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Rick Perry confronted over anti-gay ad

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Reader comments

  1. He might as well call it quits, he’s got about as much chance as being President as I have.
    That ad of his was absolutely ridiculous and stank of desperation. He epically failed in trying to engage the right wing christian support base like he intended to. Instead he produced what is now the most hated video on youtube and made himself look like an even bigger joke than he already was.

    1. Seriously… he should do just what he is doing! keep hitting the campaign trail making a fool of himself and what he represents. Perhaps by example, and and a bad one at that! America “might” (one can only hope) begin so see how absurd their prejudices are… especially when the example is right there for them to see in their potential politicians.

  2. What a winner !! Gosh, they keep coming out of the woodwork don’t they?

  3. They he’s gay anyway. Fugues.

    1. Fugues? I typed ‘Figures’.

  4. Isn’t it terrifying that this level of insanity can actually happen in a presidential election?

    Matt Bors covers this perfectly!

  5. How is this a story?

    He was heckled, so what? What I’d like to know is what was his response? Did he have one? This isn’t news, of course he’s getting heckled, people hate the guy. One or two people yelling at him whilst he’s chatting in a coffee shop, does not a news story make.

    1. I find it interesting that he is being confronted about his risible comments in his campaign ad … you might not … thats part of the rich tapestry of life …

    2. Mike Moore 12 Dec 2011, 2:40pm

      AGree Ollie… Whilst I’m a huge fan of PinkNews, this story is more akin to what NewsLtd (read Murdoch) would print: The story when you haven’t a story!!! There is no news in this piece… it of course needs to record what Perry said in response… and there’s no evidence he did… Please don’t step into the gutter of trash empty reporting like News of the World… please!!

  6. In a poltical system which is so corrupted by corporate cash, that a presidential candidate needs $1,000,000,000 to stand a realistic chance of getting elected, I hardly think Rick Perry’s absurdly offensive advert really matters.

    LGBT rights are a polarising issue in the US.

    They are a polarising issue to take the spotlight away from the grim reality that democracy is dying in the US.

    The USA – a government of the people, by the people, for the corporations.

  7. Why is it America breeds so much of these religious loonies who enter politics,arguably more than any other western nation? Why are there so few in the UK and elsewhere comparatively? Odd for a society that has no state religion and seems to be more religious than those that do.

    1. Because the US is no longer a representative democracy.

      The massive income inequality between the richest and the poorest in the US is greater than any other developed country on the planet.

      To rectify this would require large scale reform of the electoral system; fundraising and lobbying law changes and a massive reform of the tax system.

      The lobby groups in US politics have massive power and absolutely do not want change.

      Therefore the Democrats and the Republican parties have been corrupted to the core.

      Issues such as abortion rigths and immigration and LGBT rights have been ‘invented’ as wedge issues to disguise the reality that US politics serves the interestt of big business and not the ordinary population.

      Whether or not a woman can terminate her pregnancy or whether a gay couple can or cannot marry has no effect on the reality that 50,000,000 Americans have no health insurance.

      Marriage equality is a useful diversion to hide this reality. Sad but true.

      1. I think you have hit the nail on the head. And it’s getting that way in the UK too.
        Politicians bankrolled by the rich are increasingly turning into a sideshow to hide the fact that they handed over control to the plutocracy a long time ago.

      2. Keith Shepherd 12 Dec 2011, 3:17pm

        David, excellent response. I live in Texas and am so embarrassed by this clown of a governor. Please don’t vote for him for president and please don’t think all Texans are like him.

  8. LOL! The man is a loser! Its embarrassing.

  9. Won’t be long and this turkey, who unfortunately wasn’t culled at ThanksgIving, will be put out to pasture on the prairie!

  10. jamestoronto 12 Dec 2011, 2:30pm

    One would think that the US has had its fill of Texas governors being elected to the White House. The last two — Bush and Baby Bush — were disastrous for the country.

    1. Keith Shepherd 12 Dec 2011, 3:21pm

      They weren’t only disastrous for the country they made all their insurance and oil buddies rich and powerful here in Texas too. And why should I pay for school textbooks in Spanish where we only have one language?

    2. I remember people saying there was no way George Jnr would serve another term and yet it seems there were millions of people stupid enough to vote for him a second time round.

      The stupidity of lots of American voters seems to know no bounds.

  11. Not to mention that American kids CAN pray in school and celebrate Christmas – and generally do. That they can’t, and that X Democrat President is pushing “a war on Christianity/prayer/Christmas”, is a meme that’s been created and used by the American right-wing since the early 1990s at least – I had emails making those claims when email was only available at universities and the military.

  12. Bad enough to be thought a total fool ….. but so much worse to open your mouth and prove it !!!!!

  13. Erm… one of the two main reasons America wanted independence was because they wanted church and state to be separate.

    1. They didnt just ‘want’ it – they actually CREATED it – America is (legally) a secular state (although you wouldn’t know it the way the religious right have historically hi-jacked it…)

  14. IIRC, that YouTube video has something like 2% positive votes and 98% negative votes.

  15. Is there ANYTHING he believes in OTHER than religion? This man is a total P.R.A.T!!!!! I do have a much stronger word on my mind, but I suspect my my messaged wouldn’t be allowed!

    1. Oh it would be allowed. Feel the fear and type it anyway – he’s the dictionary definition of a racist, homophobic asshole.

      As an oxygen thief brain donor, if he ever got elected as President the USA would be finished as a credible world power. I imagine that before long the UN would approve bombing the White House on humanitarian grounds, just to ensure the safety of the rest of the world…

  16. …Bloody idiot…

  17. This would be really funny if it weren’t for the fact that there are people stupid enough to vote for him, and if he got in he could potentially ruin millions of peoples lives. He’s possibly the only man in the running that gives me a sense of fear at the thought of him being voted in, followed closely by Michele Bachmann. He makes me wish that Sarah Palin was still running, at least her stupidity was something to laugh at.

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