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Zimbabwe MP arrested for claiming Robert Mugabe “practised homosexuality”

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Reader comments

  1. Sadly she will probably have a “accident” soon.

  2. Very worrying …

    When will the international community act on Zimbabwe?

    1. When the Zimbabwe government announce they’ve found oil?

      1. So the inticement of being one of the most mineral rich nations on the African continent and possibly the world not good enough?

        I daresay the fear of being seen as a colonial/imperialist police force would be my guess.

        1. I daresay the fear of being seen as a colonial/imperialist police force would be my guess.

          Didn’t really seem to worry a lot of people when it came to Iraq or Afghanistan though, did it?

    2. In what way do you want them to act?

      1. Supporting the opposition in Zimbabwe?

    3. Which particular international community would that be?

      1. I dont mind which section act … referably involving a mix of nations …

        1. I think you know my views on the word ‘community’ by now, Stu. The West, which is what most people really mean when they talk about ‘the international community’ only acts when its vested interests are at risk, as is all too sadly clear most of the time. And Zimbabwe has nothing that is desperately needed by the West, so foreign action in the near future is extremely unlikely.

        2. @Rehan

          I know your thoughts, and many of them I agree with …

          I think in the case of Zimbabwe there is a moral case for western involvement … although I would prefer to see things led politically by the African Union with support that goes beyond the west and Africa …

  3. If I was Zimbabwean, I’d be less worried about Mugabe’s sexual proclivities, and more about the fact the man is a despotic lunatic with all the rationale of a rabid mongrel.

  4. There are some days when people topple out of the closet where I’m inclined to think “Nah, you can have him…”
    This would be one of those.

    1. There are plenty other people I would be happy to fall out of the closet … but using a metaphor from one of my straight female friends … not only is he not at the same gate as me in the airport, he was rejected boarding at check in – due to not meeting airline requirements ….

  5. “Canaan Banana.” LOL.
    Maybe it was just the banana.

  6. Mugabe was the liberator of Zimbabwe who overthrew white rule.

    Tragically the day he came to power was a complete disaster for Zimbabwe.

    He turned Zimbabwe from the breadbasket of Africa to the basket case of Africa.

    I wish him a speedy death.

    1. However bad the man is dAVID, and I agree the man should go, you should never wish the death of anyone.
      That too is morally wrong.

      1. I wish Hitler burnt to death in 1920 does that make me a bad person?

        1. de Villiers 22 Dec 2011, 7:34pm

          It would be better to wish he had not come to power than to wish that he should be burned alive. Human rights are for all humans – not just those whom we like.

  7. Keith Farrell 21 Dec 2011, 12:00pm

    yes I agree with the ‘accident’ I think she will join all the other bodies in the dam

  8. Pastor Rich N. Fat 21 Dec 2011, 12:33pm

    If she made the statement in parliament it should be covered by parliamentary privilege, so there’s no ground to arrest her.

    1. This is Zimbabwe we are talking about.

      1. Really? You amaze me.

    2. Nameo Obum 21 Dec 2011, 4:43pm

      Pastor Rich N. Fat, Don’t be Daft! What if a UK or USA call for the extermination of homosexuals, should that person be covered by Parliamentary privilege? Think before you talk as what you say might imply digging your own grave.

      1. You don’t know the difference between defamation of an individual and calling for genocide? Or even understand the point pastor Rich N. fat was making?

        Speech in Westminster style parliaments is protected by privilege usually. So a person can’t be sued for defamation for what they say there. Whether this still applies in Zimbabwe is anyone’s guess.

  9. Practice makes perfect

  10. Can there be anything worse than homophobic “straight” tyrants who secretly practice homosexuality while publicly waging war on LGBT’s?

  11. Cambodia Guesthouse 21 Dec 2011, 1:16pm

    Only one thing ‘satanic’ as far as I can see Mr Mugabe!

  12. I am intrigued by the similarity of the rise to power of both Joseph Stalin and Robert Mugabe, there must be a despotic hand book out there.

    1. Bizarre thought just came to me … will there one day be a despotic openly gay leader who reverses the harm and penalises non LGBT people etc etc

      I hope not … but it would be an amusing sociological experiment …

      1. That seems to be Spanner’s dream.

      2. A modern day Gaius Aurelius Valarius Diocletianus, perhaps?

        1. Oh he’s a new one to me – shall go and look him up …

          1. You big doll, how could you forget the Emperor Diocletian and Derek Jarmans film about (Saint) Sebastian.

          2. Not been called a big doll before … thats a new one lol

      3. The worm that turned.
        If instead of LGBT’s being deprived of their human rights it was heterosexuals. I wonder would straight people enjoy being sent for to ex-straight boot camps for “lifestyle” re-education?
        Would straight people enjoy being at risk of beatings and arrest and prevented from congregating and socialising? Would straight people enjoy being criminalised and given long-term prison sentences for aggravated heterosexuality?
        Would heterosexuals enjoy being reported to the gay police and being kicked out of their homes by their fine upstanding gay relatives?
        Would straight people think corrective rape to make them gay was such a very good idea?
        Would straight people be thrilled by a government determined to eliminate heterosexuality once and for all?
        Heterosexuals might discover some empathy for the plight of LGBT’s by imagining the situation reversed as described, if it was now heterosexuals themselves deprived of their basic human rights and dignity.

  13. Nameo Obum 21 Dec 2011, 4:29pm

    If you make an allegation you should be ready to prove it. If not, I don’t know what the world would be like.

    1. “If not, I don’t know what the world would be like.”

      I’d say you should be used to that feeling by now.

