jealous much?

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 3:56pm

      How they are still paying what they stated they would?

  37. Art Pearson 23 Dec 2011, 3:35pm

    This needs to get into the broader general media and if it does, I think TESCO will be in for a big surprise as more than 50% of their customers will likely boy-cot them.

    1. Blackmail, nice.

      1. strange how campaigning when its by LGBT people is blackmail or harassment …

        but when its by the Christian Institute (who promised to picket and boycott Tesco stores) then this is not blackmail or harassment …

        and Matthew calls himself a homosexual – oh sorry Matthew chose to be a homosexual …

        Yeah right …

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:02pm

          Indeed Stu, Matt is one big ol hypocrite!!

      2. no, awareness

  38. Patrick Lilley 23 Dec 2011, 3:40pm

    Lets see what Out at Tesco want to have happen next. We should celebrate all diversity including the right of christians to hold their beliefs and the right of everyone to feel welcome (staff andshoppers) at Tescos.

    The flippant comment(s) insulting “bad” Christians was un-necessary.

    Many Christian’s campaign for equal rights for all.

    As a community we also need to use our heads as well as our hearts to promote equality and diversity.

    Many companies have different strategies of engagement and simply sponsoring an area at Pride is actually not necessarily the most effective way of showing engagement.

    Supporting anti-bullyinng in school is a very practical way to show their concern.

    So lets see what happens next.

    Returning shopping as a reflext is not using one’s head. Lets think a few moves down the line to where this will lead and what we and Out at Tesco want to have happen in future.

  39. cowardly pieces of crap

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:03pm

      Erm, crazy says what know?

  40. I think the LGBT community should boycott Tesco.

    1. What, you mean all 1% of them!

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:04pm

        You so sad!! Boy have you got a rude awakening coming!

  41. Intersting debate (which Tesco have engaged in) on their facebook page …

    including some comments by Christian Institute supporters …

    Please add you twopenneth, but please be restrained and dignified as the discussion could be called to an end by Tesco …

    1. Seems your comments have gone, after being challenged by someone supporting those two fine hoteliers, Mr and Mrs Bull.

      1. They are very much still there (checked from a different browser and internet connection)

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:05pm

        As usual, Matthew turns to irrelevent arguement to try and hold ground… and fails…again!!

  42. It is shocking that tesco has giving into the demands of the CI! They should be ashamed of themselves!

    1. What evidence do you have of this happening? None in the story, as far as I can see.

      You’re conferring powers and outcomes on the Christian nutters that they neither have, nor have achieved. Turning a non-story into an own-goal

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:07pm

        Exactly, it seems more like pandering to CI propaganda to me!!

    2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:06pm

      Are they? They’re still contributing to London World Pride 2012 as they said they would, nothing has changed?

  43. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Dec 2011, 4:56pm

    How would these so called “christians” like it if we called for a ban on their denomination because it offends OUR beliefs in full equality? Since when does a religious organisation get to dicate what a secular business can and cannot do in the interests of religious beliefs/ Since when I ask? If you or I were to harass anyone or any business, we’d be prosecuted. Why should any religious bigoted organisation get a free pass? Nobody should be above the law let alone exempt, nobody and no organisation religious or otherwise.

  44. Yet again the christian “milk of human kindness” shines like a muddy puddle. Great excuse to shop at Waitrose not that I went to Tesco after the way they treated staff during the summer riots.

  45. Are Tesco aware that the CI only have about 30 or less active supporters? Thats the most they could muster to wave placards on TV at an abortion demo.

    1. Even that is more than the NOM could muster at most of their round the States bus tour rallies. These organisations are just fronts.

    2. I would think they hardly appear on Tesco’s radar – the only reason this is a story is because a PN journo was desperate for a story on a quiet Friday before Christmas, and PN readers are all off work.

