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Caution follows further homophobic taunts at Brighton football match

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Reader comments

  1. Dear PC Darren Balkham,
    It really irritates me when people use the word “preference” in the context of talking about gay people. It is not a preference it is a sexual orientation. I do not prefer to be right handed, I am right handed. Please educate yourself.

    1. I agree it is irritating …

      However, I do welcome the good work that PC Balkham and Sussex police are doing to try and tackle homophobia in football

    2. Nameo Obum 20 Dec 2011, 1:59pm

      Well, I am gay by choice. I don’t believe anybody is born homosexual. The officer is completely right in his assumption.

      1. How funny : l

        1. RJ Kennedy 20 Dec 2011, 4:48pm

          I,personally,CHOOSE to be fabulous. However,God made me Gay.

  2. Why do the police take homophobia more seriously than the FA or FIFA? If it was racism the club would be sanctioned aswell.

  3. Er……Has the PinkNews photo desk confused the AMEX ground with Inter Milan or something? That attendance level pictured really looks like wishful thinking if you ask me :-)

    1. I think its artistic licence … I dont think the AMEX has 3 tiers anyway lol

      1. Probably quite appropriate that a football ground should be named after a credit card, given the debt they are all in… sums up the whole problem with football nowadays.

    2. It’s the City of Manchester Stadium. Almost exactly the same ;)

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