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Video: Gay couple being told they will become grandparents goes viral

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Reader comments

  1. I know it’s sad but I cried, tears of joy for them.

  2. That was cute, wish I saw it earlier.

  3. Congratulations. Funnily enough my son called me today to tell me he expects a baby boy. Grand daughter getting a brother, me and my husband becoming grandparents for the second time. Not to mention my parents who are out of their mind. Go figure.

  4. It’s a really cute video but you really can’t call it “viral” if it has just 10k views – just saying. ;)

  5. Jock S. Trap 17 Dec 2011, 9:02am

    Absolutely love this…. have a feeling I’ll be just as bad when/if I get the news… lol

  6. Peter & Michael 17 Dec 2011, 9:35am

    So happy for them, our Grandchildren and Great Grandchild love us, the oldest being 20 yrs old now. It has been an ideal opportunity taking them to school and days out, were parents and their children can see that society does not run to the 2.4 syndrome, and that same-sex parents and grandparents are becoming more visible.

  7. Congratulations to them both

  8. These videos need to go viral,

  9. Pamela Matheson 19 Dec 2011, 10:37am

    How utterly “bloody” lovely!!
    Enjoy every second of it all.

  10. with respect…. 10,000 hits on Youtube is hardly “going viral” !!!

  11. Proud Canadian 27 Dec 2011, 2:30am

    Absolutely wonderful ! Congratulations to all !!!!

  12. A proud Canadian 27 Dec 2011, 2:45am

    Absolutely wonderful – so much love !! Congratulations to all !!!

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