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Fans say football clubs and agents to blame for lack of gay players

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  1. A situation not entirely unique to national sports. In the UK it’s football, in Canada it’s Hockey.

    Same issue prevails. In both countries one hears rumors of players who are gay, but rarely more.

    I never really made much of a comparison regarding this issue in sports. until recently rented a movie “Breakfast with Scott” in it a constant part of the thread through the movie emphasized the paranoia of a former Maple Leafs hockey player now sports commentator, fears being outed. His situation whilst providing a humor element throughout the movie, hit home the irony of his situation.

    I am not believing of the myth of the “Lack of gay players” as much as the potential paranoia of “lack of acceptance” in national sports.

    1. FYI, the film I referred to was made with the full cooperation of the National Hockey League, and the Maple Leaf hockey team management brand. Both gave 100% support to the film speaking of their support in the following news report.

  2. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:49pm

    hOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, GET YOUR OWN GAY SPORTS TEAMS AND AGENTS , MANAGERS, you have a whole world full of over half of it gay families, they need to see gay sports , gay movies gay recreatins, gay museums, theire own stuff in saftey areas and realms, you have the audience, from your own gay famileis and children, Make your own gay sports teams everywhere in every sports , tennis , basket ball, baseball, soccer , volleyball, hockey, golf, swimminig, pingpong, girls and boys, and adult teams,all gay, GET WITH , GET GAY MANAGERS, AND AGENTS AN SCREEMAGE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER, ON YOUR OWN, SET UP PLAY DATES, HAVE REFRESHMENTS, AND ENJOY EACH OTHER AND GAY FAMILIES, FUN, — WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU , GAY ADULTS HELP SET UP GAY SPORTS FOR THE CHILDREN, , those who are professional gay people with lots of money,MARTENA, AND OTHERS, DONATE EQUIPMENT AND UNIFORMS AND HELP PRODUCE, GIVE THEM YOUR TEAM NAMES, TO SHOW YOUR MENORSHIP AND THAT YOUR HAVE DONE SOMETHING MORE OF WORT

    1. What is wrong with you?

      1. Where do you begin?

    2. gaymenwithsense 13 Dec 2011, 2:06pm

      Gay people are not a separate species. they are human beings like everyone else. they want to be a part of human society, not a separate gay section. thats called apartheid.

    3. I suspect most professional sportsmen (whether gay or not) want to play at the very best level of their sport, not just in a segregated gay team ( – although the international gay games etc have a place)

  3. I suspect the reality will become clear – not at the lack of gay players, but at the lack of gay players who are able to disclose their orientation …

    1. I cannot understand what you are getting at Keith. Straight footballers can indulge in these very same practices. And just because someone is gay does not define how they have sex. Sexual practices can cause guilty feelings whether you are gay or not??

    2. Keith you should stop trying to project your own feelings and inadeqenies onto others.

    3. Don’t even bother to read, its all filth and lies anwyay. Just report.

  4. carrie baker 12 Dec 2011, 8:55pm


  5. Of course the reason many do not come out is because they are warned against doing so by their coaches and team mates and because of homophobia in some of the crowds

    1. homophobia is a form of discrimination, which, in all forms, is illegal. Get your facts right!

  6. 3500 is a very small poll of football fans.

    1. Paula Thomas 13 Dec 2011, 6:34am

      Actually it isn’t a small sample by comparison to most polls it is actually quite a large sample. But I do have concerns about the research, they are:

      1. How was the sample obtained?

      2. What was the wording of the questions?

      3. How were the questions asked (face to face, anonymised written survey etc)

  7. “In the 21st century I think that a heterosexual affair would be far more damaging to a player’s image than any acknowledgement of a player’s homosexuality as far as sponsors were concerned.”

    Strange comparison by Mel Stein – he admits that both would be damaging to a career, just a heterosexual affair more so. In other words, it will still be a considerable detriment to your mental well-being (not sure I could put up with the abuse) AND a decline in potential sponsorship if you come out.

  8. We all know the truth. Despite public support look at the sponsorship difficulties of out sports stars.
    Mathew Mitcham
    That Canadian Football Star
    More of course.
    Gay rights groups need to slam the response of the agents as having all the credibility of a Kardashian marriage.

