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Trans woman’s killer found guilty of manslaughter after Tube death

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Reader comments

  1. DJ Sheepiesheep 22 Dec 2011, 4:55pm

    Such a shame. She was a fantastic, hard working, well motivated lawyer. Our community so desperately needs role models. What an awful waste of human life.

    1. Helen Wilson 22 Dec 2011, 5:39pm

      Sonia had a real heart for helping people, it seems so tragic that that her caring spirit would bring her into contact with her killer. Its so sad Senthooran was not receiving treatment for his schizophrenia and being monitored.

  2. Thinking of Sonia’s family. What relief this killing did not turn out to be transphobic

  3. Another Hannah 22 Dec 2011, 7:55pm

    I have mentioned many times that the term paranoid schizophrenic means that you need to proceed with extreme caution. One of the resons I left psychiatric nursing many years ago was due to the lack of protection by the NHS for its staff. If your going to tell others that somebody’s health has deteriorated to people who may choose to lock them up then they will obviously get paranoid.

  4. What a tragic loss.

  5. Rest in Peace Sonia, you, of all people with your compassion for all people who were oppressed in any way, truly did not deserve this
    From an old friend of yesteryear xxx

  6. Did anyone see this story reported in TheSun “newspaper”? Miss Sonia was referred to as a crossdresser. nasty vile excuse for a paper.

  7. Sonia, enabled by her male career, West-end flat and loving children, stuck her nose into the very different life of someone else and endangered her dreams. Would it be hoping for too much if others learn the necessary lesson?

    Perhaps the biggest problem women with transsexual history have is being under- or un-employed. Its up along with destroyed schooling, hateful families, generally bad medical care, hateful women and homicidal men. And thats after the injustices of the medical pathway to being ourselves. Sonia experienced and understood none of those. Having no need of either hormones she blamed hormones for her client’s mental problems – and without consent told her client’s doctor – when inadequate hormones were more likely the problem.

    Now Sonia is dead, and her client, whose mind was likely disturbed by poor medical care and persecution, is condemned to years in prison, as a male.

    Transgender and transsexual are different. Respect that, and don’t mess the lives of others.

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