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Ghana’s education ministry “optimistic” it can stop homosexuality

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  1. And I am confident that Ghana will do perfectly well without western aid, seeing as countries which have blatant disregard for human right cannot expect people to heed their begging.

    I am also confident that the Ghanese Ministry of Education is raising a nation of bigots and that its moronic shortsightedness is going to exacerbate the HIV rate in Ghana.

    Good thing then that they don’t need western aid.

    1. Ghanaian.

      1. Not sure why people are marking you down, given that Ghanaian is the correct collective noun for people from Ghana.

        1. I did think it was a bit odd …

          1. You’re correcting the cheif bigot

          2. Presumably it’s because Rehan’s one-word posting can be misconstrued as calling the OP a Ghanian, (i.e. bigoted) if the reader doesn’t spot that Rehan is actually just correcting the term ‘Ghanese’ !

          3. Oh good grief, that didn’t even occur to me!

          4. Certainly not how I construed it …

    2. dAVID a person from Ghana is called Ghanaian…anyway that even exposes you as a bigot, moron and perhaps a dunce!!

      1. Ahmed – and clearly if you think making a mistake about how to descibe someone’s nationality makes someone a bigot, then it merely exposes your own moronic stupidity.

        Do you work for the Ghanaian Ministry of Education perhaps

    3. Read this is you actually care about LGBT Ghanians

      1. Interesting report and a significant number of reputable African ground roots organisations appear to be supporting the position that the UK approach to aid may be damaging …

        I think their view might have SOME merit but not in its entirity. What I mean is that in some African nations there may be some negative impact on LGBT issues and rights. It is imperative that the very organisations signing this declaration (and others) are those that the UK, US and others seek to work with to tackle inequality and other needs. There are other examples where there were claims that the UK policy would have a negative impact, where early indications are the opposite. For example, the case of Malawi – this was one of the claims:
        Whereas it has been widely reported the Malawian government seek to consider improvements to LGBT rights “in response to public demand”.
        I think the international community have a …

        1. Stu

          Unless you are there experiences the micro reactions to Camerons speech you should take their word for it.

          By micro reactions I mean haveing change slammed on a counter or being ignored in a shop you’ve been into frequently. the micro responses are the ones which lead to mental illness and suicide

          The news is macro reporting only a death would get a response.

          Take their word for it and don’t think you know better from what you read in the press

          1. @James!

            I hear what you are saying but governments can not make decisions on micro reactions in their own country, let alone another (regardless of the issue) … thats just being realistic … but what they can do (and are doing) is engage with local groups to try and improve things …

            The UK government is not intimately involved in every aspect of my life – so I suspect the likelihood of them being intimately involved with every aspect of each and every LGBT person in Cameroon, Ghana or elsewhere is even more remote. Yet, I do think they have a moral responsibility to act – and that requires joined up working – some macro policies and some encouragement of ground roots organisations …

      2. Personally, I care about anyone facing bigotry however their names are splt. lets stick to what matters, which right now isn’t grammar and spelling but a country run by cruel, insensitive, intolerant ****** not sure if we’re allowed swear words in here.

        Damn right the government of ghana should get no aid.

      3. … duty and a responsibility to encourage other nations to improve their records on all human rights. There are limited tools at each nations disposal, and one of those is how international aid is distributed and targetted. It sends a strong message of endorsing human rights, and is particularly seen as such if support is given to ground root organisations.

  2. So Paul Krampah’s Optimistic! which could also imply he’s not entirely convinced?

    When? are people going to understand that you can’t brainwash people into loving gender… when in your heart and mind you love a person!

    If your going to give students sex education give them knowledge! “Not” guilt!

  3. Jock S. Trap 14 Dec 2011, 10:17am

    In other words misinformation, lies and bascially mental torture for anyone who just happens to have been born Gay/Bi/Lesbian.

    This is so wrong on so many levels and so, so very cruel.

    The day we end up without these bigots the better place this planet will be.

    1. of course they will insist they are NOT born gay/bi/lesbian but have been ‘turned’ by ‘misinformation’ and therefore can be turned back. the sort of thinking anyone who has had an ‘education’ rejects as backward thinking and wrong. but clearly the word ‘education’ means something else in Ghana.

      1. my first sentence is a tad ambiguous. I mean ‘they’ – the ghanan government as exemplified by the ,minister of education – will think they – LGBT inviduals – are no born that way.

        must engage brain before typing.

  4. I’m optimistic I will win the lottery one day despite never having bought a single ticket. I think this man is even more deluded than me

    1. I’ll be he’s religious!

      Bigots usually are.

      1. Dangermouse 14 Dec 2011, 10:59am

        The bigger the faith the more the bigot !