  46. ignored tesco and just did my shopping at iceland, they have very nice xmas food selection and its 50% cheaper than in tesco, real alternative

  47. No more shopping at Tesco for moi.

  48. Patrick Mc Crossan 23 Dec 2011, 7:31pm

    I am a proud Christian and hold my faith dearly. I am also gay. God made me. I come from a large family of thirteen and I am the only gay child of my parents. They created twelve heterosexual children and one me is gay. They did nothing different in my upbringing. I am who I am. I face difficulties because I am gay. I never condemn my faith despite many within who condemn me. I will answer to god and god alone.
    I do not believe that being created as I am I should either be ashamed of being gay or deny my faith.
    My church loses numbers daily because of some who condemn others and do not truly preach what god expects of them.
    It is so easy to condemn me and Tesco for supporting Gay Pride London in 2012.
    Tesco are giving less than half a percent of their annual charitable giving out of their £63-4 budget.
    Tesco are no doubt in reality thinking of their name being advertised throughout London during the Olympic games held at the same time.
    Those who condemn Tesco should be ashamed.

    1. Patrick. As anothe life long Christian and church member I am greatly pleased at your statement of faith. What I am not pleased about is how muddled you are.I condemn Tesco and anyone else who does not suport us.You sound a bit milk and water. Anyone not for us is against us.Fight for what God gave you.

      1. “Anyone not for us is against us.” Declaring war, are we?

        A company has the right to do with its money as it sees fit. Consumers have the right to demand good and fair service; employees have the right to be paid fairly, treated well and not face bigotry in the workplace; none of us have the right to make ridiculous demands and childish threats. So what if they decide to spend their money on something other than Pride? I’m gay and I openly detest pride. I’m not against it, it’s just a personal choice thing. Doesn’t make me an enemy or “against us” – us presumably being people who are for equality, yes?

        You and your ilk should pay greater attention to what Tesco does with its employees and customers than what it does with its money. The human factor should be far more of a priority than the finances. When they start funding anti-gay activists and lobbying the government to outlaw homosexuality, *then* you can shake your torches and pitchforks. I’ll gladly bring the gunpowder

      2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:09pm

        Oh dear!!

  49. LOL at all of you gays deciding to shop somewhere else! You make 1% of the population, max. There are many more of us who don’t want to associate our food shopping with AIDS, and perverse form of ‘sex’ involving where waste food comes out…

    1. Jesus wept

    2. LOL. 1%! Yeh right, perhaps in the back of beyond where you and your homophobia live! Thing is, your ‘associating’ with us all the time! Were everywhere, in every place, in every profession. Thats Life! and as for the ‘perverse sex’ practices, well go tell your hetro male and female buddies who also practice the same! I’m advised that girls who perform anal sex get paid more for video and photo shots of such material, because its so much more popular to you ‘hetrosexuals’ who are lapping the stuff up!

    3. Reported for offensive conduct.

      Keith go away

    4. Agree with you Jack. Anyway, Christians do not condemn the sinner, only the sin. Being gay is a heavy cross to bear. Many gays live exemplary celibate lives, and their orientation is immaterial.

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:20am

        And what business is it of there’s if all they can think about is people having sex? Bit pervy isn’t it and why should the LGBT community be blames for your heads in the gutter?

    5. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:18am

      Deluded much Keith?

  50. I am a Christian bigot? I believe in a God who loves us but hates the sin that caused the
    Only Son of
    God to die for you and for me.
    I love sinners but hate sin in myself and others, it hurts the God of true love, sacrificial love?
    Telco should be ashamed that it put lifestyle before the healing of sick people!

    1. You’re not a christian but you are a bigot!

    2. You love sinners but hate sin, yet you judge people who behave according to how they were made … “lest not thee judge” …

      You are on the wrong side of history – as bad as the extreme racists …

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 4:10pm

      There is no sin, stop being deluded!

  51. Craig Nelson 23 Dec 2011, 10:36pm

    As it happens I virtually never shop at Tesco so I wouldn’t be able to boycott them and I have concerns about Tesco taking over everything which is damaging to smaller concerns.

