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100 take part in first gay pride march in Pune, India

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Reader comments

  1. Stop the Hate 13 Dec 2011, 3:31pm

    There are so many good people in India, it gives hope for the future. I forsee a time maybe by the end of the century when India will be a superpower leading the world in the human rights field, while other countries struggle with religious and political fundametalism.

    1. It is a positive sign indeed but, sadly, India is by no means free of extremes of religious and political fundamentalism – quite the reverse.

  2. I salute these people!

  3. One step at a time, India has come such a long way already.

    More, more more!

  4. This is such encouraging news and I support them with my hopes and prayers! Great first step!

  5. Best thing about this parade at Pune was, faces were not behind masks. It shows that slowly but our societies are moving to “0 Discrimination”
    (Was personally there)

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