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Australian lesbians turn down bishop’s offer after school refuses their child

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  1. David Mcmillan 14 Dec 2011, 12:53pm

    I think they all miss the point ,the refusal was not based on the parents sexuality it was the churches attitude to it ,and that is an important difference.

  2. So even though 85% of its funding comes from public funds, the school can still be considered ‘private’? How strange.

    Mind you, I think it’s also a bit strange that a gay couple would want to send their child to a Catholic school.

    1. Shockingly for you, some gay people are religious!!

      1. I’m not shocked, but Roman Catholicism – unlike some other denominations – is pretty unambiguous in its attitude towards gay people and gay couples, so it seems somewhat bizarre to me to want to send your child to a school that considers you sinful (at best).

        1. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 14 Dec 2011, 4:21pm

          Yes, but the children aren’t being taught by the archbishops or the pope himself (well not in the UK at any rate) – the children are taught by teachers who are under guidance from them people you vote for in the guise of a ‘democracy’, initiated by professional educationalists… At most (from my experience) the ‘moral’ codes of the bibble are instilled in RE only (where gay isn’t mentioned), and falsely, it is claimed (by these faith schools), that students of RC schools tend to be ‘better behaved’ as a result (citation needed methinks)… However, good on these unnamed lesbians for thinking better of a RC education, and I expect a hefty fine from the law of the land will be forthcoming for the narrow-minded practice of the school in question (some hope, amen).

        2. But many Roman Catholic schools here in the UK and in Australia have a reputation for being very good schools. It may not have been done on a religious basis – just on the grounds of the mothers wanting the best educational start for their daughter.

          1. TheGreatSpaces 15 Dec 2011, 12:54pm

            Yes, and most Catholic schools in Australia are populated by middle-class children with educated parents – and education and affluence correlate negatively with homophobia. So it often happens that parents with children who are sensitive or susceptible to bullying in any way will choose the local Catholic school, because the state schools are generally more rough and focussed on behaviour management. Generally the ideology doesn’t impact on the student, and most of the teachers are just normal teachers.

  3. Faith schools are a terrible idea. There is no place for them in a modern, civilized society. Education is too important to allow self-interested ideology groups to stick their bigoted noses in, and the segregation of children based on the irrational prejudices of their parents is very dangerous. This case is just one example among millions of the harm that allowing religious groups to conduct the important business of education can do. All schooling should be free, secular and of high quality.

    1. I couldn’t agree more but, unfortunately, we in the UK are finding that it’s thought too costly to provide high-quality education to everyone, and the results are, all too often, pretty evident.

  4. I can understand completely why they turned the offer down after the intervention of the bishop. Who knows what propaganda the teachers would fill the poor child’s head with were she to go to that school.

    Forcing such schools to accept homosexual students and students from same-sex parents fixes nothing since one can’t guarantee their behaviour once the child is in their hands.

    It worries me a great deal that we leave the education of so many children to those with a blinkered religious viewpoint. Schools should be secular and should teach children about all religious options, including atheism, allowing them to choose when they feel ready to do so.

  5. Why on earth would a gay couple want to poison their child’s mind with catholic dogma?

    Perhaps they refuised the bishop’s offer when after investigation they discovered that catholic priests were on the staff.

    Owing to the industrial scale cover-up of child -rape by catholic clergy over generations, I think that all parents should be wary of the catholic cult when it comes to children.

  6. A similar case happened in the U.S.A. earlier this year but the church refused to allow a child of gay parents to attend one of their schools. So much for the church’s pro-family nonsense, it isn’t. It would rather a child be raised in an abusive hetero family than in a loving, stable gay relationship where it has been proven that children of gay couples do exceedingly well in school and beyond.

  7. I don’t think any faith based school should be subsidised by the taxpayers even if there is a state religion or not. Let religious people fund them instead if they want them. Why should the taxes of gay citizens be used to fund organisations that discriminate against us?

    1. I thoroughly agree. Let them teach children nonsense (lamentable but I don’t believe you can practically stop it); but not on public money.
      I am not surprised that this couple didn’t send their child to the school after all – imagine the destructive rubbish she might be taught, or the harassment she might get – but surely they realised there would be a risk of this even if she were accepted in the first place? Did it really only occur to them that institutionalised Catholic teaching or attitudes might be less than benign after the initial rejection?

      1. Unfortunately this may becomie all to common within the English education system, because of the rise of the academy system.

  8. All religion is child abuse.

    1. Qualification – religious beliefs unsupported by evidence taught to malleable young minds as ‘truth’ are child abuse, though admittedly too many religions do this. But there are noble exceptions. In Quakerism children are taught to explore and question spiritual and moral values, for example. In practice the children or teens (and especially the latter) are just not that interested in what ‘uncool’ adults are offering them!

    2. Oh right – so now we have that cleared up we can all rest easy.

      What an odd statement.

      As much as I agree that education should be secular there are many religious people who are completely ok with the ‘gay thing’.

  9. Pastor Rich N. Fat 14 Dec 2011, 3:00pm

    Australia is becoming a theocracy, just like everywhere else in the region.

