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Interview: Boy George, King of Queens

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Reader comments

  1. What a hero.
    A man who has made his mistakes, and is learning from them.
    Always spoke out for Gay people, and against any kind of prejudice.
    Looking forward to hearing the new Culture Club Cd.
    Good on ya George.

  2. Love him or hate him (I’m a lover not a hater) the one thing about Boy is ….he is NEVER BORING. This world is better for having you in it Mr George, don’t go changing too much!!

    1. Except for the kidnapping of course…

      1. Actually that was sooo Boy George! But I have to say, when a person working in the sex trade (which is illegal) gets handcuffed (isn’t that part of the job) and kidnapped (its all part of the fantasy) and then charges the client and has him jailed?? What is up with the world! I wonder if it would have been the same if the client wasn’t so famous??

        1. Not if the escort doesn’t consent to the handcuffing before hand. By George’s own statement, the handcuffing was not part of a consensual sex act, but because he was mad the escort stole some pictures from his computer.
          Non-famous people have been sent to jail many times for assaulting prostitutes against their consent.
          Just because you are doing something illegal (working in the sex trade) doesn’t mean you give up your humanity or give someone the right to do something even more illegal to you.
          Why do we as the gay community have this ignorant attitude towards sex workers? When a straight man does something to a female prostitute against her will, these arguments don’t come up but he is universally condemned.

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Dec 2011, 11:18am

    George has a beautiful voice, shame he lets himself down with his horrible bitchy snidey queeny comments towards other acts and performers.

    1. I agree. But to fair to him he seems to have made quite a good effort to change. Since he got out of jail, he hasn’t said bad things about other people. But I think he’s going to have a problem rebuilding his career, because the bitchy image is so set in people’s minds.

  4. Boy will always be a Boy and we wouldn’t want him any other way would we? Good luck love and keep on Evoluting.

  5. I read somewhere that the book is about £1,000!! What does that say about George’s attitude to his fans?

    1. Not much, it just means you read something somewhere.

    2. GracePessimist 12 Dec 2011, 1:42pm

      You should do your research before you post anything on the internet. The book cost 400 pre order and 500 after that. It’s expensive but you don’t have to buy it if you don’t have that much money to burn. Having it or not doesn’t mark you as a biggest-fan or not-really-a-fan.

      1. OK- it’s £500 not £1,000. Still a hefty price tag for what is
        after all just another celebrity biography.

      2. Yes, but why does it have to be that much? Other celebrities do coffee table books all the time and they aren’t that expensive. Why not make it reasonable so every fan who wants one can afford one? It seems at odds with George’s public persona who likes to portray himself as a down to earth non-elitist person who has criticized Prada wearing people. I’m a fan and I could afford it, but 500 is just too much for just a book that I will probably look at only a couple of times. I wish it was around 50 to 100. That would make sense.

        1. I agree.

          Perhaps Boy George will make a 50%+ donation to some HIV charities from each book sold.

          Or perhaps not…

  6. vversatile 12 Dec 2011, 2:20pm

    I find it hard to believe that anyone really cares about this hasbeen.
    Nasty, bitchy, closet-case-for-too-long

    1. MyLyricalDreams 12 Dec 2011, 2:40pm


      And you called him bitchy?

    2. Well believe…
      (we do)

    3. SO….maybe he made a mistake….or two… haven’t we all. Plus , in typical Boy style…kidnapping is soo much more stylish than cottaging, cruising and drug taking…..not that there is anything wrong in those either…I’m sure Boy has done his share of them. Shine on Mr O’Dowd.

      1. There’s nothing stylish about hurting another human being. Cottaging, cruising and drug taking are victimless and consensual things that don’t hurt anyone else.
        I’ve always liked Boy George’s music and I know he’s bitchy in a verbal way, but it’s still hard for me to believe he did such a physically violent crime. The evidence in the court case was a little ambiguous. Part of me would like to hear George’s side of things.

  7. It says a lot about the kind of role models we have. A convicted kidnapper who beat his victim with a chain and then spent 15 months in gaol.


    1. No it doesnt…
      Not at all
      (…you dont believe everything you read in the papers do you?…)

      1. He attacked a sex worker he should at least donate some money to their union. i guess he dosen’t see sex workers as equals

        1. Staircase2 – regardless of what was in the papers about this case, he was tried and convicted in a court of law using that exact evidence.

          It’s not about what people read – it’s about how the case actually panned out.

  8. Boys song, Church of the Poison Mind which is about Christians who spend millions to stop gay marriage, is the best.

  9. I love George :o)

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 15 Dec 2011, 10:26am

      Wake up and smell the restraining order Staircase. Unless you’re a hot 24 year old bit of trade that love ain’t gonna be reciprocated.

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