        1. I truly believe that the so called missionaries who took the delusion of western religion to Africa are the cause of today’s utter stupidity when it comes to exploiting peoples faith and corrupting it for bigotry and hatred – at the risk of quoting fiction to make a factual point –

          Religion is deemed by the masses as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful

          1. Pastor Fat Rich 14 Dec 2011, 12:33pm

            Modern missionaries are much more aggressive and homophobic.

          2. JD – Ghana must accept responsibility for its own murderous bigotry.

            It is too easy to blame other people.

            And it absolves Ghana of responsibility for its own murderous bigotry.

          3. Many of them probably are …

            Also some reputable Christian organisations such as Christian Aid and Tear Fund have episodes where individuals have hijacked legitimate aid measures with bigoted messages.

  5. I hope the UK DfID, UK FCO and US State Department are sitting up and taking notice of this and making appropriate adjustments to diplomatic relations and aid arrangements …

    It appears that the leadership of Ghana have made a choice. They do not see that gay rights are human rights and have chosen to be on the wrong side of history.

    That means we must take a robust stand against the regime.

    Equally, we must step up efforts to support ground level aid and support of LGBT groups in Ghana …

    1. I really would hope that the host country would summon the resident ambassador for Ghana or any country which violates human rights or denies equality to its citizens. Firstly to register grievance with policy, second to formally terminate all aid, when there is no motivation by indicating reduced aid as we are seeing demonstrated.

      How ever I realize innocent people will suffer if aid is cut… just as innocent people suffer without regime change.

      Perhaps perhaps this is the only way by incentive of turning on the aid tap slowly countries would have inclination to take the incentive to make changes faster to demonstrate willingness to change and consequently incentive have aid restored in an incremental manner

      1. sorry for the repeat errors, I wish it were possible to preview more than partial text before posting!

  6. So what is he going to do about all the gay people in Ghana now? Kill them all? And this brainless idiot is the ‘minister of education’? Talk about promoting a stereotype!

    1. If this moron works for the ministry of education then Ghana’s future looks pretty bleak, when even the ministry of education employs uneducated, ignorant morons.

      Oh well – Ghana is making the free choice to be ignorant. And Ghana is making the free choice not to receive international aid.

  7. Michael, Liverpool 14 Dec 2011, 10:38am

    oh let me see…Rabid religious fundamentalism, chemical castration, electro-shock therapy, criminal convictions & imprisonment, the rise and fall of the Roman/Greek Empires, and two World Wars have not been able to stop homosexuality.

    Good luck Ghana!!!

    1. de Villiers 14 Dec 2011, 5:08pm

      It does sound like quite a high price to pay!

  8. … warn students of the “adverse consequences” of being gay will make it “a thing of the past”.

    Yes, because centuries, millennia, of social disapproval and prohibition have been shown to have worked so well!

    1. Damn’ formatting …

  9. Its pity we cant make Ghana ” a thing of the past “

  10. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny! Human sexuality doesn’t work like that, Ghana!

    1. Yes but when even the ministry of education employs braindead morons like this guy, I think it’s a bit ambitious to expect Ghana to understand common sense or reason.

    2. They have the junk research provided by the US ex-gay industry hucksters to cite as backup for what they are doing do gays in Ghana, in Uganda and other parts of Africa that have been the focus of anti-gay Christian fundamentalist propaganda alongside their church planting and training programs which has been going on for decades.

  11. Perhaps they could ask a NARTH rep. such as George Rekers to offer his insights on how to prevent people from becoming gay, he’ll have them all doing manly stuff like lifting luggage and dressing as lumberjacks in no time.'s_sexual_identity

    1. Pastor Fat Rich 14 Dec 2011, 12:35pm

      Yes and remember to DONATE! Donate and be cured!!

  12. The comments are never lets support our LGBT people in Ghana its always stop aid blah blah blah bunch of faking racists

    1. Stop shouting racism every time there’s an article about black people, its kind of racist.

      1. There is an article about what happend to African LGBT people when idiots like cameron talk about stopping aid
        ADDIS ABABA: More criticism after British Prime Minister David Cameron’s suggestion that foreign aid should be decreased to countries that do not respect gay rights. Cameron made the announcement at the recent 54-nation Commonwealth meeting in Australia in response to soaring HIV rates in the global south. A number of African leaders have criticized the suggestion—as well as many African LGBT activists at ICASA 2011 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
        “Cameron’s statement was extremely dangerous to our movement,” said South African-based attorney and human rights activist Joel Nana of the African Men for Sexual Health and Rights, responding to a question from R20. “It re-emphasizes the notion that homosexuality is un-African or European. It shows that Great Britain will cut aid over LGBT issues and nothing else

          1. James – you are simply shouting racism for the sake of it.

            It is not remotely racist to expect the British government not to give money to a nation which will use that money to persecute the gay population there.