    However all companies will avoid a bad press if they can – they don’t much care about the issues. True CI ran an article but it was fairly low profile and they never used the word ‘boycott’ or really pushed one. The ‘boycott’ was launched into the media through PN’s somewhat hysterical reporting of it, leaving Tesco trying to position itself as we now see.

    Anyway, as has been pointed out, we can’t require companies to sponsor Pride and in most cases it’s only advertising for them, not a geniune support for the LGBT community.

  52. very wise decision Tesco, these people cannot continue to march on unopposed by right thinking people. their organisation is anti Christian, and God will judge them in his time. I know many God fearing people will now be happy to return to shopping at Tesco

    1. and we laugh at the beligerent bigots

  53. I’ve just seen your website with the comments about the majority of moral shoppers standing up for family values by criticising Tesco’s earlier policy of supporting gay pride. Great news that they have seen that supporting Gay Pride is divisive and destructive of normal family life. Your gay Tesco director couldn’t really hide his life style and bigotry could he? Not surprised Tescos’ main board disciplined him. I’m sure they will give the £30,000 to a useful charity in 2013.

  54. Keith Frobisher 23 Dec 2011, 11:11pm

    Congratulations to Tesco. I note the heterophobic and Christophobic comments of the LGB&T supporters. I am not a bigot nor prejudiced indeed as a High School teacher for over 30 years I stood up for the tiny minority of pupils suffering from homophobic bullying. However the so called London Pride event is not the sort of event a large Supermarket should be supporting as much of it is lewd and in bad taste.

    1. Fortunately Tesco are supporting pride in 2012 and have publically stated they are very proud to be doing so

    2. To use and adapt a line many Christians use when trying to state they are not homophobic “some of my best friends are heterosexual”.

      I am far from heterophobic. The fact I support LGBT rights does not mean I demean the rights of people with different orientations – how bizarre that you seem to think that only one sexuality is entitled to human rights …

      As for Christophobic … no, and many on here will tell you that I seek calm reason with people of faith … I have worked as an advisor on child protection for a religious organisation in the past …

      Mythophobia (particular those false stories perpetrated by certain bigots) may be closer to the mark …

      Tesco is supporting the family event in pride – so it is far from “lewd”.

  55. Can anyone explain to me why we have a gay pride parade? What is it all about?
    Why don’t all you people with same sex attraction perversion just get on with your lives quietly the way heterosexual people do. We don’t have a heterosexual pride parade. It’s all about foisting your disordered lifestyle on us in the hope that we will accept it. I recommend people read “Redeeming the Rainbow” by Scott Lively. Incidentally, this man has been targetted and threatened by militant homosexual activists who object to him having an opinion contrary to theirs. That’s tolerance for you – a one way street!!

    1. I could not agree more. Pride is no longer needed, and if homosexuals crave equality so badly then I am firm believer that is is they have to do the changing and modernising, making their lifestyle and community something to be accepted. Do away with the constant moaning, instead do something positive to change the image of homosexuals, integrate yourselves, make people want to accept you. If my comment gets negative votes, then I will know that homosexuals are not willing to do anything to contribute to wanting equality but are wanting to be given in on a plate, which isn’t going to happen.

      1. “Integrate ourselves”? Make ourselves “something to be accepted”? Meaning what, exactly? The vast majority of gay people in this country live exactly the same lives as they would if they were straight, with the exception of their choice of partners. Is that not integrated enough?

        And yet we still find ourselves the targets of abuse, ridicule and sometimes violence for nothing more than, as Jay put it, “getting on with our lives quietly”.

        THIS is why Pride is still needed. There is still a need for gay people to show the world that we are not ashamed of being gay, we are NOT going back in the closet, no matter how much hateful little bigots like Jay here would like us to, and we do NOT need to change – homophobes do.

