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Domestic violence helpline offers advice for “surviving Christmas”

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  1. Broken Rainbow are an excellent organisation that really understand both the scenarios that survivors of domestic violence can find themselves in and are aware of how all the various organisations (police, local authorities, voluntary agencies etc) can and should operate.

    Whilst, I hope no one needs to make use of these services over the holidays – that would be an unrealistic appraisal of life. I hope that if someone is in the horrendous position of needing to use the services they get the support and help they need.

  2. this organisation is one of the charities of the year being supported by Actually Gay Mens Chorus, Actually Gay Womens Chorus , Actually CIC which is also the home of the record breaking Brighton & Hoves Actual Gay Mens Chorus

  3. GingerlyColors 20 Dec 2011, 7:09am

    It is so regretable that domestic violence can affect any sort of relationship and Christmas is the worst time when people are under pressure, drink is in free flow and it gets dark early. My only advice is that if anybody’s partner becomes violent, get out of the relationship and get help NOW.

  4. Great to see so many of you finding our tips useful. If you need to talk, confidentially, to another lesbian, gay, bi or trans person about your relationship with your partner, ex or family, call us on 0300 999 5428.

    Don’t want to call? You can email us too:

    Client services manager – Broken Rainbow UK

  5. With great regret I have to say that their “hints” and other stuff do not fill me with confidence that Broken Rainbow have much idea about the situation of many of victims of abusive relationships.

    As a woman of transsexual history (over 40 years ago) who was a victim of such a situation in a lesbian couple for more than a decade, I would have no confidence that there would be someone like me, or even someone who understood, at the end of their phone line, or answering their email. I definitely would not trust the police to help.

    And does the group not understand that abusive partners ensure their victim has no friends to turn to and nowhere to run? Do they no know that abusive partners are expert in pushing their victims buttons so it is easy to paint them us as in the wrong?

    God, it would be great to have a group that had a clue on this stuff.

  6. Dial 999 and keep your phone charged at all times, they maybe abused they are not stupid!

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