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UN publishes first global report and recommendations to tackle gay rights abuses

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see the UN taking LGBT rights seriously. This coupled with the historic events of the first UN resolution of LGBT equality, Hilary Clintons historic speech and other international efforts such as CHOGM declarations and UK and US government diplomatic and aid efforts to support LGBT people overseas.
    There appears to be a growth to advocate for LGBT people and support grounds root organisations.
    Some nations are recognising the need to change, others are acting in horrific and inhumane manners towards their own citizens because of who they love or are attracted to.
    We need to act on all the inhumanity shown in this report.

  2. Good news indeed. A positive and clear step towards giving us our full rights, globally. Now let us see it in action.

  3. Jock S. Trap 16 Dec 2011, 11:35am

    This is good to see, I applaud the UN but isn’t it sad that in 2011 we still need this to show that humanity is less than humane in it’s treatment just based on orientation or gender identity?

    Of course it is far to say that in the majority of cases the problem stems from religious belief so getting some of those countries to deal with these issues will be in the negative section but with any luck this UN report can make a difference, a change that hopefully will lead to a better life for many LGBTQI people out there.

  4. Pastor Rich N. Fat 16 Dec 2011, 12:32pm

    It can be hard to get the message across when in even some modernish secular countries, like Singapore, the evangelicals have such power behind the scenes they decide what gets broadcast and what gets taught. Even an early morning home improvement show from America which had a gay couple on resulted in a fine, and the main newspaper printed a horrendously homophobic letter complaining about Elton John being honoured locally by having an orchid named after him.

    So long as evangelicals have the influence to stop education and broadcasts and label it “gay propaganda” in these countries, it will be hard for people to learn the truth and for there to be reform.

  5. Of course I agree that this is staggering news, and so timely too.

    Alice Nkom sums it nicely when she says:

    “Homophobia is not an African value.”

    Although no mention is made of religion per se as a major obstacle to the implementation of human rights protection, it needs to be said that religion was invented by humanity, not the other way round.

    Also, as Hillary Clinton said:

    “Human rights cut across all cultures and all religions…and gay rights are human rights.”

  6. Mary Flying Eagle 16 Dec 2011, 11:38pm

    Gay Rights/ Human rights, one and the same. Perhaps sane minds/hearts, will continue to speak up in truth. Hate spewing phony evangelicals, you are dangerous, and Must be exposed as who and what you are.

  7. It is ‘religion’ that instigates human rights abuses against GLTBI people!

    1. Quite often religious people can be involved, but there are other people that carry out human rights abuses against LGBT people too … lets not forget either side of the attacks which we can experience

  8. Will the UN recommendations include not letting the Christians and Muslims attack and destroy gay all of the ways they are doing it and also the secret government agencies stop using psychological operation along with those religions to also harm and lessen all LGBT people around the world?

  9. The UN needs to do something about these gay sites that kill people,

  10. They say the UN is just a tool of the world bankers who are using it to control the populations of earth. But this news needs to get out and something done about it. There are Christians who are working with psychiatrist who are using torture on LGBT people around the world to force them to be straight, which is insane because it does not work and can kill the gay person who they are torturing to get them to be “normal”.The Christians are working with the psychiatrist around the world and even in China where they electric shock gays to make them “straight”, which is torture. These people need to be exposed and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. The governments have Christians who go along with LGBT people being tortured and they need to also be exposed and brought to justice for their involvement in these crimes against humanity. Spread the word that these people are dangerous and have killed LGBT people around the world with their torture to try and convert gays.

  11. 78 countries of the world practicing politce type of violence against poor and defenceless gay boys and men…. That’s terrible! I wish I can kick the butts of all such governments with big stick! Bastards, I hope all of you will go into Hell!

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