  9. GingerlyColors 13 Dec 2011, 7:12am

    While the vast majority of fans will be happy to support a gay player there is always the problem of homophobic chanting and the ‘crowd mentality’ that goes with it. Same goes with racist or sectarian chanting. Most people who join in in this kind of behaviour on the terraces would not be racist, homophobic or sectarian when they are not at the match. Black players have often come in for some stick on the pitch so how would an openly gay player cope? Yes Iwould like to see gay footballers but that depends on how they are prepared to cope with crowd behavior.

    1. You think the fans switch off their bigotry when they leave the game? A bigot is a bigot and the reason there ae no openly gay players is because football is an anti gay sport supported by anti gay people

      1. Rubbish.

        There are hundreds of thousands of football fans.

        Regardless of how personally homophobic some of the individual fans are; they would keep their homophobic mouths well shut if they knew that the FA had a zero-tolerance policy to homophobic bigotry – like they do with racism.

        How often do players, teams or fans get punished for homophobia? Very, very rarely.

        The FA does not regard homophobia as a problem, therefore homophobia remains a shameful, disgusting feature of British football.

        Rugby and hurling take homophobia more seriously than football does.

        It is simply untrue to claim that football fans are intrinsically more bigoted than rugby or hurling fans.

  10. I blame the culture of homophobia in the Football Assocation and among the clubs and agents for the lack of openly gay players.

    I do not believe that football fans are any more intrinsiclaly homophobic than rugby or hurling fans,. When Gareth Thomas and Donal Og Cusack came out, they both enjoyed the support of their sporting associaltions (and hurling and rugby are as macho as sports as football is).

    The Football Association is institutionally homophobic.

    The FA does not regard homophobia in a manner as seriously as it regards racism – remember the despicablly cowardly way in which the FA dissociated itself from an anti-homophobia campaign – ‘Kick it out’.

    Since then the FA has done NOTHING to address homophobia,

    The FA is the problem here. It is not football fans.

    1. I agree in a large part, dAVID

      The FA (and some clubs in particular) have to take responsibility in this area and drastically change their culture …

      That said, I would not absolve fans entirely … recent events at Southampton demonstrate that some (clearly not all) fans are homophobic in their behaviour – which is also my personal experience – and thus there is also education amongst fans that should be developed …

      The FA should be responsible for this work, however …

      1. You are incorrect.

        The reason the fans in Southampton engaged in homophobic abuse is because they are homophobes who know there are no consequences to their bigotry.

        Football fans do not engage in racist behaviour; not because they are not racist. But because they know they will face a lifetime ban from the sport if they are caught.

        Football fans are no more homophobic than rugby fans. Football fans are no more homophobic than they are racist.

        Football fans understand quite clearly that the FA tolerates homophobia and hence they engage in it.

        1. Were the people who were arrested, football fans? Yes

          Were the people arrested for homophobic matters? Yes – and one was convicted …

          Does every person convicted of racist behaviour at a football ground get a lifetime ban? No

          What punishment did the homophobe at Southampton who was convicted get? Amongst other things a 3 year football banning order, barring him from ALL football games in England & Wales

          Did you just say football fans are no more homophobic than they are racist? Indeed and there have been many cases (including 22 arrested in one match I policed at) convicted of racism and barred … and similar homophobia no doubt …

          So, in short – some football fans are racist – you concur – and that was my point …

          Yet you say I am incorrect … perhaps you can explain …

          1. Oh I just assumed you were refusing to take a position like you do on every issue.

            The middle of the road is your comfort zone.

          2. @dAVID

            Middle of the road …

            No I am just not rabidly right wing like you …

          3. @dAVID

            Given the fact we have disagreed on numerous issues (and agreed on some) would in itself evidence that I do take a position – not always yours (but nonetheless do take a position) …

            If you are going to criticise me, please try to be factual …

            You arguments sound as hollow as those displayed by the ex features editor of the NOTW on BBC Newsnight last night …

  11. Yawn!


    1. David Millar 25 Dec 2011, 8:11pm

      well, its soon to be LGBT History month in Feb, aligned ( due to the Olympics) to sport. Should be a good opportunity to stop gettign at each other and get at a few big names in premier league circles…Thats where the problem lies – money.

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