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Tel Aviv gay park ‘becoming too dangerous’

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Reader comments

  1. So not arrested because they are minors…but what is a ‘group’ of ‘minors’ attacking people at night after dark? Time for a Pink Panther Patrol there !

  2. Yes – but will the CCTV images just be used against cruisers?

  3. Seriously – why is this news?

    Cruisiing is dangerous.

    We all know that.

    Nobody deserves to be attacked while cruising.

    But people who cruise lack common sense and have very little regard for their own personal safety.

    1. @dAVID

      As you very clearly say nobody deserves to be attacked …

      For me that is the bottom line, no one deserves to be assaulted …

      The incidentals of what may or may not have provoked it are largely an irrelevance to the need to bring to justice those who perpetrate the assaults.

      We could say that abortion clinics provoke violence from activists (I would not agree) … or street evangelists are asking from rebuke or aggression (I would not agree) … or that prostitutes are open targets for assault (again I would not agree) …

      Violence is violence … the approach of blaming it on the cruising is the same strand of argument that used to be used to say domestic violence was not easy to deal with (she was asking for it … etc) … Arguments that have been shown, repeatedly, to be false and wrong

      Lets hope the Israeli police deal with the violence and find ways of supporting the LGBT communities … that probably requires joined up working with LGBT groups

    2. David Waite 12 Dec 2011, 4:15pm

      Apart from the “straight” trolls who post on these comment threads, your comment is inarguably one of the stupidest responses I’ve ever seen here. Even if one accepts the vicious premise that “cruisers lack common sense and have very little regard for their own personal safety,” where in the entire article did it state or even imply that the attacked couple were cruising?
      Your response indicates that not only are you a bigot about cruising, you also lack basic reading and comprehension skills. As just one example, you ask “why is this news?” I’m pretty sure it IS news to every non-Israeli reader that a 14 year old won’t be arrested after breaking another person’s jaw in a violent attack on the victim.

      1. You’re the one being wilfully shortsighted.

        The article described a gay park.

        Cruising is ALWAYS a feature of parks popular with the gay community.

        Or are you going to defy logic by pretending that it isn’t?

        Hampstead Heath is NOT only used by the gay community for having nice picnics you know.

        1. @dAVID

          I have sat in Soho Square, which arguable is an urban park regularly frequented by the gay communities and not cruised, nor noticed any cruising happening whilst I was there …

          Now, I am not aware whether this park in Tel Aviv is a location where cruising occurs or not …

          However,l as much as you describe “short sighted” the view that cruising may not occur there – I would suggest this is merely an accurate reflection of the reporting both in PN and other media …

          I would suggest that your perception that Cruising is ALWAYS a feature of parks popular with the gay communities is presumptious and stereotyping …

          Of course Hampstead Heath is not just used for having a picnic (though it can be) … other parks may well be not used as a sexual environment ….

          I also have to say that in terms of sexual activities that I encountered as a police officer in parks much more was heterosexual than gay …

  4. A bit random

    1. True. It’s a very odd story to be appearing on here.

      Why is it appearing as a story on here I wonder.

      A cruising park on another continent is dangerous.

      Well stop the presses.

      1. When it says ‘popular with the gay community’ does that necessarily mean the same as ‘for cruising’? It could be popular in the sense Soho Square is popular, because it’s near a gay-friendly area.

        1. David Waite 12 Dec 2011, 4:45pm

          Precisely, Rehan. Neither dAVID nor James! appear to have noticed that difference. Neither one appears to have noticed that the victims are identified as a couple. Neither commenter appears to have noticed that the attackers enjoy automatic immunity from the consequences of their violence because of their age.

        2. My point is the selective reporting. Why is this relevent to us in the uk?

          1. To be fair, PN does market itself as a European gay news service …

            Now I accept it is very debateable whether Israel is in Europe or not (but the European Broadcasting Union seems to think so) …

            Also, you could then argue why the stories on Rick Perry, Australian same sex marriage, or Malawian gay rights …

            I think all those stories have their place, and this too …

          2. David Waite 12 Dec 2011, 7:06pm

            Let us suppose a reader here is planning to visit Tel Aviv with his or her spouse or life partner. Let us further suppose that such a reader, unaware of Israeli minors’ immunity to arrest for violent acts against strangers, assumes that any such assault will be deterred by CCTV cameras. Based on those two hypotheticals, such a person may well find this story very relevant, not only to readers in the UK but also to readers worldwide. I, for example am commenting from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
            Violence against persons perceived to be gay merely because they are gay, particularly unpunishable violence, is relevant to gay people everywhere.

          3. I am in North America, and I used to read both 365gay News and Pink News. Since 365gay was closed by its parent company, Pink News is my preferred news source for gay news around the world. I like that Pink News focuses on the bread and butter issues relevant to the gay community in a worksafe manner that I can show my family, friends and associates. Also, in my opinion, Pink News isn’t as seedy as some news sources like The Advocate. I care about gay issues in the United Kingdom, and in Israel, and in Malaysia, and in the United States, and anywhere they are relevant to the international gay community. I can usually rely on Pink News to report that more thoroughly even than 365gay News used to. If I specifically want LGBT news local to my area, I read my local progressive newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune.

          4. The danger is if you beleive this is a global news site there is a lot youre missing. I read rod 2.0 who covers stories that are never memtioned here. I do wonder why

          5. This is exatly what im on about
            An article from african lgbt people about cameron ignored or the african lgbt conference in addis abbaba.