            What is your suggestion on how we respond to Ghana’s murderous homophobia? Because you need to face facts, the murderous homophobia being articulated by this ministry of education moron, is shared by the vast majority of the population.

            I believe that LGBT people from Ghana deserve asylum, and the rest of the country can stand on its own 2 feet, without a penny in internatiional aid. They do not need aid if they can choose to spit in the faces of those countres which do respect human rights and are giving aid to Ghana.

            If Ghana refuses to respect human rights then quite simply they do not deserve, not should they receive a penny in aid.

          2. @James!

            This is a difficult issue to discuss if people throw around comments such as calling other commentators racist …

            I hope I am not racist, I certainly don’t perceive myself as such …. but I am aware that to some people merely making the proposition that you are not racist makes them more determined that you are racist – and thus trying to justify ones acceptance of equality is portrayed as denial, even if it is not the case …

            Firstly, the link of aid to human rights (including but not limited to LGBT rights) is not just about cash and aid – its also about human rights. The new policy (like any) will undoubtedly have both successes and failures. Thats why it is imperative (and the government have acknowledged this) the matter is reviewed and serious efforts made to redirect aid (not reduce) where it is decided there are human rights issues that the UK seek to influence. Alongside this should be other work with ground root organisations to encourage development of …

          3. … these organisations and their efforts to improve things in their own nations.

            Equally there will be some countries where withholding aid from the government (not the people) has the desired impact of improving rights. There are initial promising signs in a couple of African countries in this regard at the moment.

            I do not think standing up for the rights of LGBT people in Africa (be that through aid redirection, supporting grass roots organisations, international lobbying or diplomatic means) is racist.

            I appreciate there are different views. Some in Africa support and encouraged the UK and other governments to take this stance.

          4. If I see it i call it. I know there are plenty of racists on this site and I will flag their comments.

            As I said not one comment about the Ghanian LGBT people just stop aid. that to me is a sign that the Ghanian people are not as important as the aid money to a racist

            I don’t have to mention any names and I will not let racists take over this site

            Stu david and hamish seem to be very sensitive

          5. I have argued with raciss on this site, I know it goes on but I also know to throw around the racist card when it isn’t helping and in fact causes actual racism to go unnoticed pile under a big pile of false accusations!

          6. I have repeatedly made examples of those engaged in racism and other froms of harassment, discrimination and prejudice on this site.

            I am disappointed that some people choose to undermine the battle against racism by flinging the accusation where there is no such discrimination.

          7. Always the first to deny it exists

          8. Your homophobia is sickening James.

      2. Hamish

        I call it when I see it everytimg. No one here has posted a comment emphasisinhg with the Ghanian LGBT people just the usual stop aid rubbish. If you don’t like it tough

        1. Aid probably doesn’t go to the Ghanaian people anyway as it is usually sent to the corporations or government of Ghana and therefor isn’t seen by the rest of Ghana anyway, aswell people are saying cut aid as it is mentioned in the article as our last power of persuasion.

          We all obviously sympathise with Ghanaian LGBT community, we don’t need to mention it every ten seconds to prove we’re not racist, its usually only internally racist people who do that!

        2. And you James have simply started shouting racism as per usual

          And as per usual you haven;t come up with a single solution to Ghana’s murderous homophobia.

          In fact I think you are a homophobic bigot.

          I mean why are you defending the indefensible.

          Why do you think that British LGBT taxpayers should fund the persecution of LGBT people in Ghana.

          It is not racist to expect my taxmoney not to fo to a genocidal nation like Ghana.

          Your homophobia sickens me.

          1. Yuo can’t even see your racism. You are not self aware

          2. Ghana is not a race you disgusting homophobe.

        3. james, give it a rest. these tangents just lose sight of the real problem – bigots in charge of countries like ghana.

  13. Keith Sitges 14 Dec 2011, 11:32am

    He will rid Ghana of homosexuals. If asked they will say no I am not, because if they say yes they will be stoned to death by these religious bigots.

  14. Religion – Helping to keep people ignorant and uninformed from the day the first crook met the first fool.

  15. A good religion is a dead religion.

  16. Whenever I hear the stance taken by well thinking people of my homeland Africa then am happy. We have told Europe and America…..”to hell with your stinking aid” and yet they are still begging us to take the aid…..are they stu*#%?.