        By the way, every recent survey would suggest the majority of the British public is on our side, not yours. Deal with it.

        1. Here, here!

    2. The Texan Comedian Rob Nash put it best when he said this,

      ”I get sick of listening to straight people complain about, “Well, hey, we don’t have a heterosexual-pride day, why do you need a gay-pride day?” I remember when I was a kid I’d always ask my mom: “Why don’t we have a Kid’s Day? We have a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, but why don’t we have a Kid’s Day?” My mom would always say, “Every day is Kid’s Day.” To all those heterosexuals that bitch about gay pride, I say the same thing: Every day is heterosexual-pride day! Can’t you people enjoy your banquet and not piss on those of us enjoying our crumbs over here in the corner?”

      Admittedly he as a homosexual in the State of Texas has more to worry about than us fellows over here, but he makes a damn good point.

    3. Excatly the same sort of empty arguments were thrown at those seeking equality from racial segregation …

      If you can not see the difference and value treating a minority with inequality – then there is point in trying to educate a bigoted and hate consumed mind at this particular point …

      Change is coming and I am so pleased to be in the generation when LGBT people are going to be valued as humans …. including by many churches.

      1. Stu, I’m tired of the argument that homosexuality is akin to race. Not even close. Blacks are born black; as you know, no one has yet identified a “gay” gene. And Christian churches do treat homosexuals as humans – they love the sinner, and that’s all of us – but hate the sin – living out the homosexual lifestyle. God calls it an

        1. You are born gay – studies have shown links to brain chemistry <– an old link, but there are other similar valid studies which are starting to show homosexuality as hardwired as race. Skin colour isn't determined by one gene either, but by multiple factors, as with many human traits. So it would be tricky to pin down one specific gay gene. Factors that affect genetic inheritance are also things like hormone levels during pregnancy, neurochemistry and epigenetics. These affect inheritance of most human traits, and can also be attributable to sexuality, it is hardwired and there is more and more evidence is being shown to confirm this. Much like evolution.

        2. The Christian Institute does not treat LGBT people as human – far from it …

          Orientation is widely accepted by eminent scientists as a factor established at or pre birth ….

          As for the patronising love the sinner hate the sin … you would hate it that someone followed their natural inclination and love for someone … thats not my understanding of the Bible …

          To be quite frank I don’t care if you are tired of the argument comparing race and orientation … I’m quite frankly tired of hearing “love the sinner, hate the sin” and the inconsistencies in the Christian interpretation of the Bible … My stance is supported by science and evidence … yours is not …

          When you start treating LGBT people with respect, humanity and decency then I will stop reminding you of how you are treating gay people in a similar way as racist people treat people of particular ethnic groups.

          1. When LGBT people start behaving and stop being militant and making demands, they will get ‘treated’ better, the ownest is now on the homosexuals. As someone said above, the homosexuals have to contribute, and they can start their call for equality by starting to behave equal, and doing away with gay pride.

          2. @James

            Lets recall a speech opposing Martin Luther King Junior when he was fighting racism …

            “When black people start behaving and stop mnaking demands they will get “treated” better … ”

            Note, there was no intention to treat them humanely or with equality or value … just better (an acknowledgement that they were subject to inferior and discriminatory treatment)

            Seems you are using an argument that has been shown to be bigoted, prejudiced and inhumane … however, if it made you have pride – then you must stand up for your principles (however debased and ignorant they are). You are very much on the wrong side of history.

    4. Because you’re ‘forced’ to go and watch half naked hot guys dance around at pride parades?
      You need to examine the concept of ‘liberty’ again.

  56. Terry McCartney 24 Dec 2011, 12:05am

    If Tesco’s has pandered to the pressure of a christian boycott then maybe it’s time We demonstrate the power of the ‘Pink £€$’, which They seem to value.

  57. Well, Tesco…. Not much spine as it gets to dealing with religious fundies…..
    I guess time to return out Clubcard…..