          6. There has been more criticism after British Prime Minister David Cameron’s suggestion that foreign aid should be decreased to countries that failed to respect gay rights. Cameron made the announcement at the recent 54-nation Commonwealth meeting in Australia in response to soaring HIV rates in the global south. A number of African leaders have criticized the suggestion—as well as many African LGBT activists at ICASA 2011 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
            “Cameron’s statement was extremely dangerous to our movement,” said South African-based attorney and human rights activist Joel Nana of the African Men for Sexual Health and Rights, responding to a question from R20. “It re-emphasizes the notion that homosexuality is un-African or European. It shows that Great Britain will cut aid over LGBT issues and nothing else. … We’re also part of mainstream African society. They’re also cutting aid to youth services and people living with HIV.”

          7. It shows that Great Britain will cut aid over LGBT issues and nothing else. … We’re also part of mainstream African society. They’re also cutting aid to youth services and people living with HIV.”

            “We know that Britain is facing some economic problems, ” said Nana. “If Britain wants to cut aid, let them cut aid because of that, but not over LGBT rights in our name.”

            Nana and more than 100 African-based activists and organizations issued a statement in response to Cameron’s suggestion. Many activists from Cameroon, Nigeria and other African nations believe that anti-gay persecution has escalated in recent months as a result of Cameron’s threat.

            This story was ignored by PN and it so important

          8. I will have a look at the website you suggest James! later today when I have some time on my hands …

            I do support the governments stance on linking human rights to aid … and their aims to support LGBT at ground level through Kaleidoscope and supporting local agencies on the ground

          9. Sure Stu

            but without asking the people who will be directly affected by the policies show a lack of care and respect and makes me question the motives.

  5. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:21pm

    Listen up, have you been listening at all, YOu must have a gay laison patrol officerss , trading off with each other around the clock around lgbt parks and clubs , llike they are doing in Ft. worth texas and seeing massive results of positive , not hardly any incidents at all , once the bigots see you have cops sitting monortering the place , they choose to find other avenuse in hidden places the cowards they are, you have no excuse not to have security gay officere or women human rights officers patrol those areas, these two types of officers or safe for the commuhnity and will see to security and peace, the hetersexual men are a dangerous problem as officicers because they are part of many of the bigotry harrassment , racist harrasment and sex crimes and drug and gang affiliations , instigating and perpatraing the problems on, there are more hetersexual men cops being arrested everyday for their abuses of citizens, and women, and children , they cannot be trusted,

    1. “Listen up, have you been listening at all,”

      Actually, no. We’re kinda sick of your rants.

  6. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:29pm

    All gay parent and plfaag and pto meetings and gay churches need to be mentoring, not siting on there asses , keeping the gay children and community safe, with programs and mentorship and demand of gay laison patrol officers or women human rights officers, around their parks and clubs, there is no excuse, all gay social clubs need to have what they call bouncers out side of there clubs, watching for hetersexual harrasers, there are six foot bike riding gay men, get them if need be , or just get you some guys with pepper spray and packing heat, in their pockets an behind their coats, you teach young an old llgbt people to leave clubs in groups with protection in pockets mass spray ,ettc. and a tracfone to call 911 you walk freinds to cars and leave an come in groups in cars pick up freinds an see to it they are inside their homes when you drop them off, before leaving, no club should allow more than two alcoholic drinks, everyone needs to be sober especially driving and potential asault

  7. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:36pm

    The nation is a dangerous place because of hetersexual, there bigotry , their sex crimes , and assaults and terrorism, the rest of the world must stay sober remain and go out with friends and leave with friends watch around you. stay in the public eye i public, dont allow hetersexuals to invite you to their parties, and you are gay, its to dangerous, pay atention to the traps other gay people have fell into, an been murdered or gang rapped or assulted , after dark you need to be in a safe place and in a safe group of people who have your backs, the gay social club owners need to put in place saftey nets also around their establishments, surveliance cameras and well lit parking areas, dont be in any other park but your gay park alone with out others, You must get those gay security officers stationed at the gay parks, RIGHT NOW, AND THE OTHER GAY ESTABLISHMENTS AND GAY CHURCHERS NEED TO SEE TO IT ALSO, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP THERE AT THE POLICE AND COUNCEL STATIONS WITH THIS,

  8. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:39pm

    What is wrong with you people , you have the simple easy problem solver right under your nose and easy implemented in one day and every day, your gay laiason officiers, patrol and survelliance, this will stop almost all of your problems there, these officers will get the bigots ass and put them in jail and soon the rest of the bigots will see the patrol and now of the other bigots arrested for going down there , and they are going to try and do something else , but they will back off or go to jail, where they need to be, Use your brains people WAKE THE HELL UP–USE YOUR BRAINS, DAM IT,

  9. People can get away with violent assaults because they’re minors? And people say Britain’s laws are ineffectual!

    Someone with a bit of knowledge on Israel, fill me in here: is Israel’s policing on these matters usually this useless, or is this just a “special” service based on the victims’ sexuality?

    Either way, this sort of inaction really isn’t good enough.

  10. GingerlyColors 13 Dec 2011, 7:20am

    It doesn’t matter whether the attackers are minors or not, they should be punished and shown the error of their ways. If they are too young to be prosecuted then the parents should be forced by the courts to take responsibility.

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