    You can also read this

    1. Are you insane, er, I mean, religious Ahmed?

    2. You backward Neanderthal – your so called ‘homeland’ (which is, by the way, the land you have your home in, not the one you don’t want to be returned to) has been brainwashed by western religion originally used to control your ‘countrymen’ The article you post if read in it’s entirety just further exposes the lies and misinterpretations of a book of fiction your government is using to keep you all in the dark ages –
      Disappointing that the original race of humanity as we know it has come so little way since that evolutionary breakthrough –

      1. fine. no aid for ghana. it can go where it is wanted and needed. Perhaps a refugee centre for right minded people who decide to leave the backwards place.

    3. This is how AId works

      Govt pays NGO’s for experts opinions. Experts are usually friends of the donor. Expert moves to country and lives 5* lifestyle in an air con range rover tax free. Locals see little benefit aid continues donor country looks generous

    4. It’s self-defeating to call Ahmed a “backward neanderthal”, not to mention offensive. But Ahmed, I noticed the spokesman who made that comment was speaking at a prayer meeting organised by an American ministry. I fail to see how it can be a point of pride for you to see your leaders parroting a line from a religion not authentically African and introduced by imperialists. However sincere the missionaries were, imperialist rulers loved to see Africans accept the yoke of Christianity, encouraging as it does humility and forgiveness in the face of the abuse being meted out to them, making a virtue out of cravenness. I wonder, does this ministry advocate prayer “cures” for AIDS and things like that too? I wonder if “trust in the Lord” is doing more harm to Africans than good, as it inclines people to beseeching a nonentity rather than actively doing something about their situation. It also inclines people to reject learning and knowledge, as is obvious from the statement you applaud.

      1. If the ministry of education spokesman is so terrifyingly stupid then it’s clear that other Ghanaian people will share that terrifying stupidity.

        As is proved by Ahmed.

      2. I am reminded of Jonestown… oh please, not again.

    5. Whatever gave you the idea that we’re begging YOU to take the aid? If you want to reject aid it’ll just go to a worthier cause.
      We won’t loose any sleep over not shelling out our taxes for homophobes.

  17. No Problem,

    I hope you are still there and never find yourself on the wrong side of one of these crazy religious prejudices. Who knows – maybe fornicators will be the next against the wall or people using unnatural means to communicate like the internet.

  18. Pastor Fat Rich 14 Dec 2011, 12:44pm

    At least this guy isn’t saying criminalise more, or punish people who try and educate, he actually sounds quite moderate compared to the real bigots over there. His position probably requires him to be negative about homosexuality, but he doesn’t sound like a hater, more like he’s holding the haters back and saying, look this factual education about aids will alter people’s behaviour. AND at least they are giving education about aids relevant to gays, when in some African countries like Uganda, they are deliberately ignored.

    1. That’s a very generous interpretation.

  19. Cambodia Guesthouse 14 Dec 2011, 12:47pm

    Well, just when you think progress is being made, yet another prehistoric fossil is unearthed.

    You are on the wrong side of history guys… Get used to it, and maybe start to focus on the REAL issues affecting your countrymen… and NOT obsessing about who other people are sleeping with? Though perhaps that’s TOO hard for a simple politician to get his head around?

    Education? Please, if that’s education…. I’d rather stay ignorant! Brainwashing biblical claptrap more like!

    If these countries are so intent on denying their own citizens basic human rights and dignity… to the extent that they are willing to lose all aid… then perhaps their clever politicians are doing such a good job of running their countries that they DON’T NEED IT ANYWAY?

    1. It sounds to me like politicians are not running their country.

      The country is being run by American Evangelical extremists who are re-enforcing the homophobia brought there by the British in colonial days, and which has become so ingrained in Ghanaian culture that the population there is in complete denial that homosexuality has been part of their history, and that it is a perfectly normal and natural sexual orientation which does not harm anyone or any society.

      In my opinion, the kind of education needed would be exegetic so that believers would have a better understanding of the context faced by the Hebrews returning from the Babylonian captivity, and their attempt (Ezra, Leviticus) to eradicate the worship of a Babylonian fertility goddess whose rituals, including same-sex behavior, had infiltrated the worship of Yahweh.

      The condemnation of foreign worship is one thing, but the kind of loving same-sex bonding which we see between David and Jonathan is quite another.

  20. “Thing of past” is that African history is no stranger to homosexuality. We were always here. We are here. We will stay here. Get over with it. Love is Love.

  21. I sincerely hope this kind of tendency to revolutionary suicide will not lead to a non-natural disaster.

  22. racist homophobic retards

  23. Christine Beckett 14 Dec 2011, 2:09pm

    Well, if that moron is a indicator of the success of Ghana’s education system up to now, then Good Luck…!


