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Interview: Joe McElderry on The X Factor, coming out and winning Popstar to Operastar

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Reader comments

  1. Genuinely nice guy, and he really shouldnt be held responsible for the whole x-factor debacle over his sexuality. I dont think I would have wanted to come out on national tv either at 18! Got both his decca albums (i will buy an album that contributes money to Simon Cowell when hell freezes over) and they are extremely good- some original music would be nice though please – and shoot whoever made the videos/cardigans for both albums far too Val Doonican for my liking!

  2. Lovely guy, great sense of humour and good voice …

    Popstar to Operastar was a great vehicle for him …

    He appears much more comfortable in his skin now

    Hopefully some more original music soon

  3. As someone who thought he was gay at 9 and admitted it at 14 to friends and family I just can’t understand how people ‘can’t know’ their sexuality?

    Denying it is one thing, but simply not knowing or even thinking about it? I don’t understand :(

    But anyway, nice guy, just don’t like the music :p

    1. Isn’t that one of the great things about humanity and human sexuality … that not everyone is the same …

      1. No, not everyones the same, but being as humans are fundamentally designed to start feeling attraction to other humans biologically at the point of puberty I can’t physically see how someone can’t know their sexuality…it just seems like a physical impossibility to me? I don’t understand I really don’t…

        Whether it bisexual, hetrosexual, homosexual, a-sexual, or whatever…I just do not understand it. I mean what did he (or others like him) think when they looked at other people, what did he/do they dream about, have fantasies over… I mean without getting to graphic here I think 99% of the male population have certain physical urges during their teens that they tend to find physical solutions for… What did he/others think about during that? You know?

        I just can’t get my head around it at all xD

    2. I knew pretty early as well- but i know several people who didnt even consider it until they were late teens. Depends on maturity and self awareness, not everyone is the same- especially if you come from a sheltered background.

    3. See now I don’t understand why this has been rated negativley. All my points were personal opinion, not attacks on this guy or anyone like him, it wasn’t agressive and was genuinley looking for other peoples points of view on the matter :s

      1. I know where you’re coming from Nathan, and I agree, but it really is impossible to be absolutely certain since not everyone faces up to the implications of their urges or fanstasies in teh same way – it also has much to do with the way being gay is seen within your family’s context.

        In one of the (many) pairs of gay brothers I know, the younger one of them – now CPed – swears he didn’t start fancying men till he was well into his 20s. I find it hard to comprehend, but hey – that’s what he says, and his family’s attitude was far from conservative (given that not only the older brother but their father too had by then come out).

      2. @Nathan

        I think I know where you are coming from in terms of the ratings of posts … sometimes how they are rated bewilders me, but hey each to their own …

        I appreciate you were expressing a person opinion and that you understand that everyone is different. Sometimes comprehending that some people do not share experiences in the same way is different from understanding it.

        I certainly didnt believe you were being aggressive.

        From my own perspective, with hindsight I always knew that I was attracted to men, but I wasnt certain of this until I was in my early 20s. Yes, I had a small number of experiences with men prior to this, but I had this perception that being normal was settling down, getting married and having children. I didnt want to be different (whereas I now am content with being my own unique person). Part of my raison d’etre of life was to please other people, and I did not perceive I would if I did not subscribe to “normality”. Therefore, I convinced …

        1. … myself that I could not possibly be gay. I did come to understand that I could only really be happy by being true to myself, and that if I was not happy then others would not be happy for me.

          I am not saying this is Joe’s experience, but for me I lived in partial denial of my sexuality trying to convince myself that I was something I was not. Even when I had some sexual experiences with men, I convinced myself I was not really gay. When I accepted my orientation then I became more in tune with myself and a more content person.

  4. He seems like a nice guy and I wish him all the best.

    However some people should not be popstars – Joe McElderry being the obvious example.

    There’s a reason hewas dropped after his 1st album and why he is now festering in the music category ‘Songs your gran will like’.

    He’s doing remarkablty welll however – despite his complete lack of star power.

    1. I don’t agree that Joe lacks star power, he’s been amazingly successful this year with hardly any radio airplay that takes some doing and a supportive fan base
      But agree he will have to do something special with this next album if he wants to appeal to more people and make the fans happy

      1. Exactly, barely any airplay and Classic went double platinum. That’s quite something. And yes, he has us, the McElderry Massive, and no matter what he decides to do, we’re supporting him and we’ll be happy with whatever he makes.
        He’s writing his own songs on his 4th album so we’re all excited about that!

  5. Father Ted 19 Dec 2011, 1:06pm

    He reminds me of the young Cliff Richard. In fact I’d love to see him do a TV special with him.

    I expect Joe will go on to have an equally lengthy and successful career, including TV series’.

  6. mcelderrytruth 19 Dec 2011, 7:55pm

    Joe says “I didn’t realise it was going to be all over the papers” and “I was quite annoyed people would think I’d talk about something so personal as a publicity stunt”. Really? So what did he think would happen when he “gave a series of tabloid interviews in which he announced he was gay” – if it was so personal, why go to the Sun and the Daily Mirror and pose for photos as he did, to announce it?

    Joe also says “I was quite shocked when I walked into a shop and saw the front pages”: so presumably he has completely forgotten what happend just 7 months before, when he went to the Sun to announce he was STRAIGHT and it was plastered all over the front page on 15 December 2009?

    Joe says “When the show finished I went into this big press conference and journalists fired loads of questions at me”, implying that he didn’t have a chance to think before saying he was straight (which is what he was telling ALL the papers back then). Not true:he set up an interview with the Sunday Times, for example, for their story about him printed on 20 December 2009, which was attended and managed by his PR rep. That didn’t stop him explicitly telling the journalist “I’m straight”.

    Lastly, Joe says that before he came out in July 2010 he “didn’t have much of a chance to think about anything”. Really? Not even a year before, when he was having a gay affair with Sean Ryan then dumped him (by text) so he could concentrate on winning the X Factor? All this was announced in – yes you guessed it – the Sun on 2 August 2010: has Joe forgotten this as well?

    Joe says “I would never tell lies”: yeah, right.

    1. Does it really matter? You are on a hiding to nothing keeping on about this non-story!

  7. Okey, so I’m not lesbian/bisexual or anything but I have nothing against people being honest about their sexuality. I admire you all for that, it must take a lot of guts just to admit to your parents/friends etc. I can’t even think of what it was like for my brother. Never mind having the media critise you…

    Anyway. Personally I can’t wait to hear his 4th album! I have his debut single, The Climb (2009); his debut album, Wide Awake (2010); Classic and Classic Christmas (2011). I’m so proud of him. I can’t wait till his next tour either, his “Classic Tour” was worth the wait, he came out to see everyone afterwards which made me and my friends (met online through the McElderry Massive, if you have twitter, follow @McElderry_Magic please. It’s my fan account) so happy! People say he’s ungrateful, he’s so far from that haha!

    Sorry for my wee rant. :P x

  8. seems to me you are in the wrong place ….

  9. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

    I think not. But thank you for your, ahem, unexpected offer.

  10. Maybe you want to go and tell people who might actually care.

    This made me chuckle.

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