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“Ex-gay” group promoted in Caribbean as US arm faces “financial oblivion”

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Reader comments

  1. Please God, let Exodus die.

    1. Richard Ammon 21 Dec 2011, 3:49pm

      This report seems ‘fishy’ in that it does not name the Jamaican newspaper but rather goes on to detail Exodus and its difficulties. The Trinidad Sunday Express is published in Trinidad and Tobago, not Jamaica. The two countries are hundreds of miles apart. So why has the author not quoted from the Jamaican press, such as the Gleaner?Something is not accurate here.
      Nevertheless, Exodus is a diseased social dinosaur and deserves to become extinct.

  2. Peter & Michael 20 Dec 2011, 3:32pm


  3. Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

    But before people start blaming US christianist freaks or Britain’s old lawas for Jamaica’s murderous bigotry, let’s remember that Jamaica is the worst place in the Caribbean in which to be gay, where homosexuality is still a crime; where the Queen of England is still head of state and where the police and goverrnment routinely harass and assault and lynch gay people and ignore it when mobs of bigots decide to lynch some gay people.

    Jamaica is a hellish dump and should be avoided at all costs by all Britons in terms of holidays, trade etc, and why they remain in the Commonwealth is a complete mystery.

    1. Thanks, I will remember that.

    2. Just to be pedantic, but the last Queen of England, as I recall, was Queen Anne. She ceased to be Queen Of England in May 1707 as part of the union between England and Scotland.

      1. oh… wasn’t there an English queen called Victoria in the 19th century?

        1. She was the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

          Somewhat pedantic as colin admitted

        2. There were plenty of English queens in the 19th century, but I think the one you refer to was British (technically) Jonpol ;-)

  4. Does anyone have a Jamaican link to this story?

  5. Does anyone have a Jamaican link to this story?

  6. The ex-gay thing was always a scam to fleece people of their money, these con artists just move on to where they can continue to tout for business.

    1. Pastor Rich N. fat 21 Dec 2011, 12:36am

      They are fraudulent and should be prosecuted.

  7. Nameo Obum 20 Dec 2011, 5:58pm

    May God bless Exodus. Everybody has the right to choose whether to be gay or straight. Nothing wrong with their activities – it’s a free world.

    1. What a deluded imbred you are to believe that.
      How many times were u dropped on your head?

    2. Deeside Will 20 Dec 2011, 7:16pm

      “Everybody has the right to choose whether to be gay or straight.” Yes, Nameo Obum, I absolutely agree with you. There’s just one problem and I’ll try to explain it to you. Having the right to do something isn’t really much use if you can’t actually do it. People CAN’T in fact choose whether to be gay or straight, any more than they can choose whether to be right-handed or left-handed.

      “Nothing wrong with their activities.” I’m afraid there is something wrong with their activities. They’re fraudulent.

      “…it’s a free world.” Yes, it is. People have the freedom to waste their time and money on any form of quackery that takes their fancy. They also have the right to be informed that it IS quackery.

    3. “Everybody has the right to choose whether to be gay or straight.”

      Like you choose ignorance? We can cure that, you know. Its called school.

  8. They’ll fit right in in Jamaica
    And bonus! We don’t have to see them in the news as much!

  9. Suddenly Last Bummer 20 Dec 2011, 6:56pm

    Clearly too much smokin’ da ‘erb in Jamaica if they can believe this pile of bo****ks. Jamaica is one place I wouldn’t visit if I was paid.

  10. Awesome now these assholes are gonna try and make my country into another Uganda. We have a lot of stupid people here who might be influenced by this. The one plus side is that our stupid people don’t read often so this should spread slowly. I hope JFLAG does something about this.

  11. Expell Jamaica from the Commonwealth and press mainstream Commonwealth donor countries to declare a moratorium on foreign aid until it repeals all antigay laws.

  12. What a load of unGodly bollocks
    Its as if these people have never actually READ the Bible at all and only taken it on face value based on what their ‘pastor’ (with a small p – possibly quite literally…) has told them it says…

    SHAME ON THEM for their demonic bigotry…

  13. Thanks, Jonpol

    Time for international aid to be rescinded from Jamaica

  14. Alexis Jarvis 21 Dec 2011, 5:03am

    I’m a Jamaican, yes the US is getting rid of Exodus but then that leaves us here in Jamaica to deal with them. This wasn’t a Jamaican newspaper, rather a a Trinidadian one.

    Finally the fight has already begun here, on December 10 exporters of hate, homophobia and Islamophobia were here, I did a blog post on it which can be read here:

    Maurice Tomlinson a local activist also did a blog on it here:

  15. Extremist anti-gay Christians can change.
    First they they must stop misinterpreting and misquoting dumbed-down and misleading Bible translations and study the actual verses in context, they will then see that neither homosexuals nor homosexuality per se are described in the original Bible text.

    Maybe we need to hire some buses to point this out to those noisily incontinent Christians who are drunk on their religion and irresponsibly lusting to condemn others.

    The Bible does not describe nor condemn homosexuals nor homosexuality.

    Even if it were possible for humans to deliberately change their sexual orientation and it is not, Homosexuals do not need to change.

  16. Of course they’re facing bankruptcy, most of their “leaders” have been caught in gay bars or have got married…. to each other! The whole organisation is a sham and a fraud, even its “leaders” have failed to adhere to its nonsense.

    “Mobilise the body of Christ to minister grace”? They end up mobilising their bodies all right, but with a guy called grace.

    Its no surprise they are moving to poorer and backward countries to save themselves – like the catholic church is doing in Africa.

  17. This story contains numerous inaccuracies and should be taken down and corrected.

    There is no Jamaica Express; the ad shown appeared in the Trinidad Express. Another focused on HIV ran in the Jamaica Gleaner and did not mention Exodus.

    Jamaican NGOs and AIDS Free World are taking Jamaica’s buggery law to a regional human rights mechanism, not the Human Dignity Trust.


    A facsimile of the full ad:

    Brendon O’Brien’s letter:

    An appearance on Trinidad & Tobago television station C by CAISO and an ex-gay Jamaican discussing the ad:

    For more accurate information about GLBT issues in the Caribbean and links to original sources, visit

    1. If you’d like to sign a petition protesting the ad, link here:

  18. The similar ad ran here was from a group called Isaachar Foundation which is linked to the anti gay Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship which was ran on December 1, 2011.

    Both ads are placed there along with a petition on behalf of our Trinidadian friends.

    please see:


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