  24. I don’t understand why people are calling one another racist? I know we’re commenting on Africa here but I see little that is racist.

    I’m of the view that I just feel a great deal of sympathy for the Ghanian LGBT community because ultimately they may probably be made scapegoats for the lack of aid coming through their country. Someone will pick up on it – turn it into a story of “look, our perverted nationals created this mess”. Then it leads to more frustration, more violence and even more suffering.

    I also feel sorry for the Ghanian public in general. I mean, this guy is clearly a fool. Whatever his motivations he clearly needs to get educated.

    I’m also astounded and completely gobsmacked by the amount of African men and women whom seem oblivious and ignorant to their own rich tribal and religious history pre-Christian missionaries and Islamic teachers.

    1. I concur, Menderin ….

      The important issue here is improving LGBT rights and other human rights … including reduction of racism …

      Its not advanced by slinging round allegations of racism (particularly when there isnt any where the person alleges it is)

      1. Hey Stu,

        I think it’s very easy for people to take offence – talking about Africa is always going to evoke different reactions in people anyhow. It’s a hot topic amongst LGBT peoples because of it’s association with HIV and homophobia.

        My conncern is that the more we ‘cry wolf’ without due cause the more we risk damaging our chances of reacting to something which is a true offence.

        1. Absolutely.

          I think (hope) we would all condemn discrimination in any form …

          However, I am sure we are all aware of people who have either “played the race card” or “played the gay card”. What I mean is wrongly claimed racism or homophobia (sometimes to disguise their own wrongdoing). This is wrong and undermines those who have real cases of homophobia or racism.

          I remember when it used to be policy not to prosecute false claims of rape because it was perceived that by doing so this discouraged those who were genuinely raped from coming forward by making them feel that their allegations would not be believed. The idea was that publicising false claims would undermine true claims. There is some correlation to false claims of racism etc, except they are very public and thus do lead to legitimate concerns in some as to whether the claims are real or not. We should approach each claim honestly and treat it as real unless there is good evidence it is not.

  25. Errol Semple 14 Dec 2011, 3:30pm

    This is education? More like ignorance!

  26. Courage Nigeria 14 Dec 2011, 4:11pm

    I bet it, he will soon recommend the castration of all the heterosexual Ghanians.

  27. Basically, the Ghanaian Ministry of Education’s Public Relations Officer, Paul Krampah, is saying that once students are made aware of of the risk of HIV infection in same-sex behavior, then the students will ‘chose’ a heterosexual sexual orientation, and homosexuality will be a thing of the past in Ghana.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  28. This chap a bit thick ?

  29. jamestoronto 14 Dec 2011, 4:44pm

    The title Minister of Education has an almost Orwellian ring to it. Much like a Minister of Peace being in charge of war plans. How deluded is this person to think that he and his government can “educate” people in a blatant denial of millennia of history. Homosexuality has always existed everywhere no matter what lies this minister is deluded into believing.

  30. Wonder why nobody’s thought of it before.
    Would sure as hell have “cured “me.

  31. Art Pearson 14 Dec 2011, 9:08pm

    And what century does the Ghanian government live in? It has been categorically proven that homosexuality is not an illness and can’t be ‘cured’. You are as God has created you and attempting change only causes grief.

    1. Stephen Green 28 Dec 2011, 12:10pm

      There are lots of ex-gays around. So homosexuals can change…

  32. Sadly this is one of the reasons why the spread of AIDS has become so rampant through the world.

    Religious and/or political fanatics are so afraid of confronting the real issues at hand… that people are having unprotected sex, people are committing adultery, and people are abusing drugs. HIV/AIDS It’s not a homosexual disease, it’s a blood born illness that affects all people, regardless of your gender, sexuality, race, or age.

    I’m just completely baffled that the Minister of Education would suggest that if i sent my son to an all boys school that he would be come a homosexual. It’s no wonder Ghana has the problems they do…

  33. GingerlyColors 15 Dec 2011, 7:37am

    They have as much chance of making hetrosexuality history.

  34. Zhivila Agbah 29 Dec 2011, 3:35pm

    It makes me ashamed and embarassed to be a Ghanaian. Unfortunately Ghana is being overrun by evangelical missionaries, who are mostly white Americans who know nothing of African culture. They are stirring up hatred in a largely peaceful country. I have gay relatives and I also had a cousin in Ghana who was murdered, I suspect because he was gay. His ‘friends’ beat him to death and we’ve never found his body. I hate the way Africa is turning on its own population at the urging of these evangelical/muslim/religious fanatics. How long before Ghana becomes another Uganda? I’m truly horrified.

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