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West Midlands police hunting five after anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. Pink News – Any chance you can get hold of the CCTV images from West Midlands police and publicise them a) in case any PN reader can recognise them and assist the police and b) so PN readers in the area know who to be wary about …


    1. Thanks, Mark

      Lets hope someone recognises them …

  2. If it’s West Midlands police these guys will get away scot-free
    They dont even bother investigating most things that get reported properly (speaking from personal experience)

    1. Well from my experience it took me to have to bump into thec**t again and call the police for them to find him – but aside from that they were helpful an kept me updated and it resulted into a conviction. I guess it depends on the officers involved ( one of the ones in my case was a lesbian so perhaps that helped ).

    2. @Clark

      There is some element of depending on the motivation of the individual officer investigating …. and it shouldnt depend on that …

  3. GingerlyColors 13 Dec 2011, 7:24am

    Why does it take five of them to attack one gay man? Why not one on one? Is it because many gay men are prepared to fight back if there was only one attacker?
    I just hope that if they end up inside they are put with the nonces.

    1. “Why does it take five of them to attack one gay man?”

      Its the same reason bigots post in here under anonymity – makes hem feel brave. They’re cowards. Lets be honest, anyone that “hates” someone because of something they are, which has no bearing on their own life, can only have zero self esteem and influence.

      Small people need to join with many other small people to make themselves feel stronger than the weak minded powerless failures they really are in life.

      1. GingerlyColors 14 Dec 2011, 6:15am

        Absoloutely right! Look at Hitler, little guy with a funny moustache and only one ball (the other was in the Albert Hall). He had to join with other misfits such as Goering and Himmler to bully other people.

  4. A man has now been arrested, so the images have been taken down from the website:

    A number of other leads a being followed up.

    West Midlands Police has an LGBT Network aimed at building links with the communit so if you have any issues you can contact them on Facebook and Twitter. and

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