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Australian Psychological Society backs call for equal marriage rights

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent news! We will win, inevitably.

  2. Where is the British Psychological Society on this ?

    1. It’s probably on the same page. I’d be more than surprised if it weren’t, but it would be a good thing if it made a public statment in support of marriage equality.

    2. In the case of Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson they stated this:

      “The Lesbian and Gay Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society support Sue and Celia’s case to get their marriage legally recognised. We agree with the resolution by the American Psychological Association (APA) which argues that laws against same-sex marriage are a form of discrimination based on sexual orientation. The Civil Partnerships Act still does not place lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans citizens in ‘same sex’ relationships in a position of equity with people in ‘opposite sex’ relationships. We do not recognize the restriction of marriage rights as valid or defensible on psychological or other grounds and wish Celia and Sue all the best in their courageous challenge.”

  3. So an association of those who peddle a quasi science has only now given its support due to the majority of Australian citizens support. Another example of psychology being maluable to societal quantum mass on issues rather than purport their support earlier. Reminds me of psychologists treating homosexuality as a mental illness, many still do in the UK, until the association of psychologists finally followed the growing tolerance from society on the topic.

  4. Any grouping or individual with a sincere wish for the benefits of a stable society will back full gay marriage rights. There is no benefit whatsoever to anyone from perpetuating the exclusion of a numerically significant, contributing group of people from full equality. Quite the opposite.

  5. Very good news :-) Good that they are catching up at last

  6. Robin Evans 22 Dec 2011, 8:00pm

    Why do we still leave these vital issues up to the political people (the most dishonest and self-serving in our world)

    Seems to me everyone wants this solved but The PM & Tony Abbott ?????

  7. carrie baker 22 Dec 2011, 8:46pm

    Congratulations to the australia olympian woman and her wonder ful relationship as a lesbian , thank her for standing up and being proud of her partner and love, you tell the hettersexual jealous bigots to kiss your ass, and to get a life of thier own, and to put thier noses back into their own private wives and families where they should be, and out of the asses of gay families, stalkers they are, we do appreciate the human rights hetersexual freinds that are honoraries for equalities as sister and brothers of humanity , the aclu, lamda legal and others, continue to come out , but come out and lend your voice , your pen, and your mentorship and other donations to lgbt shelters and centers for teens an seniors , help set up safe establishments and recreations and fun family places for your communities and chidren, instead of an autograph, put your face on a shelter, and name on charites donated to lgbt youth fun camps, support shelters for lgbt teens and seniors, and community

  8. carrie baker 22 Dec 2011, 8:53pm

    You tell the goddamn false prophet of hate the idiot who poses as a cardinal in chicago, to go to hell where he is going for his defamation and hate attacks , the glaad and had better start reprimanding thise false religous lunatics, somebody had better pull a school year book on this creep and show the nation what high school he went to and that bad ass he was in school , these are just lunataic boy idiots brain washed and trying to brain wash others into what their wicked occult and clubs tell them to do, they will be out at night chasing ass like the rest of the priest and cardinals at dark, check his personal life and affiliates, the asshole and hippocrite, somebody check his ass and show him his crew cut from high school the high school bully , and bad ass, trouble maker, an still is , sit his ass down and let the civil rights progress an equality move forward, Now, to be such liars as homophobes, they sure like wearing those dresses, Get It. We are sick of there pedephilia asses

  9. floridahank 23 Dec 2011, 1:45am

    They state, ” given that marriage is a key legal and social institution from which many people derive great meaning and purpose in their lives.”

    Since they’re discussed a significant topic on society, I would like to hear their indepth discussion, evalution and feelings about religion.”

  10. While this applies even more pressure to our appalling leadership, I seem to recall that the psychologists also encouraged the legalisation of homosexuality long before the politicians – so browbeaten by a narrow groups of religious fundamentalists – actually acted. I am still of the opinion that it will (sadly) take about 10 years for marriage equality here in Aus.

  11. Father Ted 23 Dec 2011, 2:37pm

    When society wants to ban something, in this instance gay marriage, it has to show a rational basis for doing so, the onus is on those who want to ban.

    1. sorry – I posted the wrong petition – still sign the above petition please, but also sign this one too:

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