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Interview: Scott Mills on Radio 1, his Uganda documentary and covering Eurovision

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  1. Dangermouse 20 Dec 2011, 10:05am

    Better be careful in Azerbaijan they are just as bad as Uganda for gay rights.

    1. Azerbaijan is pretty backward when it comes to LGBT rights in terms of discromination; harassment etc; however being gay is not a crime in Azerbaijan, as it is in Uganda, where the law says that gay people deserve 10 years in jail (however Uganda is trying to introduce the death penalty).

      I am disappointed that this interview does not ask him his thoughts on holding the Eurovision in bigotted nations like Russia and Azerbaijan.

      2 years ago Graham Norton made an embarrasing fool of himself by not even mentioning the fact that an entire Gay Pride groups had been harassed and arrested by police when they dared to have a Pride to coincide with Eurovision.

      Does Scott Mills think that the Eurovision should send out an explcitily pro-gay message and officially endorse Pride events in these backward nations which win the contest?

      Seeing as the Eurovision is the ‘gay World Cup’ to use Mills’ own description surely LGBT rights in the host countries should have been asked about?

  2. Scott Mills goes to Uganda and is shocked by homophobia. Next week Ainsley Harriot visits a White Supremicist camp.

  3. i am a huge fan of scott mills and i think that the way he has approached his sexuality throughout his career has been commendable. he does not hide his sexuality but it doesn’t (and it shouldn’t) define him. It’s by behaving like this that he shows young gay people that the gay community is just as diverse as the straight community, that they don’t need to be stereotypical or become so to fit in. He is clearly not in his element talking about political issues (and so he should be admired for trying to raise awareness, although i would have liked a less reactionary and better reasoned documentary) but I think he does plenty for the gay community just by being himself.

  4. Yes he needs to be careful of people who make trouble for gay people. One America president was known to say “walk softly but carry a big stick”, he is a brave gay man for exposing hate and hostilities toward LGBT people, we need many more like him.
    For example I tried to get a date on Adam 4 Adam and a terrorist Christian showed up at my house trying to convert me into being straight. I don’t know if anybody has had this happen to them but Scott should investigate and expose Christians who pretend to be gay so they can infiltrate gay sites and hang outs so they can make trouble for LGBT people.

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