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Lesbian couple sues Hawaii B&B which turned them away for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. why on earth would you go to hawaii and stay in what looks like a scout hut? If you are going to offer goods and services to the general public then you have to take them as you find them- and im frankly surprised she can afford to be so picky given its not exactly the Hilton shes offering!

    1. Miguel Sanchez 21 Dec 2011, 3:48pm

      I just have 1 question for you. Where’s your brain? That B&B sounds quite quaint. I for one would love to stay in a place like that, provided they don’t discriminate.

      1. my brain is in my head thank you- it may sound “quaint”- (nothing in there sounds remotely quaint to me so i assume you cant read) but picture looks like a house in Milton Keynes Suburb, and i wouldnt want to fly to Hawaii to stay there.

  2. While legal protection for LGBT people does not exist on a federal level (yet), Hawaii is one of the states that has a civil code that expressly forbids what the B & B owner did. Once again – when a person make the decision to run a business they are subject to all of the laws, from licensing to health and safety to tax and beyond. You don’t get to pick and choose which laws you follow based on something that cannot be tested, measured or proven sincere.

    1. Miguel Sanchez 21 Dec 2011, 3:49pm

      Well said. I hope they end up owning that business.

    2. Very well said…I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Law needs changing, so you can have who you want to, mind you can just say no, and not given a reason, or make one up. I do all the time.

    1. You make a lot of things up, Matthew – it has been seen on here …

    2. Miguel Sanchez 21 Dec 2011, 3:51pm

      Once again you’ve proven to us all that you’re as Anti Gay as Newt Gingrich. Do us a favor and make this your loast comment!

  4. The thing that jumps out to me in this story is that it dates back to 2007 (which is a little like the issue with the CI raising the Tesco case recently), why is it an issue currently. Clearly someone somewhere feels its current …. why now?

  5. I daresay this couple would have been refused accommodation even if they were legally married. Expect more of that to happen once we in the UK get marriage equality.

  6. A very upsetting experience. My partner and I no longer stay at B&B’s. But our bad experience was with a gay couple who operated one! I can imagine religious fundies being discriminatory but I never envisaged appalling treatment by our own kind!

    1. Its about picking and choosing the B&B I have found – I can recommend a few excellent ones that are comfortable, friendly, cook well, and welcoming … but have also had a couple of less successful experiences. I tend to try and find a quality B&B and then check it out further online from tripadvisor and other websites and sometimes asking a friendly question about the area before booking and judging by the response received.

      I wouldnt write off all B&Bs (I have a favourite one in Cornwall!) but I do understand some can be disappointing

  7. God I pray that they win. Too bad we have to sue to get justice but that is the way it is today where Money is God and the only way to get justice is sue. Sue every chance you get when they fail to treat LGBT people fairly. It is the only way to get justice today.

  8. Well as a gay woman who is also Pagan I wonder how these people would feel if I said I don’t allow non-pagan straight people to stay in my B&B? I think they’d have something to say about it!!! Fools

  9. Spanner1960 23 Dec 2011, 8:55am

    Since when was Hawaii in the UK?
    Why is this in the UK news section?

  10. Spanner1960 23 Dec 2011, 8:56am

    Since when was Hawaii part of the UK?
    Why is this in the UK section?

    1. David Myers 23 Dec 2011, 1:10pm

      Get over it Spanner. You’re such a twit. Gay/Lesbian rights issues are important for us all throughout the world. It is a world movement and we should all support it everywhere. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen living in Vancouver since 1970 and I come to this site to find out about gay/lesbian issues in Britian and everywhere else all over the world. Don’t be so parochial!

  11. ”bold” test

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