  58. I love the language of the Christophobic bullies who claim to be campaigning for “fairness and tolerance to all.” This evidences itself in the previous comments by describing Christians as Ugly, nasty, narrow-minded idiots, outrageous, bigoted, homophobic, demented, terrorisers, filthy, hated, same as white supremacists and anti-semites, dogs, murderers, degraders, uncharitable, irrational, evil, dsicriminatory, anti-human, anti-social, wrong, childish, menace, fascists, blatant harassment and bullying, menace, need putting in their place, a smaller minority. CHRISTIANS FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF CHRIST AND IT IS SACRILIGIOUS TO DESCRIBE MY SAVIOUR IN THIS WAY!
    My dear colleagues thank you for the great fairness, tolerance and lack of discrimination that you have a marvellous way of showing to those whose beliefs differ from yours!

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Dec 2011, 3:24am

      Gen up. Your were sold a lie.

      The bible is garbage. Nothing more than 2 thousand years of hearsay stories designed to entertain desert living ignorant fools and take whatever money they had from them,.

      Belief is nothing.

      I live a moral life because I am moral, and not for some god given reward in your supposed afterlife.

      We are not Christophobic. We are just responding to your continual abuse against us for just being born the way our mothers birthed us.

      Please, feel free to follow the teachings of your Christ, however you do not seem to be capable of it.

      My advise. Live the life your Jesus told you, NON Judgmental.

      1. GingerlyColors 24 Dec 2011, 6:32am

        Let he without sin cast the first stone.

      2. Dr Guthrie,

        Jesus told us not to judge, but to admonish the sinner. He calls sodomy an “abomination.” My advice: Read your bible and ask God to send His Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

        1. Has it occured to you that two people of the same sex may be together because they love one another? And that they want to spend the rest of their lives together? A common trait of many Christians is an over obsession with the genital act rather than the vastly more important love.

          Pax et Bonum.

  59. GingerlyColors 24 Dec 2011, 6:34am

    I’d love to see the Westboro Baptist Church try to picket a Tesco’s. They will end up getting the same treatment as that fare-dodging yob did on that train!

    1. I’d love to see the CI or WBC try it … you tube and cameras at the readyt … local police homophobcally aggravated public disorder … please deal … didnt the Croydon tram woman end up remanded in custody for her own safety … It would be viral …

  60. How dare the ‘Christian’ Institute interfere with my life as a gay man by manipulating other people to persecute and discriminate against the LGBT Community. I call on the British Government, the European Authorities and the United Nations to immediately black list the Christian Instittute, the Roman Catholic Church and Islam as hate institutions bent on disturbing the Peace, disrupting social life, discrimination, corruption and hate speech against the LGBT Community and people in general.
    These institutions are dangerous and militant and should be very carefully monitored by the police. Any infringement of the hate laws by the above insitutions, no matter how trivial must be dealt with swiftly and finally.

    I shall continue to do my shopping at Tesco because I am not going to fall into the Chistian Intitute campaign of hate. Tesco is a good company that looks after its LBGT staff.

    1. 1. I was told the truth. Jesus said, “I am the truth.”
      2. Jesus in praying to His Father asked, “Make them holy by Your truth. Your word (ie the Bible) is Truth.” When the truth pricks our conscience we often treat it as garbage.
      3. Belief is everything, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”
      4. There is an afterlife, “It is appointed to men once to die, but after that the judgement.”
      5. Christophobic means “an irrational fear relating to Christ, which is based on prejudice and misunderstanding.”
      6. “I was born in sin and shapen in iniquity. In sin did my mother conceive me.”
      7 .Jesus was extremely judgemental. He said, “Woe to you hypocrites. You generation of vipers. How shall you escape the damnation of hell.” Not exactly the “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild.”
      FINALLY. Could I recommend you study the Bible every day. I love you and will pray for you. It looks shallow to sound like an authority on a book which you obviously rarely ever read.
      Evolutionist/Atheist Richard Dawkins said, “I believe evolution even though I cannot prove it.” In other words he took a blind leap of faith in believing there was no God the Creator, even though he admitted he could not prove it! Atheism is totally illogical and based on prejudice and misunderstanding.

