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New York couple receive wedding congratulations from Barack Obama

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Reader comments

  1. Another welcome step in the Obama creep towards equal marriage?

    1. mmmm… he certainly seems to be moving in that direction :)

  2. Hmmm – how can he congratulate them on something he does not believe in?

    In the letter (which looks like a form letter which anyone can apply for) he mentions only their ‘union’ ‘partnership’ and ‘journey’. He does not mention their marriage. And why would he? He believes that LGBT people are 2nd class citizens, undeserving of equality.

    This is either a form letter or a PR gimmick ie throw those uppity f”gs a scrap to make it seem like he supportsthem; and then they will vote for him; and as soon as it is convenient throw them back under the bus.

    The truly tragic thing is that Obama is the best choice on offer.

    Then again it’s a bit of an exaggerationn to call the US a democracy these days.

    As soon

    1. Obama has never shown that he believes LGBT citizens are undeserving of equality, or that he thinks less of them. Until he started his campaign for presidency, he was supportive of gay marriage, but it’s such a volatile subject in the US that he changed that stance to ‘undecided’ in an attempt to placate both sides, most likely until he feels that outright stating his support won’t alienate a large portion of people likely to vote for him.

      I’m not saying it would, and I’m not saying I agree with his actions, but I can understand why he did them.

      Second of all, words like ‘union’ and ‘journey’ are common in America when it comes to marriage.

      Chances are, what happened is that someone sent an invitation to the ceremony to the White House. When you do that, you typically get a letter like this in response. If he didn’t want to support them, he or one of his staff could simply have it as policy that invitations to gay weddings are ignored.

    2. Interesting view on Obama’s approach to same sex marriage detailed here:

  3. There’s an election coming up in 2012, is it no wonder this was sent? Pity he couldn’t actually say the word “marriage” in the congratulatory letter. During his campaign in 2008, he said that he wanted civil unions at the federal level while marriage is reserved for one man and one woman. He also said that he had a problem with same-sex civil marriage because it had a religious connotation, whatever that means. In 1996 when he was running for political office in the state of Illinois, he was in favor of same-sex marriage.

    1. Meaning that he is a complete political opportunist.

      He supported us in 1996 and then threw us under the bus the second it became convenient.

      He will do so again.

      He is such a crushing disappointment. And yet the best on offer.


      1. One persons “complete political opportunist” is another persons “trealist adopting tactics to get results”

        1. oops realist

      2. David Myers 23 Dec 2011, 1:19pm

        You’re such a tool dAVID! If that isn’t your real name, I wish you’ld pick another. It depresses me to have to share the same name with idiots. No president has ever done more for gay/lesbian rights than Obama. Period! Did you by any chance catch Obama’s Secretary of State’s UN speech on why gay/lesbian rights are human rights and challenging the rest of the world (and the United States) to start respecting those rights? Obama gave her the authority to make that outstanding speech and he personally backed it up with orders to the US Department of foreign affairs and the US foreign aid programs to enforce those positions. Your negative disingenuous comments about Obama’s commitment to gay/lesbian rights is infantile and embarassing.

  4. Now if only the first black American President will free all LGBT people in America from the slavery that has kept them down longer than any other slavery and set them free to marry the ones they love all over America and so set the example for the world to see that America really is free.

    1. America is not free. Where on earth did you get that idea?

      It can barely even be described as a democracy since the entire political system was sold to corporate America

  5. Wedding videographer 20 Dec 2011, 7:19pm

    WOW congratulations from Barack Obama. Nice, I want as well

  6. He’s a liberal and an intellectual, and I can’t believe in his heart he doesn’t believe in gay marriage. “I’m working on it” is a coded way of saying “I can’t say it before the election, but if I get back in I’ll support it”. Well, can hope anyway…

    1. Yes but he is a complete political opportunist so he is willing to thtrow uis under the bus when it is convenient.

      He is a true minnow of a politician (yet the best that the undemocratic US system will permit)

  7. Well, it really doesn’t mean anything. It’s an election year and Obama’s just making mileage, just as he did with DADT. But then, I guess each little, tiny, eetsy-beetsy molecule helps…..doesn’t it? Meanwhile, we wait….and wait….and wait….and feel all warm at any crumb. Sad, ain’t it?

    1. Sad? No. Not really.

      Would a president have done this 60 years ago? What about 20 years ago?

      Its progress. Whether you accept it or not, it is progress.

      1. It means nothing .

        It’s a gimmick.

        I measure progress in terms of legislation. Not in terms of empty gestures.

        Obama believes we are 2nd class citizens.

        1. “I measure progress in terms of legislation”

          Legislation is always slow to follow attitudes. Change attitudes first, legislation will follow. This isn’t an all or nothing show, the real gains are made when influential people start to back equal rights. You see gimmick, I see progress. But then again, all your posts here are negative and and quite extreme, so I do not expect much from you on a balanced perspective.

        2. David Myers 23 Dec 2011, 1:22pm

          Your ignorance and disingenuousness is stunning. Troll much?

  8. David Myers 23 Dec 2011, 1:29pm

    I know I’m almost always commenting on other peoples comments, and then often 24 to 48 hours later, but that is because I don’t get the links until at least 24 hours later and sometimes I don’t get to my emails until early in the next day, which is why they are so late. Obama has done more for gay/lesbian rights than all other presidents combined. Hillary Clinton’s incredible statement on GLBT rights around the world was personally athorized by Obama and backed up in a practical fashion by his executive orders to the Department of State and to the controllers of US foreign aid to make those statements that human rights include GLBT rights have teeth. Already at least one African nation is reconsidering their position on GLBT rights because they don’t want to lose their US foreign aid. That is truly significant and unprecedented.

  9. David chukwuka 27 Dec 2011, 11:47am

    At David the ureasonable one.. Why don’t u put it this way… That u believe that oboma views u as a second class citizen…. And i wonder why he shouldn’t… Did u enjoy this acceptance and tolerance from the bush’s 8 terror years in office? Just don’t campaign 4 d republicans in this place.

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