  14. Nameo Obum 21 Dec 2011, 4:33pm

    Robert Mugabe is like Marmite – Europeans loath him while Africans can’t get enough of him. Regardless of how we might dislike or hate someone, it does not give anybody the right to go making allegations they cannot prove. Personally, I will love it if this MP has an incontrovertible that Mugabe is gay though, there have been rumours in the past that he might be infertile due to the he underwent in the hands of White Europeans. That hasn’t been proven either.

    1. Didn’t you just do what you said no one had a right to do?

  15. Headline should have been “MP alleges Mugabe had gay sex with Banana”

    1. Does he have wild weekends with his friends in Uganda?

    2. Or even “MP alleges Mugabe had sex with Banana.”

  16. She will be wishing she had kept her mouth shut.

    In a way we need someone like Mr Mugabe here in the UK, someone with balls, that does not stand nonsense, and he will certainly reign in the homosexuals with their demands and bullying of everyday people and accusations of people being ‘homophobia’ when they are expressing an opinion and view.

    We used have such good laws here in the UK and then someone in 1967 decided to repeal it.

    Respect to Mr Mugabe.

    1. How strange Matthew, isn’t it usually you who are determined to exercise your freedom of speech – yet you seem more than happy for that to be denied to others to an extent that their liberty is removed …

      When you begin to understand humanity and how to behave, you may have earned the right to debate here … shuffle off, and learn …

      1. Apparently all these trolls are Spanner, he has confessed.

      2. Oh I exercise my freedom of speech, mostly because its correct, and because its correct, all homosexuals come out the woodwork in objection, as they are in fear of the truth of how they act and behave, and just want to blame others.

        You yourself lay blame at others doors, when you yourself are responsible for how you look, act and behave. You have no right in blaming others, if they wish to make homophobic comments, they have a right to hate you if they want, and I Sir most certainly do, quoting another posters comment, it would appear you are a goody goody, or one that i prefer, you kiss ass.

        1. @Matthew

          You have been shown to be both wrong and ignorant on so many occasions on here ….

          The proposition from you that you are correct is laughable, all the evidence from you is quite the opposite.

          How I look (and how you look) is how we were born (unless we have plastic surgery or are disfigured in some way) and how we age …

          How I behave, is my responsibility and I have never blamed anyone else for my acts or omissions … I merely ask others to take responsibility for their acts and omissions (something many people, unfortunately, are unable or unwilling to do – including yourself) …

          How I act … that would be something to do with character, personality and psyche and again be linked to how I was born …

          No one is denying anyone a right to have internal views of hatred – if people want to be overwhelmes by their own decisions to have overwhelming feelings of negativity – that is their CHOICE to make … when they decide to try and perculate those thoughts and …

        2. … feelings to others and incite others to feel the same way – that becomes criminal and irresponsible and breaches other peoples human rights. The universal declaration of human rights which enshrines your beloved freedom of speech, also requires you to exercise responsibility – something you seem very keen to neglect.

          Matthew, it has been known in a sexual context for me to kiss ass – something I have no problem in admitting – perhaps you should try it some day – you might like it. As for being sycophantic (which I presume is what you are trying to say) – no, I have my own very deep seated belief in personal responsibility – something you sorely and obviously lack. Your irresponsibility and inhumanity are clear.

          Matthew – or is it Neal – or is @onetruerealist – or is it Morgan Johnson … all very similar, all inadequate, insecure and bullying … lacking responsibility, motivated by fear of someone being different to you – all laughable.

        3. “Mostly because it’s correct” – heh. Deluded much? BIt high on the NPD scale, poor dear.

    2. Quite Matthew, and something to ponder when you’re spitroasting rats for sustinance ’cause you’re living under the worst national famine in living memory.
      But at least those uppity gays won’t make peep with Mugabe in charge.
      Priorities, huh?

    3. ‘REIGN in the homosexuals’? Matthew, you dirty bugger. Not difficult to see what fevered fantasies contribute to such Freudian slips.

    4. Matthew

      I think this particularly suits you:

      “How to explain Gay rights to an idiot”

  17. Truth hurts they say!

  18. Was he just practising or did he do it for real?

    I have wondered, given that I read that Mugabe was raised by Catholic priests, whiter his current attitudes are the result of some sort of abuse in his past. But it could also be self repression from the attitudes they may have transmitted to him.

    1. That should say whether, not whiter. Weird spellcheck correction.

  19. ….”Canaan Banana….”…?

    1. Brings a whole new meaning to that old Cockney knees-up staple, “…ave a Banana”!

  20. johnny33308 22 Dec 2011, 3:51am

    Well, no one is better positioned to know about Satanic things than Mugabe…he is a mad ravenous predator who feeds upon innocents…driving his Mercedes on his country’s dirt roads while citizens starve…he is the right hand of Satan! He should have been taken out long ago…for the benefit of Humanity!

  21. The people who complain too much about someone being gay are the very same people who do it themselves. He just got found out like Ted Haggard the Christian leader and advisor to President Bush who was anti gay but he got exposed when they found him having sex with a male prostitute and doing drugs. Funny if they now kill Robert Mugabe for being homosexual, now that would be righteous justice.

    1. Explains most of Matthew’s outbursts at least …

  22. GingerlyColors 22 Dec 2011, 6:43am

    LOL! The cat’s out of the bag and Mugabe’s out of the closet! I suppose that’s what they mean by ‘Banana Republic’!
    Please Robert, take a tip from the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il and go to hell!

  23. David chukwuka 23 Dec 2011, 1:47pm

    Totally agree with you @ ginger

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