  61. Sarah Heleneuk 24 Dec 2011, 10:16am

    The Institute ( Christian Institute ) describes itself as a “non-denominational Christian charity committed to upholding the truths of the Bible.”

    What truths ??

    The Bible is surely a collection of fictional stories written by many contributors who cannot be relied upon, much was pure hear say inadmissible in any court of law.

    I’ll think twice about shopping at Tesco’s now.

  62. It’s funny, isn’t it, that the targetted audience of this webpage wouldn’t be overly happy about Tesco funding the local evangelical church – how’s that for equality and open-mindedness?

    1. I’m not sure supporting an evangelical church propogating religious belief would fit with the regulations of the charity commission …

  63. What really gets me is the email that has been allegedly received by those who complained of Tesco sponsoring pride in the first place which says according to this article “implies no moral, philosophical or political stance”.

    Really? So Tesco as one of the UK’s largest companies is completely indifferent towards the equality of gay people?

    What about other minorities? Are they ‘meh’ about the issue of racial discrimination or gender discrimination or discrimination based upon disability?

    Whether or not they elect to sponsor any event is really neither here nor there for me. It’d be a shame if they did react to pressure from the Christian Institute, but it’s their money at the end of the day and we can all vote with our feet if we don’t like it.

    But the alleged quote that suggests neutrality on an issue of equality, I think is easily the more ‘offensive’ part of this whole story.

  64. Spanner1960 24 Dec 2011, 2:22pm

    Oh get with it people. All these stores are the same, funded my multinational corporates and banks. If you want to really show where you Pink Pound is spent, help the little people.

    I know not everyone is loaded, but there is a certain truth to the stereotype that gay people are ABC1 marketing category, with a lot more disposable income, so spend it wisely and encourage growth in the high street again. I have just spent a smallish fortune Christmas shopping but I never set foot once in a supermarket. Stunning hand reared meats, organic veg, handmade arts and crafts and loads more. If LGBT people can’t say it with their feet and wallets, I don’t know who can.

    Have a cracking Christmas everybody! xxx

  65. Keith Shepherd 24 Dec 2011, 4:09pm

    I keep hearing about the sanctimony of marriage between a man and a woman. It’s so important and the way God intended, blah blah blah. Here in the US it’s so important to the fundamentalists that a full 53% of marriages end in divorce. Wow that really seems to me it must be important. Then these same sex couples that have been together for many years and even decades are denied the same rights and the fundamentalists are saying we are pushing a fascist homosexual agenda down their throats. I wonder how many gay armies have killed other human beings for their beliefs. A real shame.

  66. Seán McGouran 24 Dec 2011, 6:30pm

    It’s pretty obvious what most people think. This – technically – only involves London Pride.
    But boycott by lgbt people and our allies will make Tesco sit up an take notice. Remember it is a greedy corporation which makes it vulnerable. And it’s organisation extends well outside of the UK.

  67. What is the matter with these Christo-fascists? Inject a little bit of gayness into your life FFS, you’d be much happier rather than waiting for Mr Invisible Sky Lurker to reply to your latest diatribe.

    Tesco should have told them to get their noses out, as it is up to them to support who they want.

  68. With 3 shops in easy reach from my house, this action by Tesco makes sure I’ll only consider 2 for my shopping from now on…

  69. Ashley DICKENSON 26 Dec 2011, 1:50pm

    Supposing all armed robbers and thieves were to have a Robbers and / or Thieves Pride Day, brandishing all their robbed / stolen goods that might have been unlawfully taken from a relative of yours or from someone you know? The outcry would be, I’m sure, deafening.
    Sin is sin, whether homosexual acts or stealing.
    If there is gay pride I’d rather it were applied to a) homosexuals who chose to lead celibate lives or b) those who have left the homosexual lifestyle. I know of ex-gay members who have come to faith in Christ through counselling or the Living Waters Trust (
    a ‘nasty’ Christian.