    1. JackAlison 19 Jan 2012, 8:10pm

      couldn’t agree more
      1)Australia’s only Cardinal Pell, has a column in the Sydney Telegraph(racy tabloid like News of the World)MURDOCH owned of course and he spews out homophobic bile and catholic dogma non stop
      2)The talkfest to discuss a Federal Bill of Human Rights was led by a govt. appointed Jesuit priest, fr. brennan ,u can imagine his take on same sex marriage and gay rights…lots of asterisks and sunset clauses for faith based groups
      3)Govt. appointed Monsignor David Cappo was to oversee reforms as head of the national Mental Health Commission and SOCIAL INCLUSION BOARD!!!! until he was accused of not investigating male rape that he knew about and allegedly covered up in the ’60’s.
      I could go on but u get the picture….the labor govt. we have at the mo is so lame and so conservative it is beyond belief. Just lotsa spin and no action.

  10. jamestoronto 14 Dec 2011, 5:18pm

    “It was only after this business exploded that I became aware of it ” One has to wonder what the bishop’s response would have been had it not “exploded” into yet another PR disaster for the Catholic Church. Would this have been tucked away into the closet along with all the other ‘dirty secrets’ of the church until it reached crisis levels?

    1. Good point. Responses to hostile attitudes to the child and her mothers AFTER being admitted to the school (espec. if these had gone public) would also have been interesting.

  11. ““There’s no way in the world one can penalise a child for what his or her parents do.”

    Nice try but shouldn’t he be corrected, a child should not be penalised for what his or her parents are.

    Everything these bigots say is full of coded bigotry.

  12. Sujay Kentlyn 14 Dec 2011, 8:20pm

    Couple of points:
    1. A 2005 study showed that only 35% of Australian catholics thought that homossexuality is immoral. The hierarchy doesn’t necessarily speak for the majority of catholics.
    2. Broken Hill is a small town in a very isolated place. The Australian state school system is sadly underfunded, so many people who aren’t religious send their kids to private schools for a quality education. Most catholic schools in Australia don’t have Religious as teachers anymore, especially diocesan schools, and teachers don’t even have to be catholic, they just have to uphold the school’s ethos. In practice, some catholic schools are much more enlightened places than some other religious schools, especially the ones run by fundamentalist groups.

  13. carrie baker 14 Dec 2011, 11:58pm

    The lesbian couple did the right thing for thier childs sake and their own, by not accepting the offer of the bishop to place thier chlld in the school that abused their child in the first place and made their child feel unloved and unwelcomed, this is a stigma and abuse of the child by the school out of maliciousness and racism and discrimination, all schools are suppose to be the safest around everywhere, when facultiy and administration is found to have assaulted the child self esteem with brutality and harsh racisma an bigotry and that what racism is is brutiality inacted out verbally and physically, its assault, the faculty and school must answer for it, the school sued and faculty guilty party fired, the children should always be in safe schools , there are to many terrrorist being found in the administration and facutly among children and they must be rooted out, and the school in trouble for hiring bigots and hate group endangering the children self esteem and suicides

  14. carrie baker 15 Dec 2011, 12:04am

    There needs to be alternative schools opened that is all gay for each level of gay children from junior high up. Being around their own peers lends to safe atmospheres and more peace and better academics, as well, thats why there should be be all girl schools and all boy schools, the boys harrass the girsl and cause some of their grades to fail and some of the girls get pregnant, and get into gangs because of the boys intermixing in the school systyem with them, the boys , do better, when it is all boys as well, there are a few schools already opened like that and are doing great, the girls like it better and the boys grades and focus is better, the pregnacy rate in none there, because there is no boys to bother the girls , as a parent any real mother who loved their children would wnat them to be in a non discrimantory admosphere even if it was not directed at their child , just knowing the bad abusive reputation of these place is an insult, the Aclu must act on behalf of all victims

  15. carrie baker 15 Dec 2011, 12:12am

    The people who are bad people they are the bigots and all lgbt families must train and teach their children it is never anything wrong with them , its the bigot who is riddles with evil and darkness, they are bad jealous and vindictive people , so that these children will know when they run into these types of hetersexual, they will know this are the bad people we where told about that abuses children an hates people for no reason an they are dangerous so stay away from them ango no where with a racist or bigot , they are dangerous , and dont let children invite your gay children to hetero parties , like matthew shepard where they tricked him and raped him an killed him a true story, So honor to the gay parents , who new it was better to put their child even after the school was reprimanded where they felt more safe an congenial ,freindly children an faculty, Aclu must continute to go after abusive , discriminating schools , assaulting an discriminating against children, other abuses

  16. carrie baker 15 Dec 2011, 12:21am

    Right now , we are dealing with some of the most dangerous bigots in the nation, and its starts with the bigots and hate groups in the white house, and the hate religions lying on others when it is them who are the pedehiles, ans sex abusers an calling themselves christioans, and being arrested for sex crimes every week , their twisted liars, bad boys turned into bad men from high, nothing angelic at all sycho and dangerous sex addicts, defamating, creeps, everything they say is what they are themselves, you see it every day in the newws when they catch these wicked false propehets, face as evil while pointing and lying on the good people, who are nothing like the monster they are as hetesexual bigots and pedehiles, find each arrestsed pastor there are many for sex crimes, all of them are republican people posing as christians, poluted creeps, hippocrites, RIGHT NOW WE HAVE TO HAVE WOMEN RIGHTS LAWYERES TO SUE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY JUDGE VIRGINIA AND OTHER JUDICALRY HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS

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