    1. Ashley DICKENSON 26 Dec 2011, 1:58pm

      Marriage is indeed for between a man and a woman – even though marriages break up, that is a fact of life. And is divorce necessarily the answer? Falling in love and marrying, I’m told, is a far more serious business than people think, not the easy option of being based on lust. I’m not just talking about heterosexual couples here .. my hope and prayer this new year is for more gays and lesbians to encounter Christ and the inner peace He gives.

    2. Ashley DICKENSON 26 Dec 2011, 2:13pm

      Valksy, I pose you a question: you claim religion is childish: were my late Mum still alive she would witness to you about how her Christian faith was of great comfort to her after she lost my Dad. Not bad considering she at first pondered suicide, then discovered for herself the Gospel.
      To paraphrase one of Jesus’ teachings: ‘Let anyone who is without sin (ie perfect) among us be the first to cast a stone (St John Ch 8 – at the woman caught in adultery)’ and of course, no-one could. Yet this did not mean that Jesus let the woman ‘off the hook’.
      ‘Go your way’ He told her ‘ and sin no more’.

      1. @Ashley

        If people find religion either a comfort or a crutch then that is for them to enjoy and find solace with … it is not for them to breach the teachings of the Bible and cast stones …

        Marriage predate Christianity … indeed there are innumerous examples anthropologically of same sex marriages prior to the church, and of many same sex marriages carried out by a variety of churches including the RC church …

        Homosexuality is not specifically mentioned as a sin – and if it is, then it is of the same level of seriousness as eating shellfish …

    3. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:21am

      Talking crazy again Ashley. Guess bigotry and lessing any quality of life suits your need for superiority… trouble is it actually does the complete opposite!

  70. David Skinner 27 Dec 2011, 12:30am

    Read Johann Hari’s article entitled, “The Strange strange story of the Gay Fascists” in which he says, I quote:
    ” Fascism isn’t something that happens out there, a nasty habit acquired by the straight boys. It is – in part, at least – a gay thing, and it’s time for non-fascist gay people to wake up and face the marching music.”

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:22am

      Keep yourself deluded much about life Skinner, eh?

  71. Hooray! Now there’s no need to boycott my local Tesco’s.

    1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 9:22am

      So your pleased they still doing what they said they would then, donate £30,000 to World London Pride.

      Hypocrite much?

  72. Jock S. Trap 2 Jan 2012, 8:59am

    I didn’t think they would. It’s a one off for World Pride in London so expected thats all it was about. I think any relation to the Christian Institute in saying otherwise is seriously flawed though I expect them to use it as a victory.

    I would hope to see Tesco help groups in the future and a bit disappointed that this payment is clearly to cash in on World Pride.

    1. I wonder how much the Tesco express in Soho takes on the day of London Pride? I suspect it’s their busiest day. Boycott anyone?

  73. I wonder how much the Tesco express in Soho takes on the day of London Pride? I suspect it’s their busiest day. Boycott anyone?

  74. Jeff Duncan 3 Jan 2012, 5:30pm

    Just closed my online account with Tesco and my opticians account and let Customer Service know about.

  75. Haven’t Tesco now made a statement refuting the claims of this nutty “Christian” group? If so, why hasn’t Pink Paper updated the article?

  76. If u think The Christian Institute should have its charitable status revoked, write to The Charities Commission and complain. This organisation exists PURELY for its own purpose. Most people assume a ‘charity’ raises money for good causes. This one spends EVERY penny it raises on keeping its officers employed and is in fact forbidden by its charter from giving money away. It is a FARCE – as are the thousands of other religious charities registered in the UK. I complaimed to David Cameron about this issue and have never received a reply.

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